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Hotel Abbandonati – Covid-19, better known as the “new coronavirus”, the worst enemy for human health since the beginning of 2020. However, as readers well know, he is not only an enemy of health, but also of the economy due to the (right-wing) forced blockade of most commercial activities. Millions of people had to cancel holiday bookings that had been planned for months. Hundreds of thousands of canceled events: fairs, festivals, concerts, performances.

Governments can already predict the wave of popular discontent that will emerge from the next economic crisis, just by surfing social media or reading the forecasts of analysts and newspapers. Well, the hotel sector, which has always been one of the most exposed to market fluctuations, whether due to a change in fashion in tourist habits or the consequences of the Wall Street crash in 2009, has already produced hundreds or even thousands of “architectural ghosts”. This multiple crisis, the result of a system based on long-term forecasts without “economic parachutes”, is likely to produce dire consequences that could range from staff reductions to the definitive closure of many other structures, due to lack of customers and excessive costs, data from the continuation of this blockade.

Hotel Abbandonati

Hotel Abbandonati

Therefore, since we are located in Ascosa Lascita and deal with accommodation facilities, we have compiled for you a personal ranking of the 10 most beautiful closed and incredibly abandoned hotels, which we rediscovered during the years of territorial research:

Alberghi Abbandonati A Marina Di Massa: Il Tabù Dello Svincolo

10) Albergo della Nazionale: one of the most beautiful closed hotels in Liguria, abandoned for many years and which hosted the Italian football team in 1982 just before their famous victory in the World Cup. Find out more here.

9) Casa della Trout: one of the most famous restaurants – hotels closed and without maintenance (but still monitored) in Trentino. Photographed by many tourists, it is one of the main points of interest on Lake Garda. See photos here.

8) Decaying Elegance: This hotel, now abandoned and forgotten for many years, still holds many memories of a bygone era, despite the fact that it was severely damaged by fire.

7) Party over: abandonment due to excessive expectations of the owner about the space, actually next to a large refinery. Inside, everything remained like this, on the day when an unknown event was celebrated.

Hotel Turas Abbandonato A Bosa Sardinia Urbex

6) Paragon Hotel: Very well known to many escape enthusiasts, it is the destination of many explorers from all over Europe because of its magnificent white hall. Today, the structure is heavily vandalized. It used to look like this. Among the closed and abandoned hotels, one of the most fascinating both in terms of history and beauty.

5) Hotel Murano: demolished today, it was a very large building in a typical 60’s style, equipped with all facilities including swimming pools and thermal treatment facilities. Before the demolition, it looked like this. It boasts, unlike many other closed hotels, luxurious furnishings, including beautiful pianos and Murano glass chandeliers.

4) Ski hotels in South Tyrol: a set of abandoned hotel structures, related to the winter tourism sector. The most famous of them enjoyed the famous thermal station in the Middle Ages.

Hotel Abbandonati

3) Vacation at Miralag: Built in 1920, this hotel with a noble but rustic taste has an undefined style somewhat reminiscent of the Liberty. But among the closed hotels, it is not the only example of Art Nouveau. Follow us to the second position.

C’era Una Volta L’hotel Miramonti

2) The sea in winter: a “maritime” Grand Hotel built in the late 1920s in a record time of 100 days, with sober, elegant lines and rich furnishings. Closed for 10 years, a grand reopening is coming soon.

1) Four Weddings: A hotel in a historic mansion from the mid-1800s, surrounded by a large park, where you feel welcome in beautiful rooms with frescoed ceilings and very finely furnished. The beauty and copyright of her furniture earned her the first place in this personal ranking.

Thanks for sparking your curiosity here. The same thing that drives our urban research activities and takes us through difficult and unsafe places, just so we can talk about them.

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Urbex Campania Hotel Abbandonati Lalbergo Sul Lago 8

One of the youngest urban explorers, a student of photography at the Academy of Fine Arts, Christian covers the territory of central northern Italy and enjoys exploring southern Europe. From Madoni to the area of ​​Ragusa, to Acireale, there are many abandoned hotels, and the time of arrival and departure of tourists, today decadent buildings testify to their fall

Silence fills the rooms, kitchens and living rooms where plates and glasses clinked. But the hum of voices remains almost stuck in the air, like transparent images of the comings and goings of customers ringing the front desk. In the hotels that were once full of people, but now of ghosts, the clamor for departure increases.

