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Hotel Near Old Klang Road – Planning to drive to KLCC but don’t want to pay high fees at KLCC? For comparison, we have compiled rates for several places within walking distance of KLCC. Here are some places around KLCC that we believe can offer lower fares compared to KLCC: Avenue K Shopping MallMalaysian Rubber Research and Development BoardMegan Avenue 2, Jalan Yap Kwan SengStar Boulevard KLCC, Jalan Yap Kwan SengWisma Central, Jalan Ampang Calculator at this post You can easily compare rates for these locations based on ticket details and duration. We hope this information will help you better decide where to park your car for better savings. KLCC fee is self explanatory. For those going to KLCC, it is more convenient to park directly in the basement of KLCC. Monday to Saturday First hour or part thereof: RM 5.00 Every hour or part thereof: RM 4.00 Saturday (12:00 p. hour or part entry after hour – RM […]

Are there any pending compounds published by Majlis Perbandaran Kajang (MPKj)? Now is a good time to pay off the overdue compounds (or samans, tickets, or whatever you want to call them) that you’ve been keeping in your drawer. MPKJ is currently offering a flat fee of RM20 per compound from 1 August 2020 to 31 August 2020. Payment can be made at Menara MPKj counters and their branches, payment kiosks and mobile counters. If you prefer to pay digitally, you can pay through the Flexi and Smart Selangor mobile apps. According to MPKJ, the total amount of outstanding compounds is over RM60 million! That’s over 1 million compounds since 2017! Seriously guys, pay the compound if there’s anything wrong. MPKj also issued the following warning: Those who do not pay by August 31st will be blacklisted by MPKj’s integrated system. This will prevent violators from dealing with the MPKj, including license renewal, until the outstanding balance is settled. How true is that? If you’re bold enough, you might want to give it a try. Also we […] ]

Hotel Near Old Klang Road

Hotel Near Old Klang Road

Planning to park your car in KLIA or KLIA2 for an extended period of time during your flight? To save a lot of money, we recommend parking at Salaktinggi Park and Ride (Salactinggi KLIA Transit). You can use the rate calculator below to calculate your rate for parking hours. Salak Tinggi ERL station is one of the stations in the KLIA Transit Train service. It is located in Salak Tinggi village in Sepang, Selangor. Train Timetable You can park your car here and take the KLIA Interchange train to KLIA and KLIA2. From this station, the first train in the direction of klia2 departs at 5 am and the last train in the direction of klia2 is at 00:32 am. KLIA and KLIA2 take 9 and 12 minutes respectively. Pros and cons Salaktinggi Park and Ride (Salactinggi KLIA Transit) Pros: Far cheaper rates in the long run Salak Tinggi Park and Ride (Salactingi KLIA Transit) Cons: Limited space Requires express access KLIA trains at the station […]

Millerz Square @ Old Klang Road, Jalan Klang Lama, Jalan 1/13a, Old Klang Road (jalan Klang Lama), Kuala Lumpur, 891 Sqft, Commercial Properties For Rent, By Caroline Lai, Rm 2,100 /mo, 34836703

Parking lot management is not as easy as you might think as it involves various aspects of hardware, software and human resources. As a result, most buildings/properties often outsource management tasks to third-party management offices. There are many administrative offices in Malaysia. This post aims to consolidate the information of Administrative Offices available in Malaysia. We are constantly updating this post as we discover more administrative offices. SCP SCP was founded in 1999. A recognized leader in parking management services and one of the largest parking owners in Malaysia. Properties managed by SCP include Phileo Damansara I, Phileo Damansara II, Megan Avenue I, Megan Avenue II, Dataran Palma, Damansara Intan, and Taipan Commercial Center. SCP Sdn Bhd (492202-V) Address: 501 Block D Pusat Dagangan Phileo Damansara 1, No. 9 Jalan 16/11 Off Jalan Damansara, 46350 Petaling Jaya, SelangorTel: +603-7665 3250Fax: +603-7665 3261 Email: [ email protected]: https://www.scp/ Matrix and managers and senior management of existing management companies. […] ]

