Can You Rent A Hotel Room In California At 18

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Can You Rent A Hotel Room In California At 18 – Maybe you have a business meeting or conference at a hotel and you are only interested in staying there for the afternoon. Or maybe you are useless…

Either way, you’re in luck because many hotels don’t require you to make a full reservation and pay the full price of the night.

Can You Rent A Hotel Room In California At 18

Can You Rent A Hotel Room In California At 18

Below I’ll give you an overview of how to book a daily rate (what some call an hourly rate) and what to expect. I will also give you lots of information about various hotels around the country and show you the prices and amount of the daily discount rate for the property.

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Yes, you can book a hotel for a few hours or just an afternoon instead of the whole night. These are usually “daily rate” hotel reservations that are cheaper than a regular stay. After reviewing over 100 properties, we found that daily rates are typically about 45% off the standard nightly rate.

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The daily booking price comes with certain restrictions compared to a standard overnight booking. Here are some factors to keep in mind when making a reservation.

When you book an hourly rate, you may not have access to all hotel amenities during your stay. Usually, if you are limited in access, it will be something like a hotel pool. Also, you may or may not get access to free breakfast if you qualify for it (many breakfast times expire at the time of your check-in).

The Anaheim Hotel

One of the most common ways to book a hotel for a daily or hourly rate is through certain third-party websites such as Daily Use.

This can be great because it makes it easy to find hotels that offer hourly rates and can give you specific time frames to book.

The thing is, you don’t have to go through this website all the time. Sometimes you can call the hotel directly and book an hourly or daily rate directly with them over the phone.

Can You Rent A Hotel Room In California At 18

First, you may not have all the options that affiliate sites will provide. For example, if you book direct, you may only be able to choose from 8am to 5pm. Meanwhile, if you go through the partner site, you may be able to choose from several different time slots.

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Second, when we contact them about these rates, some hotel agents don’t seem to want to bother with this type of “special booking” and just refer us to a partner site.

So sometimes if you want to book direct, you may have to get the agent to take action or call them and speak to someone else later.

When we contacted several hotels, we received mixed responses as to whether or not the hotel would offer points for this stay.

Some said they would not offer points, while others said they would. Some properties also mention that you will earn a discounted rate on earning points.

The Coolest Design Hotels In California

And of course, some properties reiterate that guests don’t earn points when they book through a third-party website, which is one reason you might want to book directly.

So if you’re really concerned about earning elite points or credits for your stay, it’s best to contact the individual hotel and see what their policies are.

Many hotels state that you will receive the same type of elite benefits as for a standard night stay. For example, if you have Hilton Diamond status, you will still have access to the lounge. Also, you may still be able to upgrade in some cases.

Can You Rent A Hotel Room In California At 18

Things seem to get a bit tricky with early check in and late check out as you are dealing with completely different time sets.

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But I guess if you (kindly) push it and there are no capacity issues, you can still get in a little early or a little late with your elite status.

Some hotels may limit you to a certain length of stay, but others may allow you to book an hourly rate for any available room, including rooms such as junior suites and suites. Most hotels seem to offer their entire inventory available for today’s prices.

When we contacted many properties, we struggled to find properties that allowed custom times for daily bookings. For example, booking a hotel room for just an hour or two doesn’t seem like an option.

Typically, hotels will offer a standard hourly range of around 8am to 6pm. However, there are some properties that look like they will be more relaxed about this.

The Most Unique Hotels And Airbnbs In California

So if you have a specific time when you need a room that is outside of standard opening hours, you may have a hard time finding a hotel that allows it unless you actually make a request or book through a partner.

At certain times of the year, some facilities will limit availability for hourly and daily rates. For example, during the holiday season, hotels may not allow you to book a daily rate. This can also happen during large events and conventions.

Below you can find all the data points we obtained during our research. We focus on the 15 largest cities in the US and try to combine different brands and chains.

Can You Rent A Hotel Room In California At 18

For each property, you will see the nightly price, which is the standard price you would pay for one night at the hotel, and the daily price applied to the hour in the adjacent column.

The Best Time To Book A Hotel Room In 2021 For Cheaper Rates

Finally, we also list discount rates that show you how much cheaper the day rate is compared to the night rate. Overall, we found that the average discount is 45% off the nightly rate.

Hotel reservations for a few hours or for the day are completely possible. You can often get attractive discounts of around half price, so it can be worth it for many people. Just keep some of the above restrictions and booking restrictions in mind and your stay will be smoother.

Daniel Gillaspia is the founder and creator of the credit card app, WalletFlo. He is a former credit card attorney/full-time travel expert who has earned and redeemed millions of miles to travel around the world. Since 2014, his content has been featured in major publications such as National Geographic, Smithsonian Magazine, Forbes, CNBC, US News and Business Insider. Find his full bio here.

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Can You Rent A Hotel Room In California At 18

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Can You Rent A Hotel Room In California At 18

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