Hotel Murah Melaka Bandar Hilir

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Hotel Murah Melaka Bandar Hilir – Are there any Muslim owned budget hotels in Malacca? Indeed, there is! Even read this list!

Cheap beach hotel with pool in Melaka. 1. Qashrina Cruise Hotel – Exclusive Muslim Owned Hotel in Puteri Beach!

Hotel Murah Melaka Bandar Hilir

Hotel Murah Melaka Bandar Hilir

Everyone knows that going on a cruise vacation is expensive. This is what the owner of Qashrina Cruise Hotel in Pantai Puteri Melaka decided to do.

Shoplot Plaza Mahkota, Melaka Raya, Melaka (nego Price)

They built a hotel in the form of a cruise ship on the seashore. Complete with a pool that surrounds the boat.

The lobby of this hotel is decorated like a real cruise ship atmosphere, from this ship we can enjoy the view of Puteri beach and the beauty of the sea in the Strait of Malacca. A cool breeze from the sea adds to the excitement, which is already the best.

And this hotel has many rooms, the decoration of the room is like that of a real ship. The price also varies depending on the choice of room. But the cheapest room is RM150 with a bunk bed. The largest is RM350 for 1 large room with 2 large beds. I think it’s cheaper because the big room can accommodate 4 people, so 1 night is only RM75 per person.

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We are proud of the achievements of Hotel Kashrina. We hope that your business will prosper and more zakat will be given. May God bless your business. God’s promise is clear, charity will not trap anyone.

The influence of the Malacca Mosque can be seen in the architecture of this hotel. It has a green roof. Like the design of other mosques in the state of Melaka. In the past, many influences came to Melaka from China and traders.

Even from the lobby of the hotel, you can see the pristine Puteri beach. There is a row of rhu trees to catch the waves.

Hotel Murah Melaka Bandar Hilir

We also include pictures of the room options we offer below. Red, gold and brown color combinations were chosen as the theme of the room.

Hotel Murah Di Melaka

A delicious breakfast is available for guests. Or if you are too lazy to eat at the hotel, there are many delicious restaurants around Puteri Beach and Klebang Beach. Nearby if you want to drink coconut milk and eat kuih keria international hajah rahmah at Klebang Beach.

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If you go on vacation with your family. A swimming pool is a must for children to indulge their desire to swim. The best thing about staying here is that apart from swimming in the pool, we can also take our kids to the beach to play in the sea water. Just keep them safe.

In addition to picnics and swimming, the hotel is often the site of fishing tournaments and family vacations. The atmosphere here is very lively. So it’s only right that Pantai Puteri Hotel and Hotel Qashrina can make more progress.

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I stayed for 4 nights. The service was good, the staff were friendly and the room was comfortable. Breakfast could be better. Unfortunately, the “sea view” on the 5th floor is blocked by trees. Overall a good experience. 1 night stay at Pantai Puteri Hotel: RM100

This hotel is located very close to the writer’s hometown, on the beach, so we can enjoy beautiful sea views from this complex.

The food served at this Muslim-owned resort is halal-certified, so don’t hesitate to eat. One of the interesting things about the landscape of this resort is that it is filled with many coconut trees.

Hotel Murah Melaka Bandar Hilir

If you live on the beach, don’t miss the chance to see the sunrise and sunset for yourself. It is beautiful beyond words. The cottages are right by the sea, and you can have breakfast with a view, right?

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It should be noted that the sea here is not suitable for swimming. The water is deep. If you want to take your kids to play on the sand, Puteri Beach is the place to go. It is not far from here, and if the car is not full, God willing, it will take a few minutes.

Even from the pool you can see the many coconut trees that decorate the grounds. Below are the available room types. Among them are houses with balconies built of high-quality wood and equipped with wooden furniture.

In fact, this room has a full-on beach vibe. You can smell the sea water from the wind blowing this booty.

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It’s great that the terrace is finished with this wood carving. I remember my grandparents’ old house in the village. A wooden house with such carpentry is rare.

We also see the interior of the room. Although the interior space is quite small, all the basic facilities are sufficient for guests to use.

If you’re into history and traditional crafts, this hotel has plenty of woodwork to look at and appreciate.

Hotel Murah Melaka Bandar Hilir

The owner of this hotel loves antiques, you can see a framed dagger adorning this hotel.

