Can You Get A Hotel At 18 In Texas

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Can You Get A Hotel At 18 In Texas – HONOLULU (AP) – After guests checked out from a corner room at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Waikiki Beach, housekeeper Luz Espejo collected enough trash to fill seven large garbage bags, some of which were tossed under beds.

He removed the bed sheets, dusted the furniture, cleaned the toilet and bath floor. He even knelt down to pick up confetti from the carpet that a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner couldn’t swallow.

Can You Get A Hotel At 18 In Texas

Can You Get A Hotel At 18 In Texas

Like many other hotels in the United States, the Hilton Village in Hawaii has halted daily housekeeping, making what was once one of the toughest in the hospitality industry even harder.

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Industry experts say the shift away from daily cleaning, which has gained momentum during the pandemic, is down to consumer choice. But others say it has more to do with profitability, and it has allowed hotels to reduce the number of housekeepers at a time when most immigrant women taking these jobs are still unemployed. coronavirus outbreak stopped.

Many domestic workers who are still working say they have had their hours cut, forcing them to do more work.

“It was a big change for us,” said Espejo, 60, a native of the Philippines, who has cleaned rooms at the world’s largest Hilton hotel for 18 years, minus one year of layoffs during the pandemic. said. “We are very busy with work right now. We can’t finish cleaning our room.”

Before the pandemic, there were 670 butlers working at the Espejo resort. More than two years later, 150 of them have either not been rehired or are waiting between 5:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. daily for a phone call saying they have a job. A few weeks ago the phone number wasn’t leased or called 300.

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D. Taylor, president of UNITE HERE, the union representing hotel workers, said: “This is about putting more money in the pockets of owners by putting more workload on workers. frontline and lose jobs”.

A newly made bed is displayed outside the Hilton hotel in downtown Seattle on May 18, 2022.

Some hotels have begun testing cleaning more frequently to ensure consistency, but early in the pandemic, to promote social distancing and other safety procedures, many hotels turned to service. housekeeping is for guests only. only after a certain number of days. Guests are instructed to leave their trash outside the door and call the front desk for clean towels.

Can You Get A Hotel At 18 In Texas

As the peak tourist season begins, security restrictions ease and demand increases, but many hotels maintain their new hygiene policies.

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A Hilton Hawaiian Village spokeswoman said no Hilton representatives were available to interview about such policies at Hilton properties. Representatives for several major hotels, including Marriott and Caesars Entertainment, declined to be interviewed or responded to requests for comment from the Associated Press.

Chip Rogers, president and chief executive officer of the American Hotel and Lodging Association, a trade group whose members include hotel brands, owners and management companies, said the decision was About housekeeping during the pandemic is due to guest needs, not hotel profits.

“A lot of guests, who to this day, don’t want to enter their rooms during their stay,” he said. “Forcing something on a guest they don’t want is the antithesis of hospitality.”

The pandemic has changed the norm for most hotel guests, he said, who want daily cleaning, adding that it remains unclear whether that will become a permanent change. .

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Rogers says housekeeping policies vary depending on the type of hotel, adding that luxury hotels tend to offer daily housekeeping if guests don’t check in.

Ben McLeod of Bend, Oregon, and his family didn’t want to do housework during their four-night stay at Westin Hapuna Beach Resort on Hawaii’s Big Island in March.

“My wife and I don’t understand why we have to clean every day when we don’t have that in the house and it’s wasteful,” he said.

Can You Get A Hotel At 18 In Texas

“I’m Type A, so I get out of bed and make my own, so I don’t need someone else to make my bed,” she says.

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Hotel union workers are trying to get the message across that refusing to do daily housekeeping is hurting housekeepers and threatening their jobs.

Sonia Guevara works as a housekeeper outside the Hilton hotel in downtown Seattle, May 18, 2022.

Marta Bonilla, who has worked at Caesars Atlantic City Hotel & Casino in New Jersey for 10 years, said she asks guests to clean every day and says it doesn’t make her job difficult. Although the law requires New Jersey hotels to provide daily housekeeping, some guests refuse.

“Now when I get home from work, the only thing I want to do is go to bed,” said Bonilla, a single mother of a 6-year-old daughter from the Dominican Republic. “I’m physically exhausted.”

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In Hawaii, guests who throw confetti not only throw a party, but also leave a dirty room, the housekeeper said. Rooms that have not been cleaned for several days, even with normal use, make it difficult for guests to restore the sparkling, clean room they expect upon check-in.

Elvia Angulo, a housekeeper at the Oakland Marriott Downtown for 17 years, is the breadwinner of her family.

During the first year of the Pandemic, he worked one or two days a month. He started working 40 hours a week, but cut the number of people working each shift from 25 to 12 because he no longer cleaned the room every day.

Can You Get A Hotel At 18 In Texas

Angulo, 54, from Mexico, said: “Thank God I’m a senior here, now I have five more days and my salary is the same.” “But the job is really hard now. If you don’t clean your room in five days, you’ll have trash in the bathroom in five days. That’s trash.”

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Sonia Guevara, who has worked at the Seattle Hilton for seven years, really loves her job. But since returning to work after 18 months off work, he has no health insurance.

Nu Wong has been a housekeeper for the past 32 years at Westin St. in San Francisco, California. Working as a housekeeper on the 32nd floor of the Francis hotel. Monday, February 1, 2021.

“At first I thought I would get a new job, but I wanted to wait,” he said. “I want to see if my hours at the hotel have changed.”

Politicians are currently addressing the issue, including Hawaii Representative Sonny Ganaden, who represents Honolulu’s Kalihi district, home to many of Honolulu’s hoteliers.

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“Almost every time I talk to people at the door, I meet someone who works at the hotel and then I talk about how overworked they are, what’s going on, working conditions. ,” I said. “There are a lot of first- and second-generation immigrants who are left out because of your non-daily cleaning requirements.”

Ganaden was one of the lawmakers who introduced a resolution to immediately hire and recall hotel employees in Hawaii who have been laid off or furloughed due to the pandemic.

If that wasn’t enough, Ganaden said it would be open to taking stronger measures, as elsewhere.

Can You Get A Hotel At 18 In Texas

The Washington, D.C. City Council passed emergency legislation last April that requires hotels in the area to provide daily room service unless the hotel refuses.

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Amal Hligue, an immigrant from Morocco, hopes to work longer hours at the Washington Hilton, where she has worked for 22 years. She needs her husband to get health insurance.

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Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, there are some important rules that apply to hotels around the world when preparing for your trip. Of these, you need to know the age rules for hotel check-in in the US and abroad. Generally, it tends to be 18, but it varies. Here’s an easy guide to signing up and following the minimum age rules.

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Before considering whether you have to be 21 or 18 to register, you might wonder why there is such a restriction. Hotels in the US restrict visitors to at least 18 years old because your check-in is like signing a contract.

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