Can You Light A Candle In A Hotel Room

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Can You Light A Candle In A Hotel Room – You cannot stay at the Halcyon Hotel, at least not yet. But if you buy one of this brand’s candles, set aside time alone (or with a romantic partner), and blast a coordinated Spotify playlist while you burn it, you might feel like you’re there or somewhere. At least that’s the thinking behind the Los Angeles-based experiential brand launched earlier this year by former brand consultant and art director Kamaryn Potter.

Potter is a former Yorker and has worked for brands such as Free People, Reformation and The Wing, but has been modeling and working at the Halcyon Hotel for many years. “I’ve always had that hotel dream of having my own space to create community experiences that I don’t think have existed yet,” she tells me. The idea was born from a common dilemma she and her friends faced: living in a big city, but feeling like there was nowhere to go at night. “I want to sit somewhere beautiful. It wasn’t a peaceful, nice experience,” he says.

Can You Light A Candle In A Hotel Room

Can You Light A Candle In A Hotel Room

Traveling frequently for her freelance work helped push the idea further: “I appreciated the experiences I had, even comparing bad hotels with good ones, meeting people, the world to see it that way.” She started making a mental list of things that worked and didn’t work.

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In addition, Potter became interested in fragrance and about eight years ago began studying perfumery, including a course in perfumery at the Pratt Institute in New York. “I also had an idea for olfactory stories,” she explains. “When you smell, you smell with memories before you smell with your nasal membranes. There’s more to your brain than your nose. I was just wondering how you can control the human experience of smell.”

Ultimately, she combined these two ideas to create a complete storytelling experience

To be in the form of a real hotel in L.A. where people can stay—eventually. “I can’t build a hotel overnight, but I can build a brand,” he explains. “I basically reverse-engineered the hotel with the product line,” which so far consists of four $52 candles.

Potter seems to have a special talent for turning ideas, stories and “vibes” into scents. In her debut, self-titled A Sexual Thriller Qualified with a Strong Female Lead, Potter described it to a friend as being like “[going] to a place and it’s in the Hamptons, but it’s not summer and it’s a creepy woman. fireplace…” Romantic Drama Based on real life events, another of the candles was inspired by a photograph in which she saw a beautiful naked woman running through a field of flowers, so it’s a “girly” scent, floral” with green to beat. “Wake up, you’re in love, hit the green,” reads the official description of the candle. Feel Good Romantic Drama [Island] is meant to evoke the moment during a tropical vacation after a breakup when you feel like everything is going to be okay. “I call it the scent of a sexy sunscreen,” she says.

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Each of the fragrances has its own Spotify playlist, which you can find on the brand’s website. The goal is to help you “go out for the night” without leaving your home. From time to time, Potter also collaborates with friends’ brands on special candles; so far, the fashion brands Veda, Malbon Golf and Buscemi are included, as well as the hemp brand Sunday Goods. In keeping with the theme of the hotel, he calls them “guests”.

Like many new brands, we first discovered Halcyon Hotel on Instagram with influencers and cool kids posting a mysterious, unlit hotel-themed event a few weeks ago. It was the first of several IRL experiences Potter hopes to host before the hotel opens. It has also partnered with Airbnb to create “Halcyon-approved spaces” where people can check in. The self-proclaimed “press-shy” brand has yet to do any interviews or marketing; Awareness came through word of mouth and social media – she has a very cool and inspiring Instagram account.

What’s next, Potter is working on pushing her scent into roll-on oils, expanding distribution—candles are now available on the brand’s website and at Galeries Lafayette in Paris—and locking in a location for an actual physical hotel, Halcyon. It focuses on L.A.’s East Side, home to trendy neighborhoods like Los Feliz, Silverlake and Echo Park. “We’ve had some [properties] come to us but they weren’t right; we’re just looking for that sweet spot.”

Can You Light A Candle In A Hotel Room

What Potter lacks in hospitality experience, she seems to make up for in her ability to brand and set a mindset, as well as tapping into a network of great, influential people. While details on exactly what he has planned for the venture are still scarce, we think it’s safe to say that it won’t be long before we’re all wanting to hang out at the Halcyon Hotel. And wouldn’t it be nice to enter at least one hotel that doesn’t smell like Santal 33?

Halcyon Hotel Is An Experiential Candle Meets Hospitality Brand To Watch

Founded by two entrepreneurs with no experience in beauty, the brand’s fragrance and minimal aesthetic helped it become a retail success story in just a few years.

An independent brand known for its candles is making its first foray into luxury fragrances with five “Köln de Parfums.”** BIG UPDATE** I am officially employed at Hotel Lobby Candle as of November 2022! Honestly, this is a dream job 2 years in the making. This little post actually helped me get the job! But I want you to know that, as always, the thoughts, feelings, and opinions expressed in this blog post are my own, and I purchased (almost) all of these candles myself. Trust me, I’m still going to tell you which candles are my favorites and which aren’t. ;P This post also contains affiliate links.

I’m a cat on a good candle. And even more for a good hotel. Plus, there is nothing more luxurious than your home feeling/looking/smelling like a luxury hotel (in my opinion). So when I heard that one of my favorite bloggers and her husband were creating a line of candles inspired by luxury hotels around the world, I was one of the first on the waiting list. (Which was a good thing, because their first start sold out in 22 minutes. 22 minutes.)

This is a long post so I’ve created a small table of contents for you so you can jump straight to any topic or scent you want to read more about. Just click on the link below and it will take you right there. Or you can read all the way through. I’m not here to tell you what to do!

Six Types Of Candle Wax And When To Use Them

Hotel Lobby Candle is the child of Lindsay Silberman and Matt Stevens (along with Long Hair Pierre). These two luxury hotel experts have traveled the world and documented their travels and expertise through Lindsay’s incredible blog ( Of course, Lindsay, Matt, and LHP all follow Instagram, as does the Hotel Lobby Candle.

In fact, it should come as no surprise that the Hotel Lobby Candle has inspired “smell memories” from incredible hotels around the world. All this is reflected in the naming convention of the candle (Signature, Paris, Cabin, Miami…). And the details of everything Hotel Lobby Candle are really excellent. From reusable containers to hotel keychains with instructions burned into them. The glass containers are also painted by hand. Of course, the whole experience is pure luxury.

But of course at this price level it should be. Candles in the hotel lobby are $56. They are handmade in the USA from 100% natural soy wax. The hotel lobby candles are 9.75 ounces in total size and come with a 65 hour burn time. There are currently 4 fragrances available – Signature, Paris Nuit, Miami and Island – and Linens will launch on January 21st. Past fragrances include Chalet, Cabin, Holiday, Rose and Cassis. (Linen, rose and cassis were in the mini-vote last winter/spring and the bedding now comes in full size!)

Can You Light A Candle In A Hotel Room

Indeed, the luxury and quality of a hotel lobby candle will arrive at your door with a box. Literally. Even the outside of the box smells great. But opening the box is of course a lot of fun. Each candle comes in a really pretty box tied with grosgrain ribbon and a little hotel room key with all the instructions/details. Upon opening the box, you will be met with a “cold burn” or unlit candle smell. They are instantly intoxicating, to be sure. Honestly, I have a lot around the house that I never even light because they fill the entire room with their delicious aroma without the flame.

Cheap Candles That Smell Incredible

Of course, the “warm throw” or the smell of lit candles is just as wonderful. In fact, these candles are the most beautiful burning candles I have ever seen. And believe me. I got mine

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