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What are your travel pain points? Traffic on the road? Delayed flights at the airport? Rainy days on your beach vacation?

Can You Ship Things To Hotels

Can You Ship Things To Hotels

Sometimes it’s your fault. You are late. Or you only visit the place during its peak season. Regardless of the reason, it’s very frustrating when you try to make a hotel reservation and you get a “no room available” reservation message.

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But you don’t have to give up and walk away. There is still a chance you can get a hotel room if the resort is sold out. With these hacks and tips from hotel managers and travel experts (plus a little luck), you can get that coveted room!

If you try, you might be rewarded with a comfortable hotel room. Photo: Kathy Bennett Kopf

Are you like me? I choose my days off when the calendar goes up in my office. This is how I make the most of my vacation time. By extending the weekend to 3 days I can extend my holidays. My coworkers complain behind my back, but that’s a privilege I get as a senior employee.

And I know to book my flights at least 3 months in advance to get the best deal on tickets. Where I usually fail to plan my vacation is hotel rooms. For some reason, I tend to delay booking a room.

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When I go to a place like New York or Los Angeles, where there are tons of big hotels, it’s not a big problem. But when I go to a place that has ONE resort as a place to stay, it’s very frustrating to find out there are no rooms available. More than once, I found myself having to stay in a less-than-ideal place because of it.

Sound familiar? Read on to see how I managed to book a sold-out hotel in the past so you can avoid future booking failures.

The last time I was in a sales situation, I took a family trip to California over Christmas break. We – a party of 7 – planned to attend the Rose Bowl show and game in Pasadena over New Years and wanted to extend our vacation with a few days exploring the vineyards in Temecula.

Can You Ship Things To Hotels

After some research, I had a list of three vineyard properties that met our needs – larger rooms, a pool, and an on-site kitchen. Then I tried to book my first hotel. No room available. It happened again in the second and third hotels. Aaaar!!

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If you’re getting an “not available” message when you book a hotel room online, it’s time to go Old School and pick up the phone.

Family travel blogger Sarah Pittard says, “I do this all the time… I call the hotel directly – not 1-800 – and explain why we want to stay, etc. We can get a room 85% of the time. Ask the manager. , not customers.”

Sarah also advises that most hotels operate a waiting list. “Ask them to enter your name, number and email, even if they are full. Book another hotel that has a same-day or 24-hour cancellation policy, then call your preferred hotel until you can cancel do it. the second.”

That’s what I did in Temecula. At first I was afraid that the manager of Coastal Wines and Resorts was going to put me on the “Top 10 Phone Pests” list, but he was really happy to hear me and every time he said that they still didn’t have a room. available .

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In the meantime, I made a reservation at the nearby Ponte Vineyard Inn. It seemed like a great choice to us, except that the new pool was still under construction.

I caught up with Pierre-Alex Maillard, general manager of Hotel Serafina Beach in San Juan, to get some insider tips. He also recommends calling or emailing the hotel directly. “This is the best way to determine room availability in real time, and may offer resort credits or special accommodations only for direct bookings.”

Pierre-Alex points out that you lose more room points due to last-minute cancellations at a number of hotels than at a destination resort. Flash sales are another way to access rooms at desirable properties; Industry guide Pierre-Alex recommends Secret Escapes.

Can You Ship Things To Hotels

What a nice surprise! When you just want a room, you’ll find a corner suite with amazing views! Photo: Dana Zucker

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“Condition is important,” says luxury traveler Dana Zucker. For example, “If you’re a Hilton Diamond member, you can always reserve a room at any of their properties around the world 48 hours before your arrival date,” Dana says. “We’ve never had a problem finding a hotel in a room with Hilton as a gateway to the Internet.”

It’s good to note that “emergency request dates” are often excluded, says frequent traveler Nasreen Stump. “No guarantees if it’s a graduation weekend, the Olympics, or some other busy time.”

Maintaining status in many loyalty programs increases your chances of getting a room. Dana points out that it’s even easier now that Starwood, Marriott and Ritz Carlton have merged into one rewards program, Marriott Bonvoy. Concierge services offered by credit cards such as American Express Platinum and private banking programs are another resource.

“Keep your concierge’s phone numbers handy,” says Dana. “Looks like they can do magic.” One of his best scores: a corner suite in Alaska during cruise season.

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Open Hotel Alert is an application that helps you get a room in a hotel for sale. Photo: Kathy Bennett Kopf

If you don’t have time to go ahead and check availability, register your interest on the free website Open Hotel Alert.

Just enter your travel dates and a list of hotels in the area will appear – both available and sold out. Choose the one you like, enter your preferred contact method (text message, email, or both) and Open Hotel Alert will contact you if a room becomes available at that property.

Can You Ship Things To Hotels

The free service is associated with; The company receives a commission if you book your room through the booking site.

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Another way to use the internet to your advantage is with a simple Google search. Enter the name of your hotel and Google will find different booking platforms such as Priceline, Expedia or These booking platforms may have one or two rooms available, even when the hotel’s website does not show availability.

If your efforts fail, Hotel Tonight should help you find the next hotel in the area, even if it’s not your first, second or third choice.

If you’ve already called the hotel manager too many times to get on the “Top 10 Phone Mistakes” list, show your hotel status, swipe your first credit cards, and add your name to any waiting list, here are a few more tips are there. . to find that desired room:

And when all else fails, try to be really, really sad. “I show up at the check-in desk, ask about the cancellation, and see the sad things,” says Nasreen.

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We stayed at the Ponte Vineyard Inn because the wine rooms and resorts on the south coast were never available. And it was good. Better than good.

It was actually cooler than we thought, so we didn’t even miss the pool. The rooms were perfect for our large family and the view over the vineyards was not to be missed. Extend your cruise vacation and explore a vibrant city with a hotel stay before or after your cruise. Immerse yourself in the culture, enjoy the local cuisine and meet the locals!

Our ships depart from convenient ports of departure that are just an easy flight away. For those traveling by car, plan to arrive at least 2-3 hours before the ferry. General port information is below with approximate parking prices for nearby areas. Prices are subject to change, so we recommend calling the number provided to confirm.

Can You Ship Things To Hotels

Cruise Plus hotel packages offer many benefits when you book. A representative will meet you at the airport and pier and transfer you to your hotel. The package includes the cost of your hotel stay, transportation, luggage handling and Agent services for a complete travel experience. Hotels are chosen for their exceptional location and excellent service.

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