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Cat Hotel – The holidays are upon us, and many of you have planned, or are planning a trip abroad! It could be an essential business trip, a family trip, or a much-needed personal vacation. Some cat owners believe it’s best to leave their cats home alone for a day or two, but trust us when we say they wouldn’t be wrong.

Unlike canine companions, cats may not need to be walked. But they still need fresh food and water daily, as well as a clean litter box. Also, it still is

Cat Hotel

Cat Hotel

Leave your cat unattended for hours. Although you may think you’ve cat-proofed your home, it’s still possible that your feline friend could get into a lot of mischief while you’re away. Electrical failures, minor medical problems or accidental injuries from playing with something as harmless as a rubber band. And while the chances of something dangerous happening are slim, it’s a risk we shouldn’t take.

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Cats are regular animals. You may notice that your cat instinctively knows when you will come home, and when to eat. If there’s one thing that makes your cat unhappy, it’s interfering with its activity. Boarding your cat means your pet will be in the hands of a trusted cat whisperer at the Cat Hotel, where we pride ourselves on keeping our bedrooms clean and pleasant for our beloved guests. Most cat owners will consider hiring a cat sitter, as long as it is familiar with your cat, it is highly likely that your cat’s anxiety level will increase with the presence of a complete stranger, as well as disrupting the normal routine at home.

While it’s true that cat boarding is convenient and your cat will be cared for in your absence, there are things you should do before staying with your cat to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Many cats have never left their home before, save for the occasional unpleasant vet visit. Before confirming a reservation at your favorite cat hotel, consider having your cat stay there a few days before the actual stay, so that when the time comes they feel in a familiar environment.

Do you know? The Cat Hotel allows you to bring your cat in person, how they enjoy our comfortable space. This saves you the extra cost of sending your cat for testing! A tour of the cat boarding facility is highly recommended before confirming your reservation. This allows you to understand the operations of the facility, meet their caregivers and clarify what boarding entails. There are 3 stores to choose from – King Albert Park, Central (Kampong Bahru) and Jalan Kayu.

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Ideally, your cat’s accommodation should be finalized and confirmed at least one week before arrival. Cat boarding hotels fill up quickly during peak travel times, and may not be able to accommodate last minute bookings. Booking in advance gives you enough time to prepare for your cat’s stay, and ensure that the necessary measures are taken to ensure the cat is healthy and happy.

Another common requirement for boarding cats is to be spayed if they are older than 8 months. Although unneutered cats pose no real threat, they can prove to be a nuisance by herding, marking and starting fights with other cats. It is stressful for your cat and their living space may not be clean if they choose to mark their territory by spraying.

At least one week before bringing your cat, make sure to visit the vet. Most boarding facilities will ask your cat to update its vaccinations to ensure it is protected against deadly feline viruses. The most common vaccination for cats in Singapore is the FVCRP shot.

Cat Hotel

Some shelters, such as cat hotels, are happy to accept cats that have passed a titer test. The Titer test ensures that your cat has sufficient immunity to the disease, and that your cat does not need a booster shot for vaccination, showing fear of over-vaccination.

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Before your cat settles in, take the time to prepare his food supply. Remember not to change the food – not only do you risk your cat rejecting your food, it also puts more stress on the cat and causes gastrointestinal problems due to diarrhea.

A mistake many owners make is to believe that feeding the cat food left in the cat’s normal bag is sufficient. This can prove to be a payoff when your cat’s food is gone halfway through your trip. At Cat Hotel, we require all cat owners to distribute, label and bag each cat’s food. This ensures that we can keep your cat’s feeding schedule and portions accurate, and will also give you a good measure of whether your cat is getting enough food.

Do you know? If your cat runs out of food while staying with us, you can purchase your cat’s supplies at our partner online pet store, Necojam in Singapore. Your cat’s equipment will then be delivered directly to our hotel within 1-3 business days.

Since your cat will be in a new environment, it’s important to try and help them feel at home. After visiting your chosen cat boarding hotel, take some photos of the cat area. you will stay Give your cat some toys to play with – Wand toys are popular in cat hotels because they make us. Cat Whisperers An opportunity to interact with your cat in a positive way. If your cat does not like to play with us, we ask that you bring a brush that we can use to groom them. Including a clean blanket or clothing item is essential. Not only does this help keep your cat warm, it also provides relief from your odor.

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When taking your cat on a plane, don’t forget to bring vaccinations, sterilization and medical records. These documents are necessary to help the cat boarding facility of choice verify that your cat meets the requirements for housing. This will help the staff stay in touch with your regular vet if a visit is necessary, with full access to important information about your cat. No cages or kennels, full height cat suites designed with our guests’ comfort in mind. inside the mind

Choose from two types of our cat suits; The City View Suite offers a large private window with an unobstructed view of the street outside and a perch so your purr can enjoy the scenery in private comfort, or our Serene View Suite, full height and spacious with views of Central Pur, our. Cat play area. Each package is 3ft x 5ft in size; Full height, with shelves, perches and ventilation. Daily housekeeping, meal service and playtime are standard. Cuddles and extra TLC are always free!

The City View Cat Suite has large windows (the entire back wall) giving our guests an unobstructed view of the city. Your little Purr will spend the day in the sun in our big, wide, tall enclosure. Each has a cat shelter, a quiet corner and a climbing area for the comfort of all furry guests.

Cat Hotel

Our Serene View Cat Suite has a large full-height enclosure with a window view of our cat play area, Central Purr. Each suite has a cat shelf, a quiet corner and a climbing area for the comfort of each loving guest.

Bury, Bamford & Rochdale’s Most Trusted Cat Hotel

* Except for cats that showed signs of stress when out in the general area and we had a hard time getting them to their place when it was time.

Except for the monthly rate, the price is per night, applicable taxes and fees are extra

Each suite can accommodate up to 2 guests from the same family/families. Cats must coexist peacefully in space. Additional second cat is $20 per night

*Additional $10 per night for all B.C. State holidays and long weekends (4 days), 3 night minimum stay

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** Summer bookings (December 10 to January 5), min. 5-night stay for bookings on December 24, 25, 31 and January 1, December 24-26 and December 31, January 1 with no check-in/check-out.

**** MONTHLY RATE IS PER CAT PER MONTH, APPLICABLE TAXES AND FEES ARE EXTRA, MONTHLY RATE IS NOT APPLICABLE FOR ANY DAY ONLY AT HIGH SEASON LUXURY BOUTIQUE HOTEL. There are also luxury options with pets! Luxury boutique hotels for pets are popping up everywhere. Pet hotels offering single rooms, spa rooms and spa services can be found in the best neighborhoods. Have pets

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