Does Ubereats Deliver To Hotel Room

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Does Ubereats Deliver To Hotel Room – So you stay in a hotel, but you don’t quite feel the hotel’s restaurant or room service.

Or maybe you’ve skipped the continental breakfast and are looking for some local cuisine to enjoy, but you don’t want to go out.

Does Ubereats Deliver To Hotel Room

Does Ubereats Deliver To Hotel Room

Well, I have some good news for you, but also some important tips that you need to know about. Continue reading below to find out everything you need to consider when ordering food delivery at a hotel.

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Yes, you can usually order food from DoorDash, UberEats, GrubHub and many others when you stay at a hotel.

But it’s the hotel’s food delivery policy you should be concerned about – not the food delivery service.

Please note that a minority of hotels may have a “no outside food policy” and may not allow food delivery.

Plus, it can be a challenge to have food delivered directly to your hotel room in certain settings, so it’s often a good idea to hang out in the lobby when your driver arrives and get your food there.

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There are many tips that will help you avoid frustrating scenarios and keep reading below for more of them!

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It is very common to be able to find promo codes that can save you money on your food delivery orders. These are the little codes like “EATS20” that you enter right before you select the final order button in the app.

Does Ubereats Deliver To Hotel Room

Whether you use DoorDash, Uber Eats, or GrubHub, these can often be found year-round. Many times they are targeted, so it will take some trial and error to find code that works, but when they do, you can save a good amount of money.

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In addition to promo codes, you can also sometimes earn extra points when you get food delivered at hotels.

For example, Marriott and UberEats have a special partnership that allows you to earn 6X Marriott Bonvoy points per stay. dollars spent on Uber Eats deliveries to hotels operating under Marriottbrands in the United States with a basket of at least $25.

Hotels may not allow delivery drivers to deliver food to the hotel if they have a “no outside food policy”.

For example, Hotel Zaza, a famous luxury brand in Houston, has a policy that says no food is allowed from outside sources.

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They even reserve the right to confiscate the food, refuse the deliveries and cancel your reservation! A little crazy.

I’ve stayed in many hotels over the last few years and I’ve never experienced this, so I think this would only happen in a small minority of hotels that are overprotective of their on-site restaurants.

A more common limitation is that some hotels will not allow food delivery people to deliver food directly to your room door.

Does Ubereats Deliver To Hotel Room

Instead, they may have a special lane in which delivery drivers can temporarily park, or a policy that requires them to deliver the food to the lobby.

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For example, a table can be selected near the check-in desk where food deliveries are dropped off.

It seems that “fancy” hotels or those found in places like Disney World or Universal Studios may be more likely to have policies like this.

This is more of a security issue and the properties are only trying to protect their guests, which is understandable.

So before placing your order, call the front desk and ask about any delivery policies they have to save you potential problems later.

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If given the option, you will choose the correct delivery method for the particular hotel you are staying at.

You want to consider the hotel rules for delivery, but also other factors like what the parking situation is like.

If there is almost no parking outside the facility and you ask the delivery driver to come to your room, it can be a bit difficult.

Does Ubereats Deliver To Hotel Room

Many delivery drivers can simply park temporarily in the portes-cochères (hotel driveway) and enter the hotel, so this is not always a real problem.

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But remember, some hotels are very busy during rush hour and there may not even be room to enter

Also, if the hotel requires some kind of key card to enter, that will obviously make things difficult for a food delivery person.

Although most hotels are easier to deliver than apartments, most delivery people will probably prefer to meet you in the lobby or portes-cochères.

This means that the ideal scenario would be for them to drop off the meal at the front and then alert you that the food has been delivered.

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Perhaps the most important thing to do when delivering food to your hotel is to provide clear notes or delivery instructions.

Enter the name of the hotel so that the delivery person has no doubts about the destination.

Some neighboring hotels may have similar names such as “Holiday Inn” vs “Holiday Inn Express”, so be sure to be as specific as possible.

Does Ubereats Deliver To Hotel Room

Beware of dual brands (hotels with two names) as they can also be confusing for delivery drivers.

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Putting your name in the notes can make things a little easier, especially if you mess up the room.

If you expect the delivery person to bring the food directly to your room, be sure to include your room number.

It helps to include additional details like the floor, and if the hotel is a little confusing to navigate, you can add some directions on which way to turn, assuming you can explain it.

It will be extra helpful if you can include directions like, “Take a right out of the elevator and I’ll be at the end of the hall.”

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If you plan to meet the driver outside or in the lobby, you can tell them something like “I’m wearing a red shirt.”

Ask the driver to send a text when they arrive so they can easily resolve if any issues arise.

You’ll find that each food delivery service has slightly different options, so just try to work with what you can in terms of delivery details.

Does Ubereats Deliver To Hotel Room

For example, check out the Uber Eats addresses below. You can easily enter a room number, hotel name, delivery option, directions and even a tag like “hotel”.

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DoorDash also allows you to enter your delivery preferences so you can choose whether to have them deliver it to you or leave it at your door. You can also give delivery instructions, such as asking the driver to ring the doorbell after they deliver your food, or call or text you.

GrubHub also gives you many options for choosing the type of delivery. You can provide detailed notes and also choose how you want your delivery, such as at your front door, outside the building, in the lobby, etc.

While there are definitely hotel deliveries happening all the time, it’s just worth noting that the menu options don’t exactly cater directly to hotels.

Sometimes you have the option to choose your tip at checkout instead of choosing your tip later. Delivery drivers for services like GrubHub may see the tip when they accept the order.

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If you ask them to deliver to your hotel room and they see you offer a sweet tip, they may be less willing to push back on delivering the food to your door.

You can also mention that you are a good pitcher in the notes of your order to send the same signal. 😉

If possible, pay attention to the status of your delivery. Note the time the delivery starts so you can get your own ETA.

Does Ubereats Deliver To Hotel Room

If you’re in a big hotel and up on a high floor, get to the elevators early because sometimes they can be slow, especially if some are messy.

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I’ve had a driver deliver something to my room before and not complete the order or let me know it was delivered. So it just sat there for a good 15 to 20 minutes until it was almost destroyed.

Simply report that there is a problem with your order if this ever happens and you may be able to get a refund.

Another thing to keep in mind is that restaurants that partner with food delivery services are often right next door to your hotel.

Don’t get caught thinking you need a food delivery service when you could just walk or drive a few minutes to a nearby restaurant and potentially save on delivery fees.

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In concentrated cities like New York and San Francisco, this is usually fairly easy to do. But you can also do this in almost any downtown area of ​​a major city like Houston, Chicago, etc.

You will provide the hotel name, room number and clear instructions asking a delivery driver to place the food at your door and

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