Diploma Pengurusan Hotel Uitm

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Diploma Pengurusan Hotel Uitm – Tourism Management Diploma Admission Requirements and Graduate Job Opportunities in Malaysia. UITM branches in Melaka, Sarawak and Shah Alam are among the UITM campuses that offer Diploma in Tourism courses in Malaysia. UITM is one of the universities and colleges that offers Diploma in Tourism Management as this course offers many job opportunities for graduates in Malaysia and abroad.

We have previously published information about UiTM Enrollment and job opportunities for Culinary Arts Diploma students in UiTM. This time we will share information about the admission requirements for UITM Diploma in Tourism Management and job opportunities for graduates of this course after graduation.

Diploma Pengurusan Hotel Uitm

Diploma Pengurusan Hotel Uitm

Perhaps many people do not know, so there are students who feel that any course in tourism is a field without good future with limited or small job opportunities. In fact, this approach is wrong, because in some countries, especially in developed countries, the tourism industry is the largest contributor to the economic development of the country, with numerous and extensive employment opportunities, and a large pool of people with skills and knowledge. is more work than Field.

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For your clarification, the word ‘Tourism’ or ‘Tourism’ in English is derived from the Latin word ‘torner’ and the Greek word ‘tornos’ which refers to the meaning of motion in the form of a circle. Today, Adalah tourism refers to the temporary movement of a person from one place to another, not in a circle.

In general, tourism activities are often considered a life of luxury as only a few people who have the time and money are able to do so. However, this situation is rapidly changing with the development of lifestyle and increase in the amount of income (income) and the cost of flights or transportation has become affordable as the competition in the aviation industry makes it affordable and affordable for all groups.

The development of IT makes tourism more and more popular due to information sharing about places and destinations of interest, online hotel and transport booking etc.

In the case of Malaysia, tourism remains a major source of foreign exchange which contributes to economic growth, investment and employment. The development of the tourism sector in Malaysia is influenced by the major changes and prospects of the tourism industry in the future. Since the tourism industry is now a source of income for the country, an integrated approach has been implemented in the planning and implementation of a sustainable tourism industry (Nurulashila Khalid, 2006) -tourismahmadzamane.wordpress.com

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In the context of Malaysia, the tourism industry is taking off on a massive scale and is growing rapidly. We are looking for skilled and trained workforce for the growing and thriving tourism sector of Malaysia.

During the full 2 ​​1/2 years of study, graduates will study a variety of tourism-related courses such as management, marketing and computer use. In Semester 6, students are expected to undergo industrial training for 18 weeks to acquaint them with the real world of work.

It is a three-year programme, designed to provide basic skills and knowledge of the overall tourism industry. Special emphasis is placed on the major operations of the travel industry. The faculty is equipped with abacus training facilities. Graduates of this program may choose to start a career in the tourism industry or pursue a degree program in a related field or other fields.

Diploma Pengurusan Hotel Uitm

Students who have successfully completed their Diploma course have the opportunity to continue their studies up to degree level in local and foreign universities. This diploma program also provides job opportunities in government or private tourism sector such as government tourism councils, travel agencies, hotel and resort management, event planning, exhibition and convention and entertainment management.

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Following are the eligibility requirements for UITM Diploma in Tourism Management for the guidance of the students who are interested in pursuing the programme. The admission requirements for the UITM Diploma in Tourism Management include 3 options. Please refer to the list below.

Pass SPM/SPMV with 5 credits including BM, BI (Grade B), MT/Additional MT and any two (2) subjects

The study period completed by the students of Diploma in Tourism Management at UiTM is one semester. Students are required to enter Industrial Training (LI) in Semester 5 in order to gain work experience and meet the requirements for graduation with the Diploma in Tourism Management.

Students of this course will be taught semester-by-semester high quality courses related to this profession to produce graduates who can work in this field after completing their studies.

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What are the job opportunities for graduates of Diploma in Tourism Management at UiTM? This question is certainly one that is often asked by students. As mentioned earlier, the job opportunities for the graduates of this course are very wide and limitless.

Corresponding to the booming tourism industry in Malaysia, there are more jobs than there are skilled and knowledgeable people in this sector.

Graduates of Diploma in Tourism Management at UiTM can work in the government or private sector as employees in the following employment sectors:

Diploma Pengurusan Hotel Uitm

Owing to the wide range of employment opportunities, there is no reason why students should not be interested in taking up Diploma in Tourism Management course at UITM. Also, graduates in this field are also open to apply for public sector service.

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If you meet the entry requirements for the Diploma in Tourism at UiTM and wish to register, you can register directly using UiTM’s online registration system.

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