Hotel In Kampar Perak

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Hotel In Kampar Perak – I glanced at my car’s clock as I parked in the open parking lot in front of the Grand Kampar hotel. The clock read 11:50, just ten minutes before noon.

Our journey, which started at 6am from Johor Baru, was smooth and quiet with just one convenient stop at Ayer Keroh Jejantas R&R.

Hotel In Kampar Perak

Hotel In Kampar Perak

My sister Ruby had booked online and we were hoping to check into the hotel before meeting our relatives. We have stayed at this hotel many times and are now patrons.

Kampar Boutique Hotel (old Town

The front desk told Ruby that the check-in time was 2pm and suggested we have lunch before checking in later.

It was nice to stretch again as we explored the row of shops, many of which have eateries such as kopitiams, cafes and restaurants, before deciding to try some fun Ipoh sar hor soup.

I can’t remember, Sand River Powder – Dad’s strange but literal translation of the Cantonese name for flat rice noodles!

We lingered over a meal and slowly walked back to the hotel, checking in and recovering from a long journey.

Oyo 89539 Hotel Siswa, Kampar

Back at the front desk, I stepped back as Ruby finished her speech. Then I heard their conversation: The receptionist said that our room is not ready, so please come back later…

“What?” I answered spontaneously, and all eyes turned to me. I repeat that we were previously advised to have lunch and come back to check in at 2pm, but now they assume our room is not ready yet?

Hearing this prompt, the fingers of the young man behind the counter moved across the keyboard to search for available rooms.

Hotel In Kampar Perak

He chatted briefly with his colleague and awkwardly told us that according to our room type reservation, there was an empty room, but he asked, “Do you mind if its number (pause) and gulp!) starts with four (4)?”

Merasmikan Persidangan Tahunan Alumni 4b Negeri Perak Di Grand Kampar Hotel Kampar Perak

Ruby and I couldn’t help but laugh… and we assure them it’s totally fine with us!

Although I am fully aware that the Chinese consider this number to have a negative connotation, I pretended not to know and purposely asked the two staff at the front desk to explain – just to hear what they had to say.

I am totally amazed that some guests are superstitious and have problems staying in hotel rooms number four!

So two receptionists told us that some guests – mainly Chinese – do not want to stay in the rooms marked with the number 4, because the pronunciation of this number in English sounds “dead” in Chinese.

Oyo 89539 Hotel Siswa, Oyo Hotels Kampar, Book @ Rm50

We laughed along with the Indian receptionist who counted 1-2-3-4 on outstretched fingers in fluent Cantonese: “Yat, yee, sam, sei” just to prove it.

We thank you for our keys and go into our room that starts with the number four, still tickled by the sheer absurdity of people living in fear.

At the breakfast buffet the next day, Ruby and I stopped at the egg counter, where a small sign listed the cooking options they offered.

Hotel In Kampar Perak

As with most hotel breakfast buffets, the egg counter offers guests freshly prepared eggs, whether they’re golden omelets with their yolks still rippling, omelets with a variety of ingredients, omelets, pre-boiled or hard-boiled.

Kampus West City Condominium For Sale In Kampar, Perak

This is the first time in all our hotel stays that this hotel even offers a Foo Yong Egg option! HE!

I spoke to the young egg cook about this and he smiled kindly, probably thinking I was stupid or something because it was just another busy day for him.

How could I resist this temptation? So I ordered Egg Foo Yong style.

Then Ruby and I sat down and waited. And when served, we agree that in the first course of Chinese parties, it resembles the heart of the traditional cold dish, the dome of Egg Foo Yong, which is often filled with fin flakes. shark…

Hotel Md Boutique Hotel Kampar 3* (malaysia)

Discovered to be sprinkled with scallions and red pepper flakes – quite a remarkable choice compared to the usual breakfast egg options – we first came across Egg Foo Yong at Grand Hotel Kampar in Kampar, Perak!

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