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Hotel Berhantu Port Dickson – Hello brother red.. This guy tells me a story that happened somewhere..

My cousin, her family and her family friends are going to PD for vacation.. It’s school vacation time right.. so there’s no chance of a vacation, yes. ** ***** .. people also go to check that everything is ok .. this time there are 3 cousins ​​.. but the youngest one is still a baby .. the oldest is 4 or 5 years old .. just enter the house that people keep, the eldest son is still kazen yaty ckp..

Hotel Berhantu Port Dickson

Hotel Berhantu Port Dickson

The boys are used to running well.. people’s eyes see things like this, well.. sib bek kazen yaty there is a strong wind, well.. and the type that can make healing water.. not well, keep reading the appropriate one.

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The next day, it was Kazen Yati’s time alone.. the others were in the dorm if I’m not mistaken.. When Kazen Yati got out of the parking lot, he was about to take the elevator to his room and met him. 1 family in the elevator.. the family is my husband, wife and 2 children.. but all these 4 children are white.. ** don’t look behind me like styre same floor as kazen yati.. then he goes straight to the room next to kazen yati’s house.. He was relieved that Kazen was right, there were other people on the floor in the house.. he told his wife as he entered. . I think there’s one in the house next door.. I think there’s a neighbor, well..

And then that night, people couldn’t do it.. because it was so noisy.. like people were celebrating so much.. it was just the sound of chairs being pulled out.. room.. when you want to check in, kazen yaty tnye lar reception station, party last night done? The room upstairs is very noisy.

It’s too late to accept, bro, I haven’t had a party yet, bro.. my sister’s floor is upstairs.. I have nothing else.. nothing but my family.. I have nothing else. Other families are moving in. ..’

So where did that family talking in the elevator go? He came back and remembered what had happened in the parking lot. Although the parking lot was under the stairs, the family of 4 entered the elevator.

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Kazen yaty’s wife is not mandatory.. when he came out of his room, there was a cleaner who was sweeping a child.. then kazen yaty’s wife also scolded him.. he just endured the sweeping.. I wonder how the cleaner looks, his eyes are red..

The smart thing is that you both exchange stories when you are safe at home.. you never tell stories when you are at a resort.. it tears the feathers when he tells you stories.. lol..

There was a wedding party at her husband’s grandmother’s house.. then people like JB including her mother, sister and my mother didn’t go to the resort.. then in the evening Wu, it was the last night she wanted to meet. Come to the resort with her… The size is big and gathers a lot of people, yes..

Hotel Berhantu Port Dickson

It’s good to start.. but it starts at midnight and you can’t.. the same thing.. the loud noise sounds like a party.. this time it’s coming from the room next to the board. .. in the middle of the night, dare to go I knocked on the door of the next room, quiet, well.. so I’m happy.. I’m talking about no bed, it’s good until it breaks, okay.. hahaha.. and not in bed I’m a beggar, sib beck, Not true. He’s about to appear, will the party die..

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The next day, Kazen Yati’s boyfriend, who is another, insists on looking in the house next door, as if there is a party going on.. The house is locked.. But when I look in the mirror, what do I see? The inside of the building is the same..just looking at the seats.

Until now, if we go to PD, we never go to this resort.. so boring.. here is a picture of this resort, which I took last year during Keter in PD.. amazing.. every time the test number is between 1-10. To get the total score you see, add all the test scores we receive and divide that number by the test scores we receive. In addition, guests can individually ‘subscribe’ on key factors such as location, cleanliness, staff, comfort, convenience, value for money and free WiFi. Note that visitors submit their subscription and total numbers separately, so there is no direct correlation between them.

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Hotel Berhantu Port Dickson

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Hotel Berhantu Port Dickson

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