Hotel A Tema Torino

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Hotel A Tema Torino – Hotels and motels with themed rooms are the new frontier in the hotel industry. With the advancement of technology and information media, such as the Internet and social networks, as well as the evolution of customers, differentiation is essential to beat the competition.

It is no longer enough to be competitive on price and quality. Today, it is necessary to offer an increasingly personalized and original customer-based service. We go from classic motels and hotels with themed rooms of various types, to something characteristic such as a night in a castle, trullo or lighthouse.

Hotel A Tema Torino

Hotel A Tema Torino

Here is a selection of the best themed motels and hotels in Piedmont. 6 hotels with themed rooms around Turin

Motel Ad Ore A Torino

More and more, even in large cities, the thematic structures expanded. In fact, when we talk about theme hotels, we do not mean only departments, but a broader concept. This is why even a family hotel can become thematic if it is specially structured for children.

In this article, we are only talking about hotels or motels with themed suites. This is our choice. 1 – Motel Piranha in Orfengo di Casalino (NE)

Our journey to the best themed apartment hotels in Piedmont begins with Motel Piranha in Orfengo di Casalino. According to Corriere della Sera, it is one of the ten sexiest hotels in the world.

In fact, the motel offers large and luxurious suites for a truly special stay for couples. You can choose to spend the night in ancient Egypt or in the splendor of the Domus Aurea (Royal Suites), toast with champagne among the lights of New York or travel to the Middle Ages of King Arthur (two of the top suites).

Wellness — Cda English Version

Do you want a more exotic location? Then Marrakesh and Oriental, in the Chinese imperial style, are the right choice for you. Playa Bonita and the Azteca wellness apartments deserve a mention, equipped with a real private heated pool.

There are so many “destinations” available, but what each offer has in common is spa-equipped bathrooms and perfect privacy. In fact, Motel Piranha offers the option to use reserved check-in and room service. Meals are served by the lovable robot butler Alfred, the hotel’s mascot. 2 – Hotel and motel in Castellazzo Bormida (AL)

We continue our tour of hotels with themed rooms between Turin and Piedmont in Castellazzo Bormidi in the province of Alessandria. Hotel & Motel is a beautiful 4-star hotel that holds many surprises. In addition to classic hotel rooms, there is a wide selection of themed rooms.

Hotel A Tema Torino

4 thematic categories are proposed: oriental art, romantic stay, hot night and being in the center of attention. In the apartments with the theme of oriental art, 4 fantastic rooms are proposed that relate to oriental art, to the charm and mystery of an unknown country and ancient fairy tales. The presence of a mobile ceiling allows you to enjoy the unmissable view of the night sky.

Diamante Mhotel Reviews, Deals & Photos 2023

Romantic stay apartments offer rooms whose main theme is time travel from 18th century France, passing through Venice, ending in ancient Greece. The value of a romantic stay is in refined furniture and rediscovering the past. The offer for the rooms has a higher price.

In hot night there are rooms marked with passion and eros. They might be for you if you like forbidden games. Paradiso Inferno and Kamasutra are equipped with a movable ceiling with a mirror, while in the rooms Giochi Proibiti and Sagrestia we find a hydromassage pool for six people and special furniture that will awaken your senses.

In the future in the light of light, the theme of the rooms (Moulin Rouge, Palestra, Grande Fratello and Camera degli Specchi) is the desire to be the protagonist for one night, therefore the focus is on special furniture and dream life. 3 – Diamante M Hotel in Collegno (TO)

We have now moved to Collegno (Turin) to the Diamante Mhotel, a 4-star hotel that boasts a 9.1 rating on Diamante is a very elegant, well-maintained themed motel with unique originality.

Golden Palace (chiusura Temporanea)

The motel has 5 price zones for the division of themed suites (Comfort, Superior, Suite and Suite Plus, Suite Spa and Luxury Suite).

In Comfort there are large rooms (Giochi acartoon, Selfie, Lanterne rossa and Amami Alfredo) that reflect the theme of the game made of passion and the pleasure of living unusual experiences.