Malaysia’s Touch ‘n Go and Singapore’s EZ-Link have launched new dual-currency contactless cards. This card allows you to store Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) and Singapore Dollars (SGD) in two e-wallets on the same card. Singapore EZ-Link Statement: “The EZ-Link x Touch ‘n Go Motoring card offers drivers the convenience and flexibility of payment options in both countries. With RGL established between Singapore and Malaysia and now operating, motorists can expect a phased and gradual resumption of cross-border travel between the two countries.” This is good news for drivers who travel frequently between Malaysia and Singapore. In Malaysia, EZ-Link x The Touch ‘n Go Motoring card can be used just like a regular Touch ‘n Go card to pay tolls, tolls, MRT, bus fares, and at select retailers. Can be used for fees, but cannot be used for public transport or retail in Singapore Malaysian drivers should note that this card cannot be used to pay Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) fees for foreign vehicles entering Singapore. It should be, although EZ-Link x […]

It’s time of year again. Malaysians will celebrate the 63rd Malaysia Merdeka Day. Along with celebrations, MPK (Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan/Kuantan Municipal Council) is distributing for free during Merdeka week from 24 August 2020 to 31 August 2020 as posted on their Facebook page. Excerpt from MPK’s Facebook page: PENGUMUMAN: PERCUMA SEMPENA MERDEKAMPK bagi percuma dari 24 hingga 31 Ogos sempena Minggu Kemerdekaan Malaysia yg ke 63 .Awok me letak bendera pada kereta macam dalam gambar-gambar ni, automatik penguatkuasa MPK tak kompaun walaupun awok me kupontak letak letak atau tak beli caj dalam Pahang Go.Syaratnya kibar bendera di kereta macam dalam gambar, sekurang-kurangnya 1 bendera berukuran minimum 27 cm x 14 cm. Bendera mesti cantik, jangan letak yang kulor dan koyak rabak tau. Tempohnya dari 24 Ogos hingga 31 Ogos 2020 sahaja tau. Summary in English: Promotion Period: August 24, 2020 – August 31, 2020 Location: Appropriate places ordered by MPK under the jurisdiction of MPK. Illegal will still give you a citation. Conditions: Attach at least one undamaged Malaysian flag to the vehicle, at least 27 cm x 14 cm in size. am [… ]

There are several locations with ample bays in the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) areas. Here is the list of options. KLIA Zone A, B, C, G, H & UKLIA Preferred (Block B & Block C Level 2)KLIA Valet (Block C Level 2)KLIA Long Term Parking @ Block AKLIA E – Next to Sama Sama HotelGateway @ KLIA2 Near Malaysia Airport Training Center Long Term Parking (LTCP) Short Term Parking KLIAB Blocks B (excluding Level 1) and Block C (excluding Level 1 and Level 1) are open to the public. Normal rates apply for these 2 blocks. You can pay at the machine or with Touch ‘n Go upon departure. Parking at KLIA Preferred (Block B&Block CLevel 2) is subject to an additional charge on top of the normal rate. KLIA E (next to the Sama Sama hotel) is not recommended due to its low rates (RM42 per day) and its location far from the main KLIA terminal. Long Term Parking KLIA Long Term Parking @ Block A and Gateway @ KLIA2 rates are the same. Parking in these 2 is a huge savings […]

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If you are planning to leave your car at KL International Airport (KLIA) or KL 2 International Airport (KLIA2) while traveling to another country, please note that there are cheaper parking options compared to the main parking options. airport terminal building. We think most people would agree that our car in an airport building can come as a surprise to us when we see the high rates for a long time. Many people prefer to get to KL International Airport (KLIA) or KL 2 International Airport (KLIA2) via:

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