Can You Pay For Hotels In Cash

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Can You Pay For Hotels In Cash – Europe has never been easier when it comes to money. Thanks to the widespread use of ATMs and the widespread use of the common currency, the days when you had to go to your home bank for traveler’s checks or foreign cash, stand in line at AmEx branches abroad or transfer money to exchange offices are over. at every border. The following tips will help you get the most out of every penny you spend.

Avoid the urge to buy foreign currency before your trip. Some tourists feel they only have Euros or British Pounds in their pockets when they get off the plane, but they pay the price with the country’s poor exchange rates. Wait until you arrive to withdraw money. I have yet to see an airport in Europe that doesn’t have many ATMs.

Can You Pay For Hotels In Cash

Can You Pay For Hotels In Cash

Don’t worry about traveler’s checks. They are a waste of time (long queues at slow banks) and money (fees to get them, collection fees).

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Avoid (or at least minimize) exchanging cash. I generally avoid exchanging money in Europe; it’s a big rip off. On average, you lose about 8 percent at the bank when you exchange dollars for euros or another foreign currency. If you use an airport currency exchange booth like Forex or Travelex, kickbacks can be as high as 15 percent.

But exchanging money can make sense in certain situations, including emergencies (if your card or the only ATM in town doesn’t work) or if you’re moving to a country that uses a different currency.

If you really need to exchange money, look for places that don’t charge commission. Note the difference between buying (the bank buys foreign currency from you to exchange it for local cash) and selling (the bank sells foreign currency to you) rates. A good rule of thumb: the bid-ask spread should be less than 10 percent.

Use local cash. Many Americans are delighted to find a store that advertises “We Accept Dollars.” But the happy salesperson won’t tell you that your purchase will cost about 20 percent more because of the store’s terrible exchange rate. Without knowing this, you’re exchanging money—at a bad rate—every time you buy something for a dollar.

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Also, in some non-euro area countries, the euro is widely accepted, but usually a bad deal. For example, in Switzerland, which officially uses Swiss francs, some ATMs dispense euros, tourist areas have prices in both currencies, and travelers can carry money in euros. But if you pay in euros, you get a rotten exchange rate. Ideally, if you’re in a non-euro country for more than a few hours, go to an ATM and use the local currency instead.

Only use your credit card for cash in an emergency. If you lose your debit card, you can use your credit card at an ATM to get a cash advance, but you’ll need to know your PIN and you’ll pay a hefty cash advance fee.

Don’t stress about currency conversion. Local currencies all make sense. Every system is in decimal like ours. Every “large” (euro, pound, zloty, lev) has a hundred “small” (cents, pennies, groschi, hundredths). Only the names have been changed – to confuse the tourist. Search your pocket for coins as soon as you arrive, and within two minutes you’ll be comfortable with nickels, dimes, and quarters of each new currency.

Can You Pay For Hotels In Cash

You don’t have to constantly consult a currency converter. Although you can convert in real time with the app, I’ve never bothered. You just need to know the approximate exchange rates. I see no need to calculate to the third decimal place.

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It very roughly determines how much a unit of currency (euro, crown, Swiss franc, or whatever) is worth in US dollars. For example, suppose the exchange rate is €1 = $1.10. If a strudel costs 5 euros, five times 1.10 or 5.50 dollars. Ten euros would be about $11 at that rate, and 250 euros = $275 (the number 250 plus about a tenth more). When the euro is so close to the dollar, the difference may not be worth calculating – but for example with the British pound (which is around $1.30 lately) or the euro, if the rates are not so favorable to us, it’s more important to adjust the numbers mentally. Make a game out of questioning yourself or your travel partner and it will soon be second nature. Living on a budget is easier if you’re comfortable with the local currency.

Let’s say you get shortchanged. At banks, restaurants, ticket offices, everywhere – expect to be shortchanged if you don’t pay for yourself. Some people who spend their lives sitting behind booths taking money from strangers for eight hours a day have no problem stealing from ignorant tourists who don’t know the local currency. After 10 minutes, I watched a man cut down half the tourists who passed through his turnstile on the Rome subway. Half of his victims caught him and got real change with the apology. Overall, about 25 percent didn’t notice and probably went home saying, “

Plan your money wisely. Avoid a lot of unused currency when crossing borders between countries that use different currencies. (This should also help you minimize withdrawal fees.)

Spend your coins before leaving the currency zone. Because high-value coins are common in Europe, exporting pocket money can be a costly mistake. Spend them (on food or snacks), turn them into bills or give them away before you leave for a country where they are worthless. Otherwise you just bought a bunch of round flat souvenirs. Note that although euro coins have a national side (indicating where they were minted), they are perfectly fine in any country that uses euro money.

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Debit card: Use this to withdraw local cash from ATMs, which you use to pay for most purchases.

Credit card: Use it to pay for larger items (generally accepted at hotels, major shops and restaurants, travel agencies, car rental agencies, etc.). Although card readers in Europe use a different chip and PIN system than the US, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Backup card: Some travelers carry a third card (a debit or credit card; ideally from another bank) in case it gets lost, demagnetized, eaten by a temperamental machine, or simply doesn’t work.

Can You Pay For Hotels In Cash

While debit cards can make decent backup credit cards (provided you have a Visa or MasterCard logo on your card), credit cards make crappy ATM backup cards because of their incredibly high withdrawal fees and interest rates on advances. I would only use an ATM credit card as a last resort. (Note that an additional credit card can be useful if you rent a car and use your card to pay for collision damage).

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US Dollars: I carry $100-$200 as a spare. Even if you don’t use it for everyday purchases, the US money in your money belt comes in handy in emergencies, like when the banks go on strike or your ATM card stops working. I have been in Greece and Ireland when all the banks went on strike and closed without warning. But hard money is hard money. People always know roughly what a dollar is worth. As a multi-billion dollar market and due to the pandemic, it is not surprising to see the rapid and continuous growth of contactless and cashless transactions. Therefore, it is not uncommon for some people to wonder and ask, “Can you pay for a hotel in cash?” After all, not everyone is comfortable making electronic payments for fear of having their personal and financial information stolen.

So, can you pay for a hotel in cash? Yes, you can certainly pay for your hotel reservation, reservation or overnight stay in cash. However, this can be difficult to find as most hotels around the world now prefer credit card payments; in fact, some don’t even accept debit cards.

This guide will help you understand why most hotels have credit card only policies or strict cash payment policies. You will also find information on:

This way, you can be sure you have a safe place to stay when you’re in another city, town, county, state or country.

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Card-only policies can negatively impact business in certain ways, such as losing potential guests without a credit card. However, hotels have good reasons for preferring credit cards.

Although most hotels have excellent security systems and even security guards to ensure the safety of guests, staff, and the property itself, theft or armed robbery can still happen. This is especially true if the hotel has cash. So some hotels, especially five-star hotels, prefer cashless transactions. Safety net

Another reason why the answer to the question “Can you pay for a hotel with cash?” is “No”. for most companies, this is a safety net principle.

Can You Pay For Hotels In Cash

Generally, when booking a room for certain dates, the hotel will mark the room as unavailable for those dates. If you cancel or no show, it also loses revenue to the hotel because no one would check in or pay for the room on those dates.

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Although this situation is not unusual for a credit card

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