Unfortunate entrepreneurial stories, with the complicity of a certain type of tourism that is becoming increasingly unattractive, are told by the abandoned hotels that dot Sicily. Some were recently visited by researchers from Ascosi Lasciti, a cultural association dedicated to urbek, an activity that over the years has led them to search villas, palaces, factories, castles and other abandoned places.

Hotel Abbandonati

A journey that begins in the Medoni Mountains, where the once flourishing mountain tourism struggles to take off, especially in the winter months. Piano Battaglia’s standstill with ski lifts closed for three years, impassable roads and weekly chaos with attacks reflects a territory that still has a long way to go to re-establish its tourism. identity. Just stop by and see what remains of Hotel La Montanina in Piano Zucchi, a pioneer of mountain tourism since the 1980s. Closed for more than thirty years, the building is falling apart: nature has now taken over from the outside, and vines are climbing higher and higher from the ground, up to the second floor. Inside it looks like a war scene: the remains of destroyed furniture, broken glass, torn bodies. The same scenario for the nearby shelter Orestano, Baita del Faggio and Hotel Piano Torre Park, while the refugee Marinidi Piano Battaglia stands almost alone.

Più Eclatanti Hotel Chiusi E Abbandonati: Settore Alberghiero In Ginocchio

Nothing better is not even a little further down, near Castelbuon, where the same story is repeated in the Hotel Miloca, closed since 2011. “Immersed in the dense forest of the natural park that dominates the ancient village, the Miloča hotel from its 1,000 meters above sea level offers enchanting panoramas in a range of emotions during all seasons,” is the invitation to stay in one of the old advertisements that sound like an epitaph today. It was a 2,500 square meter hotel with 4 floors, 52 rooms and 3 suites with a total of 115 beds, breakfast room, bar, restaurant, conference room, disco, swimming pool, sauna and gym. A possible recovery was noted several times, but today only the weight of the court case that ended in bankruptcy remains.

But also on the other side of Sicily, hidden in the forest or facing the sea, there are former hotels that speak of past riches and dusty abandonment. Like Hotel La Pineta in Chiaramonte Gulfi, in the area of ​​Ragusa, a building of 4,500 square meters, immersed in the greenery of Mount Archibezi, where in the golden years, between 1970, famous people like Franco Zeffirelli, Placido Domingo, Domenico Moduño stayed. and in 1980. , Ornella Vanoni, Fred Bongusto. Built in 1968 and definitively closed in 1994, after several attempts to sell and rebuild, today it has become a concrete eco-monster that now seems destined to be forgotten.

Not far from La Pineta, in the village of Bucheri, there is an old farmhouse from the 19th century, converted into a hotel and now abandoned. It is located in the Rizzolo area and was the kingdom of Elsie Eaton, an English noblewoman who, together with her husband, the Marquis of Cassis, initiated a profound agrarian reform of the area, with various farms and the production of oil, almonds, and wine. , citrus fruits and moreover, mulberry intended for silkworms. The farm – recently explored by the Ascosi Lascitti collective – is now crumbling: the building that houses the hotel is a pile of rubble, like the adjacent shed, which houses an ancient millstone, a perpetual reminder of the industrious territory.

From the village of Bukeri to the sea of ​​Acireale, where the Aloha Hotel, overlooking the Ionian Sea, a few steps from the Timpa Reserve, tells another story of abandonment and degradation. “It is one of the many unfortunate descendants of the season of wild buildings – we read a few years ago in the file “Mare Mostrum” from Legambiente – built without authorization, relying on a social and political context, quite favorable for unscrupulous real estate. initiatives”. The story – ecologists underline – “is also symbolic of the absolute ineffectiveness of the current demolition rules”. Over the years, Aloha has been ransacked by vandals and thieves, and has also turned into a haven for migrants.

Grand Hotel Terme: Benessere, Riposo E Cure Termali

“We always say that Sicily can live only from tourism, but in the end what are the services we offer?” What long-term development strategies have we set up to welcome the much-desired tourists in the best way? – asks Cristiano La Mantia, president of Ascosi Lascitti, who experienced the degradation of these hotels firsthand – . Questions we ask ourselves while visiting them

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