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There are also gazebos for celebrating any event such as parties or meals on the beach.

This hotel is often the choice for drive-in parties. You can find out about the available packages from the hotel management.

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Close to the beach. You have a small swimming pool. Good for a family gathering. The view and surroundings are amazing, very beautiful. However, I could tell that the buildings are old, especially with the toilet facilities (it’s not in perfect condition, but functionally functional, not to the point where it can’t be used). The staff is very friendly and willing to help! By the way, just to let you know, swimming in the sea is not recommended. 1 night stay at Shah Beach Resort: from RM120

Hotel Di Melaka Yg Murah Tapi Selesa ( Dari Rm 65 Saja!)

Cheap hotel in Malacca. 4. Al Huda Hotel Location: 34, Jalan Pm 4, Plaza Mahkota, 75200 Melaka

Painted pink, the hotel has a cheerful look and stands out from the neighboring buildings. Although it looks interesting on the outside, let’s take a look at the atmosphere inside.

When you enter the hotel lobby, it looks spacious and clean. With the choice of white color in the wall paint and good low light lighting, it feels cheerful in the environment.

Hotel Murah Melaka Bandar Hilir

We are warmly welcomed by our customer service staff. After checking in and getting your room key, you can lie down for a while to reduce fatigue while driving.

Berjalan Jalan Di Sekitar Sungai Melaka, Bandar Hilir

The picture above shows an example of a room with 1 queen and 1 single bed. Downstairs is a regular room with a queen bed. The decor of the room is really minimalistic, not much decoration and it makes a small space look big.

This hotel is not huge, just a good size. But the location is very close to many tourist spots. Some of us can only walk. For example, this is the Stadthuys building.

Or we can take a river cruise on the Melaka River. That’s good, isn’t it? If we went on a sea cruise at Kashrina Hotel, we had the option of going on a Melaka River Cruise at Al Huda Hotel. Climbing with a raft at night, the view of the river lake is more.

Close to Melaka city.. Walkable. affordable hotel staff good service. The room is also spacious. This is just a minor spoiler because the sink is clogged and there aren’t many parking spaces. Update later. Everything else is fine. 1 night stay at Al Huda Melaka Hotel: RM68

Hotel Murah Di Melaka Bajet Bawah Rm100

Located in the capital city of Melaka, Hotel De Mawardah is a 2-star hotel offering budget yet comfortable accommodation.

Below is the appearance of the room depending on the type of room we choose, and the price also varies. Situation in the living room.

I am satisfied with the service, the room is comfortable and big, but it is difficult to broadcast the TV. God willing, we will have a long life. Thank you so much. 1 night stay at De Mawardah Melaka Hotel: RM64

Hotel Murah Melaka Bandar Hilir

Owned by Koperasi Bela Masyarakat Melaka Berhad, this hotel also offers a fun experience for a budget getaway. If we’re going to spend this weekend patrolling Hilir and Ayer Keroh, it’s a good idea to stay here.

Hotel Berdekatan (berhampiran) Melaka Funland

If you want a slightly more expensive room, there is one. Definitely complete and comfortable. In short, beat your chest and ask for hunger.

You can enjoy the delicious food prepared by this hotel without any worries as we have already got halal certificate when we checked this hotel last time. This is very important, even if the owner is Muslim, efforts to obtain halal certification should be prioritized. Only in this way can the customer feel safe and secure

Friendly staff. Prompt response to customer complaints. Kobemas should pay more attention to site maintenance. According to my observation. Many rooms had door lock problems. Others were excellent. Accommodation price at KOBEMAS Melaka: RM84 for superior room.

Summary for Muslim-owned budget hotels in Malacca. Looking for something halal is a must for Muslims and when we travel it is better to choose a hotel owned by a Muslim brother because they have already responded to the invitation of fard kifaya.

Hotel Berdekatan (berhampiran) St John’s Fort

But at the same time, hotel management should know and constantly improve the quality of service. Especially the service of the hotel staff to the guests.

Make your smile sweeter, the visitor will be pleased. Because a smile is charity. Likewise, we prioritize Muslim-owned products and services, and the more zakat, the greater the benefit.


Hotel Murah Melaka Bandar Hilir

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