Do Flight Attendants Get Their Own Hotel Room

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Do Flight Attendants Get Their Own Hotel Room – As far as crazy cost cutting rumors go, this has to be one of the best. As a flight attendant myself, I’m always amazed by the number of friends, family and passengers who ask if cabin crew are expected to share a hotel room with a colleague.

The answer, of course, is no! I’m an adult, and there’s no way you can get me to share my personal space with someone who might as well be a stranger. This especially happens after a long flight and you need time to rest. I couldn’t even imagine what the logistics of sharing a hotel room with another member of the room staff would be like.

Do Flight Attendants Get Their Own Hotel Room

Do Flight Attendants Get Their Own Hotel Room

And it’s not just luxury airlines where cabin crew should expect to enjoy the privacy of their hotel rooms. One flight attendant per hotel room is the industry standard. But this popular, premium carrier is clearly looking to turn that rule on its head.

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Dubai-based Emirates, known for its premium services – such as the recently relaunched First Class Suites – is rumored to be trying out new cost-cutting measures that would force cabin crew to share hotel rooms. Will do The trial is said to have started a few weeks ago.

Emirates is believed to be currently operating the shared cabin project on two North American routes – Dubai to Washington DC and Dubai to San Francisco. Interestingly, Washington is only 24 hours short which may make the experience at least somewhat bearable. But the flight time from Dubai to San Francisco is so long, the crew usually gets a long break.

Emirati cabin crew have traditionally enjoyed impressive perks, but can now be expected to share hotel accommodation with colleagues. Image credits: Emirates

There were rumors that the flight crew were armed but Emirates quickly denied that any such test was taking place. In a statement, a spokesperson for the airline explained: “Emirates can confirm that the rumors are not true”.

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It is understood that for the time being at least, the trial will only affect the ‘small’ cabin crew who work in economy cabins. It is not known how long the trial is expected to continue or what its outcome will be.

While it may sound like a ‘game changer’, the prospect of employees sharing cabins at Emirates is not entirely new. The airline’s cabin service attendants – the dedicated cabin crew who maintain first class and sport showers on the Airbus A380 – have been known to share a room with other CSAs. So it would just be an extension of that policy.

Of course, Emirates offers shared accommodation for its cabin crew with 2-3 crew members sharing an apartment. However, these homes typically have separate bedrooms and bathrooms, with only a living area and kitchen.

Do Flight Attendants Get Their Own Hotel Room

We do not know whether Emirates plans to buy standard hotel rooms or suite-style accommodation to make the arrangement more livable. Having said this, there is even a lot of ‘galley talk’ suggesting that the company wants employees to have friends and family on their domestic flights to avoid paying for any hotel accommodation. stay with

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This rumor seems to be in stark contrast to the airline we know and love. Traditionally, we have found Emirates to be a very generous airline when it comes to employee salaries. Of course, the aircraft’s economic condition has driven costs down despite the high level of investment, which includes an order for 40 Boeing 787 Dreamliners at $15.1 million each.

In the first half of the year, Emirates reported a 111% increase in profits – the company said it was helped by “improved seat loads, tighter controls on capacity distribution, and stronger payments in Emirates’ key markets” against the US dollar. It seems, if true, Emirates is still unwilling to take any risk with its financial position.

Mateusz Maszczynski honed his career as an international flight attendant for the most famous airline in the Middle East and flying for a well-known European airline during the COVID-19 crisis. Matt is passionate about the aviation industry and has become an expert in passenger experience and human-centered storytelling. Matt’s industry insight, analysis and news coverage is always trusted by some of the biggest names in journalism, keeping him grounded. coffee Tea or Me? A lot has changed since the 1960 baseball book of that title, which allegedly spilled the beans about charm, to flight attendants (or agents at the time). Here are five myths about flight attendants we’d be glad to dispel before your next flight.

The fact is that “there aren’t a lot of parties in airport hotels. That’s where we usually sleep because the lights are so dim,” said Heather Poole, 18, author and author of Cruising Attitude: 30,000 Tales of crashpads, crew drama and crazy passengers at Ft. Poole said that most of his sessions last between 8 and 10 hours, and anything over 12 hours is considered a long layover, adding that “I don’t have time to eat, sleep or shower.”

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Only top flight attendants get dream trips with long haul flights to destinations like London, Paris and Buenos Aires. The trend these days is to have food in your hotel room, which also has a nickname.

“It’s called ‘slam clicking,'” said flight attendant Sergeant Keegle, who has been flying for 20 years and writes for The Flying Pinto blog.

“We call them knockers because when they go to staff hotels, they knock on their hotel doors and immediately lock them.”

Do Flight Attendants Get Their Own Hotel Room

You can hardly blame flight attendants for having a pulse, given the workload and family and personal responsibilities. For example, Kari Walsh, who has worked for an airline for 22 years, values ​​alone time and says, “Where do I get the chance as a mother of two to be alone in a hotel room? “

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That said, workers still get together but these officials say there are usually no big parties. Flight attendants are subject to random alcohol testing, just like pilots.

“If you see me at airport hotel bars with my friends, it’s probably because the hotel offers discounts to employees,” Poole said. “I can have Diet Coke for the rest of the day and whatever’s left of first class.”

Keep your money in your wallet. The fact is that airlines do not allow flight attendants to accept tips.

“I always cringe when someone gives me advice,” says Poole. “It’s nice to be thanked. But I never take it for granted. I appreciate it and give it back. But if someone knocks me off my hat or doesn’t take no for an answer, then not accepting it is a Kind of rude.” it is. ,

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Most flight attendants will politely decline the tip and, in general, tipping on flights to Las Vegas is high, Kegel and most coaches said. But besides some extra bills, Walsh pointed out that there’s a new way to reward flight attendants for exceptional service and that’s on Twitter.

“Someone recently tweeted thanking us for having enough granola bars to hand out to Ground Retard,” she said.

Ask a seasoned flight attendant and job flexibility is often the number one reason they love their jobs, especially if they have families. Everyone loves a free ride, but times have changed and it’s not as “free” as you might think. Flights are often so full that there are hardly any open seats. Most flight attendants say they can forget to travel on holidays and weekends.

Do Flight Attendants Get Their Own Hotel Room

“Free travel is great, but these days, that means trying to fit my family of four onto a packed plane,” says Walsh.

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Solo flight attendants who have the freedom of their schedule and those with preschool children who are not within the school system are most likely to enjoy this benefit. “I really wanted the thrill of travel, and I flew internationally for 10 years. My 7-year-old was in lots of places like London and Paris, especially during the holidays,” says Keegle.

The main role of flight attendant is to protect the passengers and take them from point A to point B. Serving snacks and drinks is further down the list of responsibilities. Poole said that a waiter or waitress has one job, which is to serve food. On the other hand, “I’m expected to wait tables for 160 ‘seats.’ At the same time I attend to my primary duty of safety and security of the flight, if something goes wrong at 30,000 feet, it’s just me.” And my coworkers. , I can’t just downstairs and open the bed. Leave it.”

Walsh said the most common occurrence for flight attendants is medical emergencies, particularly for missing passengers. can be a doctor, nurse or EMT

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