Don’t Wait Outside My Hotel Room

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Don’t Wait Outside My Hotel Room – These common mistakes can turn your dream vacation into a travel nightmare. Travel experts share the biggest no-nos about hotels.

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Don’t Wait Outside My Hotel Room

Don't Wait Outside My Hotel Room

Now more than ever, travelers need to know the dos and don’ts of staying at a hotel. According to the CDC, the safest thing to do is to avoid hotels during a disaster — but if you want to travel, or just have to, there are a few things you can do to make sure your stay is safe. as smooth and safe as possible. na. Regardless, you should (or shouldn’t) do some of these things, but especially during COVID-19, it’s good to follow these rules. Your health and your wallet will thank you! Next, review the 22 things you should never do on a plane to ensure your flight is as safe as possible.

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This tip applies to all areas of the hotel room, especially the bathroom. “Near the toilet, lay a towel on the floor so that your feet do not come into contact with the area where urine or other bacteria can accumulate during the stay of many guests,” advises founder and CEO Alex Miller Developments.

For the top you really need to touch up? Robert M. Hebeler, a professor of hospitality and business at Rollins College recommends “Ask the hotel to apply disinfectant and wipe down all the doorknobs, TV sets, faucets, even the bright devices.” “The things that are touched the most in a hotel room tend to be the dirtiest.” Many hotels now provide guests with cleaning cloths to check their room upon arrival. This is how professional cleaners judge whether a hotel room has clean or not.

If you’re staying in a multi-story hotel, chances are at least one person will be in the elevator by the time you get on. While this is not usually a threat (except perhaps for those who are claustrophobic), during COVID-19, it is better to avoid it. “It’s better to use the elevator alone,” says Natasha Bhuyan, MD, of Medical One. “It can be scary at first, but if someone is already in the elevator, it’s comfortable to ‘pass’ the elevator and get on the next one.” Also, while hotels should clean the elevator button regularly, use a clean tissue to press the button and throw it in the trash. A healthier option? Unless you’re on a high floor, skip the elevator and take the stairs. It’s good for the immune system and good for the feet! That’s why you should think twice before sitting in a hotel chair, too.

Although the CDC says both chlorine and bromine can kill COVID-19, it’s best to avoid hotel pools and other places where vacationers congregate. “Hotels and resorts are seeing a lot of guests coming and going,” says Leann Poston, MD, of Invigor Medical. Even after the coronavirus, “there are gastrointestinal diseases, which can be spread when sick guests choose to swim in the pool or when parents allow their children to wear diapers in the pool.” So, don’t go swimming – and don’t go. Hotel gyms, especially if you live in a COVID-19 area. But fear not: That doesn’t mean you can’t find other ways to get a good workout. “Think of running or exercising outside as an opportunity to explore while staying away from crowds and not touching shared spaces,” says Dr. Bhuyan.

The Best Time To Book A Hotel Room In 2021 For Cheaper Rates

Aside from COVID, it’s not polite at all – you could end up with unnecessary charges on your account. Ryazan Tristram, photographer and travel writer. He said that it was not good.” You may be charged extra or even fined for importing expensive items, including linens, textiles and electronics. If you’re not sure what to take with you, follow this list of 6 things you can’t take from the hotel and 4 things you can.

Accidents happen from time to time, but destroying something in a room and hiding it can harm the staff or future guests. These days, no one needs to add more security risks to their hotel room. Matthew, founder of The Travel Blogs, said that a guest once cut his leg on a piece of glass. “[The glass] is easy to spot, even if you know it’s there, so while cleaning the room, the housekeeper misses a piece,” he said. “We ended up spending the night with the man in the hotel because a previous guest did not inform the team that he had broken a glass in his room.”

You’ll want to avoid crowded dining, but consider offering takeout or room service instead of bringing in your own chef. “We always like to save money when we travel,” Tristram said. “Some guests bring portable kitchenware with them during their stay, which can cause problems, especially if the hotel room does not have a kitchen.” The item could set off the hotel’s fire alarm or start a fire. If you want to bring your own food to save a few bucks, stop cooking. In addition to preventing hotel room fires, here are 22 tips to keep your hotel as safe and healthy as possible.

Don't Wait Outside My Hotel Room

During COVID, most hotels only provide care before and after guests stay, but it’s good to “play it safe” when it comes to valuables. Most hotel rooms offer easy storage, so you can take advantage of them: The Farmers Insurance Association says don’t leave jewelry, purses, or valuables in your room unless it’s represented in the hotel safe. Your homeowner’s or renter’s policy can secure your belongings while you’re away, so be sure to report anything lost or stolen as soon as possible. Check out some really amazing things people have stolen from hotels.

With Covid 19, Waiting In Line Is Unsafe

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a steamy shower in a hotel, but be aware of what can happen if the steam enters your room. “A hot shower in a hotel creates a lot of steam, so if you leave the bathroom door open, you can set off the hotel’s fire alarm system in your bedroom,” Tristram said. masks for other guests at the party. In addition, some hotels allow COVID-positive guests to stay on the premises, adding to the problem.

Some hotels still allow smokers to smoke in their rooms. Still, some guests insist on smoking in non-smoking rooms. Bryony Summer, owner and editor of the website Coasting Australia, says the biggest problem: guests who do this are shutting off smoke alarms so they can smoke in bed, putting them and all other guests’ safety at risk. Smoking outside in designated areas, especially if you are staying in a non-smoking room.

Even the best hotel and housekeepers can’t prevent intruders from entering the bedroom. Mitch Krayton of Krayton Travel says: “I always advise travelers to put their luggage in the bathtub before checking the bed to get confidence.” Also, in the age of COVID, ask your hotel to find out if there is any unwashed bedding between guests; that way, you can make sure that you avoid anything that many people use. Before COVID, “bed tiles were cleaned (if needed),” Hebeler said. Most hotels these days use duvets instead of comforters to wash between guests. It is important, though, to ask the hotel about their cleaning procedures for bedding.

Besides sheets and comfort, other soft things in hotel rooms are also worrying. Kashlee Kucheran, seasoned traveler and co-founder of Travel Off Path says “If you notice throw pillows on your bed or sofas that don’t have removable arms, you can be sure [they’re] not properly cleaned. not.” “The hotels replace them after they are dirty or smelly enough to be disgusting. At the moment, you can bet that there are a lot of faces, butts and other things lying on these pillows, to so stay out of the way!”

Hotel Booking Mistakes (and How To Avoid Them)

Today, hotels are removing many of these interesting items from rooms to help prevent the spread of germs. But you can never be too careful, so if you see pillows, don’t use them. Also, if you want to be careful with your teenagers, bring your own.


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