In superior rooms (Diamante, Nuvola, Mirror Room, Chalet, Casablanca, Thai) represent great desires, modern luxury and travel to forbidden places.

Hotel A Tema Torino

In suite and suite plus there are rooms (Drive in, Moulin Rouge, Tiffany, Impero Romano, Design, Zen, Oriente, Gym) that take the theme of unexplored worlds and unusual opportunities, they are excellent solutions with hydromassage bathtubs and emotional Showers for groups of up to six people.

Suite A Tema E Camere A Tema

In Suite Spa we find rooms with spectacular furniture and large spaces where the dominant theme is the spa itself (Wellness Spa, Terme Pompeian, Oronero Spa, Cleopatra Spa).

In the Lukuri suite, the theme taken as a reference for the rooms is luxury (private jet, in the wild) where refined furniture, terrace and outdoor jacuzzi are the main points. All rooms are equipped with a safe, free mini-bar, free Wi-Fi, service line and hairdryer. 4 – Hotel Motel Prestige in Grugliasco (TO)

The Prestige is a 4-star hotel/motel, with themed apartments near Turin, also ideal for business trips, family stays or moments of relaxation. Hotel Motel Prestige aims to give you a heavenly experience. Even in Prestige, the rooms are divided by price (suite, mini suite, superior).

In apartments (Athens, London and Tokyo), mini-apartments (Tahiti and Metropolitan) and superiors (Eden, Ibiza, Chicago and Babel) the main theme is travel, as a multi-sensory experience, even if there are apartments (playrooms) . ) which are band games as the main theme.

Hotel Diamante Mhotel Collegno 4* (italy)

All rooms have a hot tub (see also: the best hotels with a hot tub in the room in Italy) and a shower. Price, furniture and included optional elements intervene to differentiate the rooms. 5 – Six loves in Turin

In the center of Turin we can find a hotel with only themed rooms, Six Love, which offers 16 suites for sixteen different sensory experiences.

This motel, which we have included among the best themed apartments, offers itself as a specialist for intimate time. The 16 apartments are divided according to the price (Top, Over, Business, Economy and Low Cost), it is good to know that the apartments are not all in the same place but are scattered in different locations.

Hotel A Tema Torino

Between the Top Suites and Oversite Suites on Corso G. Lanza we find Ninfa Egeria, Tonga, Grotta Giurassica, Tuareg, Nirvana and Java. It is certain that the furniture, setting and accessories in the apartments contribute to the price increase.

Motel Con Specchi A Soffitto

Instead, in Viale E. Thovez we find business suites (Miniera di Carbonia, Cantine Segrete, Pietro Mica, Knossos, Grotta Bianca) and economy (Pegasus, Jaipur, Ikuito, Siouq, Aton Ra).

More budget themed rooms are located in Via Trento. In addition to the apartments, there is also an outdoor wellness center that includes a solarium and reserved 14-meter pool, sauna (for 4 people). For a different from the usual Toccata and Fugue near Turin, this is certainly the hotel that can offer you the most flexible solution. 6 – Hotel Motel 2 in Tortona (AL)

The newest hotel with themed apartments in Turin is Hotel Motel 2, a chain of hotels located in Tortona (AL) in Piedmont and in Castel San Giovanni (PC) in Emilia-Romagna.

The structure of the hotel aims at different themed suites per location in order to make the guests’ stay unique and original. In the Tortona Motel, as in Castel San Giovanni, we find two types of themed rooms divided by price, Suitesime and Suitesime Plus.

A Matera Puoi Dormire In Una Casa A Tema Harry Potter

There is a wide selection of suites for both structures, while the selection narrows as the price increases for suites plus. The Motel 2 in Tortona SuiteSime Plus has a cabin, a Rio Carnival, a casino and the 50s. In Castel San Giovanni Suitissime Plus there are bungalows, Marrakech and Ibiza.

Theme hotels and motels are accommodations that offer rooms equipped with themed items and furniture for relaxation and pleasure…

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