Can You Negotiate Hotel Prices

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Can You Negotiate Hotel Prices – Today I would like to take this opportunity to remind our readers that it is often possible to negotiate some perks when booking hotels and resorts these days, as buildings often lack business.

When occupancy rates are often in the low double digits or even the low single digits, hotels are often happy to offer extras, such as multi-room upgrades, spa treatments or food, when you respond to an appropriate reservation.

Can You Negotiate Hotel Prices

Can You Negotiate Hotel Prices

In general, the worse the economic situation in a given region, especially one where tourism has been hit particularly hard, the more desperate the hotel business will be.

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That doesn’t mean you should push for them last fall, but you can contact the property management with a reasonable request and see if they accept. The worst they can say is no.

I have stayed at several hotels and resorts during my stay in Thailand over the past few months and have often taken advantage of special deals from travel fairs at local malls.

When I buy a lodging package directly from a sales rep, I always ask for an extra fee over and above the actual package that I am willing to pay in exchange. And promise them income. I would have asked for a room/villa upgrade if food was already included in the package. If it’s already a higher room category, I would like to include lunch, dinner or a spa treatment.

Transfers are also possible, but not worth much in most cases as transport in Thailand is cheap.

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If you already have a status with the company you want to book with, you can improve your bargaining power.

The last one at Cape Farne is particularly interesting. The small luxury hotels in the world earning rates on are insane, and while I’m not sure how much Hyatt makes back on these properties per night, I’m sure it’s also pretty solid. In turn, you can book this hotel for an incredible 20,000 Hyatt points per night.

I saw packages at this hotel being sold at local travel fairs for about 7,000 baht per night, including transfers, spa treatments and dining credits. But I wanted more Hyatt nights, so I figured why not keep the points and check with the hotel to see if they would like to offer an extra benefit.

Can You Negotiate Hotel Prices

That’s exactly what I did, and after some communication issues (no one responded to emails, including the GM email listed on the hotel’s website), the duty manager replied that he was able to provide Hotel, only 2km) pick-up service away), upgraded sea view villa, three levels above the booked tropical pool villa plus one hour spa treatment and free lunch. That was enough to motivate me to invest 40,000 points in this great hotel.

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I’m sure Hyatt’s reimbursement rate must be high enough for them to offer this service. The cash rate offered on is over $1,100 per night, and while it’s certainly nowhere near what Hyatt pays them for a reward stay, it’s certainly higher than the $180 for a room currently being sold locally.

If hotels have revenue incentives that offer guests extra benefits beyond the reservation and rate guarantee, they’re likely to do a good job when approaching them in a polite manner. In my case I’m just saying I’m aware of cheap offers but I really need my Hyatt points this year, Hyatt seems to be paying them well, can they talk to their yield manager to make sure What extra can they offer me? benefit. .

So far, I’ve almost always been able to successfully negotiate more stuff. Only once, neither the hotel nor the sales rep would offer anything again, so I said thank you and booked another place. It’s definitely a buyer’s market in some parts of the world (not all) at the moment.

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Can You Negotiate Hotel Prices

Stay between 15 December 2023 and 31 March 2023 to earn 1,000 Accor ALL Asia bonus points (book before 31 January) Millions of people travel in the US on any given day and nearly 4 million of them stay in hotel rooms across the United States. If you travel a lot, or if you want to travel more often than you actually do, you need to find the best hotel rates for your trip. Checking out discounted booking sites isn’t the only way to find cheap travel. There are some good old ways to cut down on your travel – which means you can travel more for less. Not sure where to start looking for discounted room tips? Here are some tips.

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Sometimes, no matter how great of a person you are, you just can’t get a discount on a hotel room. This is because of the old economic law of supply and demand. For example, if you were in Atlanta during Super Bowl weekend last year, your chances of getting a discounted room are slim to none. But if you’re in town next week, you can easily grab a discount. Discounts are rarely available when rooms are in high demand. When rooms are in short supply and business is slow, hotel managers are more likely to turn down requests for discounted rooms.

Not only does the day matter, the amount of traffic in the area matters, but also the time of day. When business is down, and growing later in the evening, hotels want to fill their rooms. It was much easier to communicate with the hotel staff at that time.

Also, try to arrange it in person. If you get to the hotel and the front desk is not busy, call the clerk and ask for a reservation. If you find that the room rate quoted is not what you want to pay, please tell the clerk. Ask if a lower rate is available, or offer your own as you see fit. If you are polite and ask without the other guests hearing, you will likely get the price you ask for.

If you must call, do not call a national 800 number. No company wants to talk to you about a discounted price. Instead, please contact the hotel directly. You’ll be lucky enough to get a discounted price.

Pricing & Negotiating: Hotel Lifestyle Shoot

Although there are sometimes last-minute discounts and entire hotel websites thrive on them, it’s best to start with a discounted price. reason? Hotels offer discounted rates when your dates of stay are weeks or months apart. As your travel dates get closer, your chances of getting a discounted rate diminish as demand for rooms also increases. This is especially important when you’re planning a trip to popular tourist destinations like Florida or New York City.

Before you end the negotiation, make sure you and the person you are talking to agree on the amount you will pay. Get a reservation number in case the hotel tries to refund you the price they quoted. The person’s name will also be useful. Also, make sure that if you want to make a special request, always confirm the rate before making a special request – such as a room with a view. If your room is priced this way, you can avoid extra charges.

If you think about it, you can get a lot of degrees. First, be sure to ask if the hotel offers a great savings rate, which may include special discounts. Usually, if the customer returns the specified rate, the hotel will give a discount on the standard rate. This rate is commonly known as the drop rate or bottoming rate.

Can You Negotiate Hotel Prices

Also, if you qualify, ask for AAA rates (AAA is a travel club), AARP travel rates (if you’re over 50), seniors rates, or hotel membership rates. This can save you 10% to 20% on your bill.

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You can also apply for government or company rates – but only if you qualify. The government level and the corporate level are the real savings of the hotel industry. Both business and government levels can ensure that

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