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Hotel Florida – Looking for a great place to live in the Sunshine State? Why not choose one of Florida’s historic hotels? These hotels have been a popular place for travelers to stay for years. They continue to provide guests with modern amenities and vintage style.

If you’re a history buff or looking for unique accommodations, these historic hotels are for you. Also, some of these hotels are located in interesting locations throughout Florida.

Hotel Florida

Hotel Florida

The Bellevue Inn was built to attract business to the area after the railroad first arrived in the St. In 1897, Henry B. Plant built the hotel and it quickly became popular as a getaway for the rich and famous Hollywood celebrities. At 400,000 square feet, the building was once the largest wood frame structure in Florida.

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Inspired by a medieval tower in Spain, architects Schultze and Weaver designed the Coral Gables Hotel (now called the Biltmore Hotel). At that time, it was the largest pond in the world. George Merrick and hotelier John McEntee Bowman “built a magnificent hotel … which served not only as an inn for multitudes of people.

Located in Palm Beach, the Breakers Hotel was first opened in 1896 by business magnate Henry Flagler. He wanted a place for passengers on the Florida East Coast Railroad to stay. The original hotel burned down in 1903 and reopened the following year in 1904.

At the time, rooms were $4 a night and guests were transported around the grounds in wheelchairs provided by the staff.

The Casa Marina Hotel has been an iconic Jacksonville Beach landmark since it opened its doors in 1925. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, John D. Rockefeller, President Harry S. Early hotel guests included Truman, FDR and Al Capone.

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Another historic hotel in Florida was created through the work of Henry Flagler. Henry Flagler sold land to Franklin W. Smith for the Casa Monica Resort in St. Augustine to build a hotel in the area because of the new railroad. The hotel opened on New Year’s Day in 1888, but unfortunately, within months, Smith was in financial trouble. Flagler bought the hotel back from Smith to save space.

The hotel operated briefly under Flagler. It was later closed and sat idle for 30 years. It was later bought by St. Johns County and converted into a courthouse. Finally, in 1997, Richard Kessler bought the hotel for $1.2 million and transformed it into the grand and celebrated hotel it once was.

Another historic hotel built in the height of the 20s is the Colony Hotel & Cabana Club, which opened in 1926 in a romantic Mediterranean architectural style. Even today, the hotel retains the original elevator, telephone exchange, flooring and hand-woven Fix cane wicker furniture.

Hotel Florida

In 1935, newlyweds George and Agnes Boughton bought the hotel, and generations of their family continued to work at the hotel.

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The original architect of the Driftwood Inn was Waldo E. Sexton built several historic sites in Vero Beach – one of them

First built as a family home in 1937, the place later operated as a small resort hotel, where Mrs. Sexton cooked breakfast for guests in her family kitchen. More buildings were added to this beachcomber hotel to its current state.

Built in 1924, the Fenway Hotel in Dunedin was an icon of the Jazz Age and hosted many wonderful guests, including explorers, artists, musicians and more. The resort is always popular because it is located in St. Joseph Sound overlooking Calais and Honeymoon Islands.

Interestingly, the Fenway Hotel was home to the district’s first radio station from 1925 to 1927. Its dedication to hotel music continues to this day, with live music and the mantra of “the carefree Florida spirit to discover it as you are.” go”.

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The Florida House Inn is not only on the National Register of Historic Places, but is also the oldest hotel in Florida. The hotel was a railroad boarding house when it first opened in 1857, but today it is a charming and unique bed and breakfast.

You can stay in one of the 17 rooms and eat in an English pub, lounge or breakfast room amidst the beautiful and lush garden and courtyard.

A member of the National Register of Historic Places, the Florida Palace is known locally as “The Floridan.” The hotel was built in 1925 at a cost of $1.9 million. At 204 feet tall, the Florida Palace, or Florida Hotel at the time, was the tallest building in Tampa. It held that title until it was replaced by the Franklin Exchange Building in 1966.

Hotel Florida

Another member of the National Register of Historic Places, the Island Hotel on Cedar Key was used as a general store, post office and custom house in the 1860s. The building is rumored to have housed both Union and Confederate soldiers during the Civil War, when the town moved several times.

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The restaurant at the hotel is incredible. Don’t miss the Clam Island Hotel Pasta if you want to try a favorite.

Another historic hotel popular in the 1920s is La Concha Hotel & Spa in Key West, built by businessman Carl Aubuchon. He knew that opening a hotel in the Keys was a great opportunity and built the hotel in the luxurious Spanish colonial style. It actually cost almost a million dollars to complete the floor with marble floors, private baths and an elevator, a luxury at the time.

The Lakeside Inn at Mount Dora, opened in 1883, is the oldest continuously operating hotel in the state of Florida. It is somewhat different from the Florida House Inn, which had to close its doors at one point during its tenure. In its conception, the Civil War was over and people were ready to travel. They wanted to get away to the warm Florida sunshine where guests could go bird watching, fishing or picnicking.

Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the hotel has hosted many famous guests, including President Calvin Coolidge.

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Although this historic hotel is new to the state of Florida, it is just as grand and important as the rest of the list.

In 1997, it was renovated and improved to its current state. Crystal River Plantation is a peaceful destination for golfers and vacationers alike.

Discover new adventures in the manatee capital of the world, swim with a manatee and experience the authentic Crystal River, the soul of Florida.

Hotel Florida

You can’t mention Pas-a-Grill without mentioning the famous Don Cesar Hotel. The towering pink “castle” opened in 1928 and F. It became the playground of celebrities like Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald.

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Known as “The Rose”, this beautiful hotel has been the setting for many Hollywood films and provides the setting for a first class romantic outfit. Even if you don’t stay, grab an ice cream at Uncle Andy’s Ice Cream Parlor or sit at the outdoor beach bar for the atmosphere.

The hotel is a member of America’s National Register of Historic Places and Historic Hotels. The Gasparilla Inn was built in the early 20th century when Florida became a major vacation destination.

Unfortunately, the original hotel was destroyed in a hurricane in 1921, but was rebuilt in 1928 with the addition of a golf course. We personally resonate with their mantra – “Feel the Florida Feeling”.

We all owe a debt of gratitude to Edward Ball, an early conservationist and visionary who bought the property in 1934 and saved the habitat. Later, he built the Wakulla Springs Lodge with 27 spacious rooms in Mediterranean Revival architecture.

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Be sure to look up at the ceiling as you enter the lobby to see the beautifully painted wooden beams with Florida wildlife and art. Also, don’t miss the marble check tables, large fireplace, “Old Joe” and a stuffed 11-foot alligator that used to live in the park.

The lodge has a nice dining room where we ate a baked grouper stuffed with crab meat. Don’t miss the fried chicken and the famous navy soup. yum

Built in 1939 in a beautiful Art Deco style, the National Hotel in Miami Beach offers visiting guests timeless elegance and a beachfront view. Not only does the hotel have newly renovated rooms, but you can still enjoy original features such as chrome lighting and terrazzo flooring.

Hotel Florida

However, the biggest attraction is the 205-foot infinity pool, an iconic landmark of the Miami Beach area.

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The Terrace Hotel in Lakeland is the first of its kind and is known as a ‘year-round inn’. That meant the hotel was open to them

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