Can You Stay In A Hotel At 18

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Can You Stay In A Hotel At 18 – The couple will be entitled to 18 years of free stays at the Canadian hotel chain after becoming pregnant earlier this year.

Nicole and Alexander Beshinsky of Kelowna, Canada have won Hotel Zed’s Nooner Baby Maker Valentine’s Day promotion, which means they can stay free anywhere in the chain every Valentine’s Day until 2038.

Can You Stay In A Hotel At 18

Can You Stay In A Hotel At 18

Hotel Zed in British Columbia announced its Nooner Baby Maker event earlier this year, inviting couples to spend four hours on Valentine’s Day at one of the hotel’s three locations.

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After about nine months, couples who receive a baby in the family will be entitled to 18 years of free residence.

Nicole and Alexander Beshinsky won Hotel Zed’s Nooner Baby Maker promotion from Valentine’s Day. The couple is pregnant with their second child. His eldest son was photographed together. (Courtesy of Zed Hotel)

On Monday, Hotel Zed announced that the Beshinsky family had won the promotion. Nicole is pregnant and expecting to give birth to her second child “anytime now,” the hotel’s announcement said.

“We are so happy for Nicole and Alex,” said Mandy Farmer, President and CEO of Hotel Zed. “We made Noon a Valentine’s Day to remember and we think it will be a Valentine’s Day Nicole will never forget. We look forward to welcoming her back for the next 18 years!”

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Hotel Zed also set up a mother-to-be photo shoot with the family to celebrate the pregnancy – which Nicole couldn’t arrange due to “the chaos of 2020”.

The couple will be allowed to stay at the Zed hotel for free on Valentine’s Day for the next 18 years. (Courtesy of Zed Hotel)

“This photoshoot allowed me to let go of my mommy guilt,” Nicole said in a statement. “I finally have a chance to share and celebrate this pregnancy the right way.”

Can You Stay In A Hotel At 18

Hotel Zed has three locations where the Beshinsky family can stay for the next 18 Valentines, one in Victoria, one in Kelowna and one in Tofino. These common mistakes can turn your dream vacation into a travel nightmare. Travel experts share the biggest hotel no-no.

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Now more than ever, travelers need to know how to stay in hotels. According to the CDC, it’s safest to avoid hotels during a pandemic — but if you want to travel or don’t need to, there are a few things you can do to keep yourself smooth and safe. Some of these may need to be done (or not done), but it’s best to follow these guidelines, especially in the age of COVID-19. Your health and wallet will thank you! Then take a closer look at the 22 things not to do on a plane that will make your flight the safest.

This tip applies to all areas of the hotel room, but especially to the bathroom. “Next to the toilet, put a towel on the floor so that your feet do not touch the place where urine or other bacteria can collect when there are many guests in the room,” says Alex Miller, founder and CEO. Updated score.

And touch up to the surface? “Ask the hotel for disinfectant wipes and remove all doorknobs, TV remotes, faucets, and even light switches,” advises Robert M. Hebeler, professor of hospitality and business at Rollins College. “The most ‘touched’ items in a hotel room are often the dirtiest.” Many hotels now provide disinfectant wipes for guests to hand to their room upon arrival. This is how cleaning professionals can determine the cleanliness of a hotel room.

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If you’re staying at a high-end hotel, at least one person will be in the elevator when you’re ready to check out. While this is usually not a risk (except maybe for people with claustrophobia), it’s best to avoid it during COVID-19. “It’s best to use the elevator yourself,” says Natasha Bhuyan, MD, One Medical. “It might be a little awkward at first, but if there’s someone in the elevator, make yourself comfortable and move on to the next one.” Also, even if the hotel should clean the elevator buttons often, use a clean tissue to press the button and then throw it in the trash. A healthier option? If you’re not on a high floor, skip the elevator altogether and take the stairs. It’s good for your immune system and your feet! Therefore, think twice before settling into a hotel chair.

While the CDC notes that chlorine and bromine kill COVID-19, it’s still wise to avoid hotel pools and other places where travelers may congregate. “Hotel pools and spas have a lot of guests coming in and out,” says Dr Leanne Poston of Invigor Medical. In addition to the coronavirus, “there are gastrointestinal infections that spread when sick guests choose to swim in the pool or when parents allow their children to wear diapers in the pool.” So skip the shower and skip the hotel gym, especially if you’re staying in a COVID-19 hotspot. But fear not: that doesn’t mean you can’t find other ways to get good exercise. “Use walking or outdoor sports as an opportunity to learn about social distancing and positioning without touching public surfaces,” said Dr. Bhuyan.

Apart from COVID, it’s rude – and you may end up with inappropriate charges on your account. “Sometimes guests take essential amenities provided by the hotel during their stay, such as shampoo, lotion, and other cosmetics,” says Ryazan Tristram, photographer and travel blogger for “However, people sometimes bring robes home, which is a no-no.” You may be charged additional fees or even fined for taking more valuable items, including linens, artwork, and electronics. If you are not sure what to take with you, follow this list of 6 things you can’t take from the hotel and 4 things you can.

Can You Stay In A Hotel At 18

Accidents happen, but damaging things in your room and keeping them a secret can harm your staff or future guests. Now, no one needs additional security risks in their hotel rooms. Matthew, founder of The Travel Blogs, said that one day a guest cut his leg on a glass container. “[The glass] is very yes, even though you know it’s there, so even if the room is cleaned, there’s a piece that the housekeeper missed,” he said. “We spent the night of the man in the hotel because the previous guest did not inform the team that the glass had been broken in the room.”

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You may want to avoid crowded restaurants, but consider contactless takeout or room service instead of bringing your own kitchen utensils. “We always want to save money when we travel,” Tristram said. “Some guests bring portable kitchen equipment during their stay, and this can cause some problems, especially if the hotel room does not have a kitchen.” These cooking appliances can set off the hotel’s fire alarm system or cause an actual fire. If you want to bring your own food to save a few dollars, stick to uncooked food. In addition to preventing hotel room fires, here are 22 other tips to stay safe and sound in your hotel.

In the era of COVID, many hotels only perform housekeeping before and after the arrival of guests, but it is better to be “on the safe side” when it comes to valuables. Most hotel rooms provide a convenient safe, so you can also benefit: Do not leave valuable jewelry, purses or wallets in the room unless they are in the hotel-provided safe, said Petani Insurance Group. representative. Your homeowner’s or renter’s policy may not cover your belongings while you’re traveling, so it’s important to report lost or stolen items as soon as possible. Check out some of the strange things people have stolen from hotels.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a steam bath in your hotel room, but be careful what the steam can do if it gets into your room. “A hot hotel shower can create a lot of steam, and as a result, leaving the bathroom door open can set off the hotel’s fire alarm system in the bedroom,” says Tristram. You certainly don’t want to rush through the corridors and gather with guests who haven’t had time to ask for a mask. In addition, some hotels allow COVID-positive guests to stay on the premises, which adds to the problem.

Some hotels

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