Can You Rent A Hotel Pool For A Party

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Can You Rent A Hotel Pool For A Party

Can You Rent A Hotel Pool For A Party

Problem: Last year, 25,521 people were on a waiting list for the City of Toronto Swim program. At the same time, Many hotel pools are unusable, especially at certain times of the day.

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Uber is swimming; The Lyft of lessons is likely to reduce the long list of openings in Toronto’s urban aquatic programs.

It’s called Propel, a page from the Uber playbook the co-founders refer to as a tech company.

As of 2018, there are already 25,521 people on the waiting list for approximately 200,000 spots in urban water programs and 9,000 spots in water leadership certification programs. Long waiting lists create a crisis every season as parents vie to enroll their children in swimming lessons, often failing.

The problem revolves around the lottery system, not just in Toronto, but in New York City. Only winners are allowed to learn to swim unless they find a pool and pay for a private lesson.

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A defunct company, Propel, used the luxury property of the Canadian Red Cross in Toronto to connect Canadian swimming instructors with students for private lessons at GTA hotel pools.

“Fundamentally, we want to bring aquatics into the 21st century by combining platform technology with sharing,” says Amie Nguyen, a former Vancouver swim coach and lifeguard.

The maximum class size is two. Current Propel instructors in the GTA are teaching classes for $60 to $120 an hour for one person, and 20 percent more for two.

Can You Rent A Hotel Pool For A Party

Participating hotels pay a fee, but by far the biggest hurdle is finding participating hotels.

Pool & Beach Services

“It’s a little bit easier. Instead of going to individual hotels, we’re working with hotel chains,” Nguyen said.

Participating Toronto hotels include the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Downtown Toronto and the InterContinental Toronto Yorkville. Propel is Markham; Barrie, Also operates in Burlington and Guelph.

It was not the money to join the InterContinental Toronto Yorkville. Shaun Pearson, executive assistant manager of the property, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year, said.

“We aim to create those unique experiences not only for our guests but also for our residents,” Pearson said.

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Propel takes care of everything, including getting guests to leave after class and not leaving the day on their backs. All you have to do at the hotel is give them the key card for the lesson.

Prices range from $45 to over $100 an hour, depending on the instructor. Lessons are also open to adults, and some teachers are trained to work with children and adults with special needs.

Paying more for private lessons is cheaper in the long run, Nguyen said — in her personal experience, kids learn faster and need fewer lessons if they get individual attention.

Can You Rent A Hotel Pool For A Party

“The biggest waste here is time. I don’t think it’s a lot of money. Go to the community center; You watch your child shiver while waiting for your turn in a parking fight,” Nguyen, a National Lifeguard and Canadian Red Cross certified water safety instructor, said.

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“It may seem a little expensive at first, but when you take that lesson and see that improvement right away, it’s worth every penny.”

In December 2017, the City Council approved a community recreation improvement plan that would provide more space for indoor learn-to-swim programs at the city’s 59 outdoor and 61 indoor pools.

The city also hired more people to keep up with demand, up from 2,182 in 2012 to 3,724 active employees in 2019. But the city is still years away from closing the gap.

Vladimir Ushakov, who competed with Kazakhstan’s national water polo team at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, says being a Propel instructor has been great for the students he attends at Surrey Water Polo Club.

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He also likes another job because he can manage his schedule. He earns about $45 an hour (clients pay Propel $80 for lessons with Ushakov) and can claim expenses on his income tax.

“Individualized lessons can be helpful as the swimmer works toward a new developmental milestone to focus on the specific needs of the individual swimmer,” said Shelley Dalke, director of Canadian Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety Education Programs.

The Red Cross recommends that those interested in swimming lessons choose a Red Cross-certified water safety instructor.

Can You Rent A Hotel Pool For A Party

“These teachers are trained in stroke development and rehabilitation techniques and can provide fundamental knowledge and skills to prevent drowning.”

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Correction – August 27 2019: This article was edited from a previous version that incorrectly stated the city’s water programs had 11,000 spots.

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If you don’t have the luxury of a pool in your backyard or apartment to cool off from the sweltering heat. A group of friends can rent one of these homes in just a few clicks. Whether you want to throw a huge pool party or spend a relaxing day with your sweetheart, you can do it at a very affordable cost.

Can You Rent A Hotel Pool For A Party

Why you should go: This beautiful 19th-century house is on the beach and has a private pool with a jacuzzi. Kayaks are provided for guests, and if you and your friends are visiting in winter, you can explore the nearby ski slopes and outdoor ice rinks.

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Why you should go: Natural sunlight pours into this beautiful ground floor lodge, but outside there is plenty of garden space; A covered patio; Outdoor lounge with fire pit; Catch all the sunshine in the private in-ground pool. barbecue The interior is well equipped and all the bells and whistles are upgraded.

Why you should go: This private apartment offers access to a dimly lit covered patio to enjoy with your S/O or best friend. You can cook on the patio and enjoy a delicious al fresco style dinner. The studio is equipped with an efficient kitchen to have everything you need in one place.

Why you should go: This 1000 square foot private basement entry features an outdoor inground pool. This spacious rental offers two bedrooms, Kitchen with appliances; It offers many comforts and conveniences, including laundry facilities and more.

Why you should go: This modern masterpiece sits on a 12,000-square-foot lot, with a two-person Jacuzzi in the master bedroom; With two fireplaces and a private backyard pool, it offers the ultimate in comfort inside and out.

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Why you should go: This open-concept backyard oasis features a saltwater pool and hot tub. Guests get the best of both worlds as they are secluded in a peaceful forest without leaving the city. Close to Lake Ontario if you want to take a short trip to the beach.

Why you should go: Experience true luxury in a private backyard with heated pool with downstairs lounge and upstairs dining. Just 35 minutes from the city, you’ll have easy access to bike paths and Lake Ontario to explore nature.

Why you should go: Live your life to the fullest in this 3,600-square-foot beach house. waterfall Enjoy the state-of-the-art spa pool with indoor gym.

Can You Rent A Hotel Pool For A Party

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