Fiberglass Pools In Las Vegas

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Fiberglass Pools In Las Vegas – Traditionally, you’ve all heard words like “plane” and “tub” when talking about fiberglass pools. However, this is far from the case. There is a trend in the market designed for some of today’s smaller lot sizes that offers secondary features that add beauty and utility to many fiberglass projects.

For those looking for a swim-in, swim-out tanning rack, the hybrid design is a better bet. With this concept, a notch is cut into the fiberglass shell that can be attached to a gunite tanning lathe.

Fiberglass Pools In Las Vegas

Fiberglass Pools In Las Vegas

“I tell my clients not to be afraid to tell them they can dream,” says Brandon Miller, owner of Cajun Pools in La Brookes Bridge. Miller grew up in the pool business with his uncle. He got his first job when a client showed him pictures of an elaborate swimming pool in Cancun, Mexico. She wanted the fiberglass installation to look like the gunite in the picture, so she needed a swim-in, swim-out tanning rack.

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“I told her I could, but I didn’t know if I could,” says Miller. Then he asked the manufacturer for a pool with shelves or cutouts so he could install it. The company chose a cutout and Miller had to figure out how to combine fiberglass glue with a traditional gunite lathe to ensure the joints were watertight.

Since then, he has built over a dozen pools with shelves and other features. He says he wants to give his customers the convenience of a fiberglass swimming pool, but with a unique design. Miller’s next dream is a pool with clear acrylic sides, so people sitting outside can see what’s going on in the pool.

But Miller wasn’t the only builder to twist fiberglass into different shapes. Jim Spies, owner of River Pools and Spas in Warsaw, Virginia, has developed a similar plan.

But he was cautious. “When you start mowing this grass, you have to know what you’re doing.”

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This hybrid technology gives builders the look they traditionally get from gunite installations, but saves the time and manpower of fiberglass.

Most fiberglass pool manufacturers now include models with traditional tanning racks in their product line. Using a rectangular pool is a much easier task. The problem of fitting two straight lines. The shelf is designed like a swimming pool and the outlet size can be customized by the manufacturer. “It’s like installing a mini hot tub.” says Todd Emmerson, senior designer and sales manager for Signature Pools, a three-time Master of Design winner based in Geneva, Illinois.

It’s a little different with curved pools. “There are a few things where the radii have to fit perfectly,” says Emmerson.

Fiberglass Pools In Las Vegas

Another trend in fiberglass swimming pools is the growing preference of homeowners for pools that are more rectangular and narrower than before. One driver for this is the scale of many new housing developments. Many of them are smaller than they have traditionally been. As a result, rectangular models often fit better than freeform models.

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Also, more ponds are being built for empty nesters. These consumers buy pools for different reasons than if they had young children at home. More and more people are using swimming pools for exercise and health, rather than just lounging around on a hot day.

“Exercise is important. People love unobstructed swimming lanes. It’s a little narrower, but still a little longer,” says Bonnie Forsyth, North America brand manager for Leisure Pools near San Antonio. “What we found is that people prefer smaller water bodies with more bells and whistles.”

This trend has made rectangular swimming pools popular again. “Before, freeform was 70 percent of our business,” says Lynn Bush, owner of Earl’s Spas and Pools in Pelham, Alabama. “Now it’s 50 to 50 percent between freeform and [rectangular] shapes.” Rectangular pools have an added boost because, unlike freeform pools, automatic covers are easy to install in rectangular pools. Some dealers require half of their customers to have pool auto cover.

At least one builder has embraced the trend and added a twist. Matthew Ray, owner of Columbus, Ohio-based Leisure Pools and Living, has noticed that many covered pools are built in deck-on-deck configurations. Automatic cover companies recommend that pool builders use a forced air attached to the deck to remove the cover from the deck when using the pool. Instead, Ray and his designers attach the fountain to the deck to do two things. They remove the cover from the deck and allow people to enjoy the surging water. Fountains are part of a pool system and are very inexpensive. “It’s a great value and looks so cute!” Ray says.

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Also, the water flowing from the deck into the pool is heated, which helps heat the pool. The cover can also be used as a cold weather barrier, eliminating the need for a separate cover. They block dust, algae spores and UV rays.

Just because the pool is small doesn’t mean homeowners are skimpy on the project. Bush says many of his projects include small ponds. “These guys are redoing the whole backyard,” he says. By adding these features, his business was able to gain some of the lost profits from the smaller pool.

This trend is gaining popularity across the country. “I’ve seen [us] go to slightly smaller pools and pay more for amenities around the pool,” says Bob Fergione, builder and Mid-Atlantic regional sales manager for San Juan Pool. “We handle landscaping, irrigation, hedges and waterfalls. Pools with outdoor kitchens and fireplaces. We are building more natural waterfalls.

Fiberglass Pools In Las Vegas

Ray saw that among his clients, too. Expensive outdoor kitchens and swimming pools are almost an afterthought in some recent projects. “One of the first questions we ask is, ‘Are you building a swimming pool with your living space or are you building a living space with a pool?’

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The trend for smaller swimming pools has gotten a lot of attention, and some homeowners are taking it to the max and installing in-ground spas. Some of them are natural stone and cost more than $20,000. Want to talk to us about a new pool, remodeling or other project? Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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We make it a priority to make sure each pool is built with the latest equipment and offers heaters with energy efficient pumps, automatic cleaners, and thermostats! Our goal is to create an outdoor living environment that meets your exact vision using the latest building materials available at all times. No matter what, our team wants to exceed your expectations!

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If you’re looking for a wonderful outdoor oasis and Lebanese backyard upgrade, there’s no better way than investing in an inground pool. Built by Premier Pools & Spas, Gunite swimming pools offer the best in both style and function.

A gunite pool is one of the most popular indoor swimming pool options on the market today. The distinct advantages of getting a gunite swimming or spa pool are that homeowners can always get what they want in terms of size, shape, design features, and more.

Fiberglass Pools In Las Vegas

Premier Pools & Spas builds custom in-ground pools designed to your vision and combines over 30 years of experience as America’s #1 pool builder.

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Before creating a plan for your situation, our team will consider everything from your location’s soil type to floor height, then work closely with you to ensure the type of investment you’re planning is right for you and its potential future. Please review. Prepaid Maintenance.

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