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Hotel Grotticelle – It’s 5€, that’s all I can say about the positives. The room has air conditioning for 5€ per day, but at least in our room…

… At the guest house Esmeralda Bibi, next to the Grotiselle Hotel, the room has a large platform with a view over the seating area.

Hotel Grotticelle

Hotel Grotticelle

Without style or character … floors. We ‘raised’ to a better hotel room than the noisy coaches that come…

Grotticelle Beach Holiday Rentals: Villas & More

The location is very good, the beach is walking distance. The hotel has its own beach, with public access. A beach towel from the hotel is 5 €. That’s all I can say about the positives. The room has air conditioning for 5 € per day, but at least in our room it was directly to the bed, so we could not save at night. However, since the air conditioner was in the room all day, when we first turned it on at night, the room was warm and we had to change it again for 15 minutes at night to get at least a little sleep. Terrible sweat and swelling in the morning. We also ate mosquitoes at night. The beds are firm and the pillows are thin. There is no loneliness between the walls, you can hear the neighbors talking. Breakfast is small, same things every morning. You have to ask the staff separately for each cup of coffee. The bread is not yet baked, but taken from a package. Choose this place for your vacation, but not this hotel!

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We booked a 1 week holiday at Ricard Hotel, after checking out, Esmeralda Guest House which is near the hotel, the room had a large balcony with a view over the seat, the room itself was a 3 bedroom suite with AC. We want to find another room, but after a quick visit to the hotel, we find that we have a large room and the hotel platform, the first is simple and the same every day. The breakfast is very good and every day is different in Italy. Food, you have to go uphill to the beach, when you are old or have problems with your legs, this climb is difficult, the transportation from the hotel to the beach is free, the beach itself is beautiful and good. To snore, the bed is hard, and when you snore, your bed is hard.

This is a private property – the apartments are garage style flats with no style or character. We ‘checked in’ to a better hotel room than the noisy coaches arriving at night. Generally btw can’t sleep till midnight due to travel noise in hotel rooms. After 3 days of hostile staff and an unauthorized retreat for a glorious night, he left early. Do not recommend this for families. The only thing more said about the lake. The stuff was good but the coffee was from a vending machine

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At first we wanted to spend the night in their hotel, but the rooms were dark and small and the madrasahs were brutal. We watched at least four different episodes, but none of them were too much for us. The staff were very helpful, and I finally got to one of their rooms with a kitchen, balcony and bedroom. That’s great and we really enjoyed our stay.

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