Can You Get A Hotel With Cash

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Can You Get A Hotel With Cash – Financially, Europe has never been easier. With the spread of ATMs and the widespread use of the single currency, the days when you had to go to your city bank to get a traveler’s check or foreign cash, stand in line at AmEx offices abroad, or cheat at exchanges every time are over. Do it, it’s past. Border. With the following tips, you’ll get the most out of every dollar you spend.

Resist the temptation to buy currency before your trip. Some tourists feel that they should only have Euros or British Pounds in their pockets when they get off the plane, but they pay for it with a bad US exchange rate. Wait until you arrive to withdraw money. I have yet to meet a European airport that does not have many ATMs.

Can You Get A Hotel With Cash

Can You Get A Hotel With Cash

Don’t bother yourself with traveler’s checks. It’s a waste of time (long queues at slow banks) and money (fees to get them, fees to run them).

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Avoid (or at least limit) cash transactions. I generally avoid exchanging money in Europe. This is a big gap. When you exchange dollars for euros or another foreign currency, you lose an average of about 8% to the bank. When you use an airport exchange like Forex or Travelex, the hit rate can be as high as 15%.

However, it makes sense to exchange money in certain circumstances, including emergencies (if your card – or the only ATM in town – doesn’t work) or when crossing a border into a country that uses a different currency.

If you need to exchange money, look for places that do not charge commission. Note the difference between the buying rate (the bank buys currency from you to exchange for local cash) and the selling rate (the bank sells the currency to you). A good rule of thumb: the difference between the bid and ask rates should be less than 10%.

Use local cash. Many Americans are thrilled to find a “Dollars Accepted” ad in a store. But the happy salesperson won’t tell you that your purchase will cost about 20% more because of the store’s terrible exchange rate. Without realizing it, every time you buy something with dollars, you’re exchanging money at a bad rate.

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Similarly, in some non-euro countries, the euro is widely accepted, but usually a bad deal. For example, in Switzerland, which officially uses the Swiss franc, some ATMs dispense euros, prices in tourist areas are listed in both currencies, and travelers can pay cash in euros. But if you pay in euros, you’ll get a rotten exchange rate. Ideally, if you’re in a non-euro country for more than a few hours, go to an ATM and use your local currency instead.

Use a credit card to get cash only in an emergency. If you lose your debit card, you can use your credit card at an ATM to get a cash advance – but you’ll need to know your PIN and you’ll pay a hefty cash advance fee.

Don’t worry about currency conversion. Local currencies make sense. Every system is decimal, just like our system. For every “large” (euro, pound, zloty, lev) there are a hundred “small” (cent, grosci, grosci, stotinki). Only the names have changed – to confuse the tourist. Immediately upon arrival, check the coins in your pocket and within two minutes you will be happy with nickels, dimes and quarters of any new currency.

Can You Get A Hotel With Cash

You don’t need to constantly consult the currency converter. While you can do real-time conversions with the app, I’ve never really bothered with it. It is enough to know the approximate prices of the currency. I see no need to give it to three decimal places.

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Determine approximately how much a currency (euro, crown, Swiss franc, or anything else) is worth in US dollars. For example, suppose the exchange rate is 1 euro = 1.10 dollars. If a strudel costs €5, that’s five times $1.10, or $5.50. Ten euros at this rate would be about $11 and 250 euros = $275 (250 plus about a tenth more). When the euro is very close to the dollar, the difference may not be worth calculating – but for say the British pound (which was worth around $1.30 recently) or the euro, it matters more when the odds are not so favorable. Make a game of questioning yourself or your travel partner to mentally adjust the numbers and it will soon become second nature. When you’re comfortable with your local currency, it’s easier to stay on budget.

Suppose you are short. At banks, restaurants, ticket offices, everywhere – if you don’t calculate it yourself, expect to be overcharged. Some people who spend their whole lives sitting in booths for eight hours a day taking money from strangers have no problem stealing from unsuspecting tourists who don’t know the local currency. For 10 minutes, I watched a man on a Roman subway scam half the tourists who passed through the turnstile. Half of the victims took him and changed the correct apology. Overall, about 25 percent didn’t get it and probably went home saying:

Plan your cash withdrawals smartly. Avoid leaving a large amount of unused currency when crossing borders between countries that use different currencies. (This should also help minimize withdrawal costs.)

Spend coins before exiting the currency zone. Since high-value coins are common in Europe, exporting pocket money can be an expensive mistake. Spend them (for change or a snack), turn them into notes, or give them away before you go to a country where they’re worthless. Otherwise, you just bought a flat souvenir. However, keep in mind that while each euro coin has a national reverse (which indicates where it was minted), it will work perfectly in any country that uses the euro currency.

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Debit card: Use it at ATMs to withdraw local cash, which you use to pay for most purchases.

Credit card: Use it to pay for larger items (usually accepted at hotels, larger shops and restaurants, travel agencies, car rental companies, etc.). Although card readers in Europe use a chip and PIN system that is different from the one used in the US, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Replacement card: Some travelers carry a third card (a debit or credit card, preferably from another bank) in case it’s lost, demagnetized, eaten by a device, or stopped working.

Can You Get A Hotel With Cash

While debit cards can make decent backup credit cards (provided your card has a Visa or MasterCard logo), credit cards make rotten ATM backup cards because of their high withdrawal fees and cash advance interest rates. I only use a credit card at the ATM as a last resort. (Remember that if you’re renting a car and using your card to cover accidental damage, an additional credit card can be helpful).

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USD: I carry $100-200 as spare. While you won’t use it for everyday purchases, US cash in your wallet is useful in emergencies, like when banks go on strike or your ATM card doesn’t work. I went to Greece and Ireland when every bank went on strike and they closed without warning. But cash is hard cash. People always know how much a dollar is worth. We use cookies to do great things. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie settings

This article was written by Alison Edwards. Alison Edwards graduated from Stanford University with a degree in International Relations. He went on to build international partnerships with agencies in over twenty countries and advise companies in the education, fintech and retail sectors.

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This article was written by Alison Edwards. Alison Edwards graduated from Stanford University with a degree in International Relations. He went on to build international partnerships with agencies in more than twenty countries and advise companies in the education, fintech and retail sectors. This article has been viewed 437953 times.

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