Hotel Di Bagan Lalang

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Hotel Di Bagan Lalang – Have a wonderful holiday at Owani Sepang Gold Coast Resort Bagan Lalang Part 2 Hello and good afternoon to all readers.. Good morning from Owani Sepang Gold Coast Resort. Read the previous story in part 1 In the morning I heard water coming from inside our room… I couldn’t wait to look closer to the balcony but from inside I knew the water must be rising… Let’s see. see you tomorrow…

Show in hand show… 7:30 a.m. Watch the sun rise, it is good to sleep in a soft and cool bed, yes, after the morning prayer, I will sleep and sleep.

Hotel Di Bagan Lalang

Hotel Di Bagan Lalang

I really like the scenery around Awani Sepang Gold Coast Resort, Bagan Lalangni is very interesting…come here sometimes you have to take pictures.

Chalet And Resort Bagan Lalang, Sepang: Persatuan Nelayan Kawasan Sepang (kompleks Agrotourism)

Ok, everyone is ready for breakfast, let’s have this morning’s ‘breakfast’ on an empty stomach, near Anthem Restaurant, there are various menus available… Traditional Malaysian food such as Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, Fried Vermicelli, Fried Noodle Tea Bitter is still available and there are also western dishes.

What does Bond eat? Hadway really feels like everyone wants to eat if it served as a ‘buffet’ right? But you must be careful because you have an activity to play volleyball, you must limit your food

Well, near Awani Sepang Gold Coast Resort, Bagan Lalang, there are really many blue bicycles that you will see around this resort, actually there are many. This bike is free, you can take it if you want to ride a bike near the residential area. For your information there is also a red bicycle near Awani Sepang Gold Coast Resort Bagan Lalang that can fit four people, this bicycle is paid, not sure how much but for those of you who want to go to Bondi Travel with children, I recommend you. to rent it. bike

The first aqua x water sports village activity is a volleyball game, I haven’t played volleyball for a long time, this fun activity makes one sweat, hey hey it’s not easy to play on sand, but this time Challenge. your head. Play, have a sense of fun when you play. As long as there are two sets of volleyball… ‘Love it’, it’s really boring, it’s not always playing close to the sand, it’s really the best experience.

Hotel Casa Reo Kampong Bagan Lalang 2* (malaysia)

The second game is bungee trampoline, this game looks really fun, but to play this game, there is a condition that only people under 60kg can ride on the bungee trampoline… So people who weigh more than 60kg just sit there. side

The third game is Jail Gun…Anyone who likes to play shooting games can play this Jail Gun…Bond doesn’t really play this game because his eyes can’t see well so he sits on the side it seems. Shoot!

The fourth ATV ride game, Bond likes to play this ATV like riding a motorcycle, this ATV is very durable … but the one we have is a small model, the shape is beautiful, this ATV rides around the beach, want to ride on . the sand.. It is also very difficult, for those who are interested, you can patrol the beach Bagh Lalang on this ATV.

Hotel Di Bagan Lalang

After the 4th match we rested and while the water was receding we took some pictures near the rock near the resort looking down. Yes, who said it’s like a picture of a mermaid near Songkla beach… yes it’s a Malaysian mermaid yes..

Makan Malam Di Restoran Terapung H.m Sri Bagan, Bagan Lalang

Let’s rest…. After lunch and prayer, activities continue at 2:00 PM. Many people are waiting for a “buggy” and are not ready to ride a bike because they are tired hahaha

Another activity, we play in water… For this water activity, Bond only had time to play banana boat, donut ride, kayak and jet ski ride, he didn’t have time to ride because there were too many people. . Looking forward to playing.

Bond is very happy to be able to participate in the activities there. The Aqua X Water Sports Village team is the best, for those of you who plan to come here later, you can participate in the activities that are held.

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