Can You Drop Off Luggage At Hotel Before Check In

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Can You Drop Off Luggage At Hotel Before Check In – Do you leave your bags at the hotel reception after check-out? Insurance can leave you out of pocket if luggage is stolen

Many vacationers will leave their luggage with hotel lockers after checking out so they can spend the rest of their vacation without lugging around heavy bags.

Can You Drop Off Luggage At Hotel Before Check In

Can You Drop Off Luggage At Hotel Before Check In

But where and how you leave your bags can affect whether they’re covered by your insurance if they’re stolen.

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You could be out of pocket when a British family discovers their luggage is missing at the reception of their Turkish hotel.

Ann, Paul and Taylor Arrowsmith (pictured) from Staffordshire appeared on an episode of the BBC’s Britain’s Rap in September 2013 to talk about the experience.

At the end of their stay, the former decided to check out and spent the rest of their day at the beach – leaving their bags at reception (file photo)

Ann, Paul and Taylor Arrowsmith, from Staffordshire, appeared on an episode of the BBC’s Rep of Britain in September 2013 to talk about the experience.

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The family went to Turkey for a luxurious vacation in a five-star hotel with tour operator Thomson.

At the end of their stay, they decided to check out and spend the rest of the day at the beach.

According to Ann, the hotel told her that it was fine to leave reception to the left and that there would be a bell boy who would “sort things out and make sure the right coach goes”.

Can You Drop Off Luggage At Hotel Before Check In

According to Ann (pictured), she was told by the hotel that it was best to leave reception on the left.

X Ray Scan In The Airport Terminal, Checking The Bags With Luggage Stock Photo

After spending a day at the beach, the shooters returned to their hotel to find their luggage missing.

Despite the best efforts of Thomson’s vacation, the family is forced to go home in wet bathing suits.

Although the family were confident they could claim through their travel insurance for £3,000 worth of lost items, including clothes and appliances, they were shocked to learn their situation was not covered by the policy. .

According to the fine print in the policy, their luggage was left “unattended” because it was not in the hands of an “authorized person”.

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The family were unable to claim compensation from their insurance after discovering their bags were missing (file photo)

If you find that your luggage has gone astray, it is not too late, as you can still try to recover your loss (file photo)

However, the insurers said they could reconsider their decision if the family could prove the bags had been left in sufficiently safe places, something they have been unable to do in the past.

Can You Drop Off Luggage At Hotel Before Check In

Thomson sent the family £50 as a gesture of kindness, but the family were still severely out of pocket.

Check In, Luggage & Controls

A Thomson spokesman said: “Following our investigation in 2013, we advised Mr and Mrs Arrowsmith to contact their insurance provider – to offer any necessary support with their claim, if necessary.” – And we also express our good intentions to apologize for any inconvenience. .

“These types of incidents are incredibly rare and we would encourage customers to leave luggage unattended where possible.”

TravelSupermarket’s Bob Atkinson told Mail Online Travel: “In fact, if you leave your bags anywhere, it’s at your own risk.

Hotels etc. liability will be all over the place and will likely say that you leave your items at your own risk. This will also apply to items such as baggage checked by staff or left luggage lockers.’

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Hotels are unlikely to accept any responsibility for bags, but Atkinson says this will vary from hotel to hotel.

He added: “Insurers will differ on how they view it, whether they see it as safe or not.

Be sure to read the small print of your policy and check by phone if in doubt. Your policy will have value limits and exclusions on where and how you can store your bags.’

Can You Drop Off Luggage At Hotel Before Check In

“There are times when we have time to kill before heading to the airport or our next destination, so we leave our bags at the hotel reception. When we do, the Times is often held in a hotel safe.

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Sometimes, maybe the security is not very good or the administration is confused between the same type of cases, which can result in “missing” packages.

“In these cases, you can get your travel insurance, but when they find out the facts, they may say that the damage is covered by the hotel’s insurance. I know of cases where this has happened, and fortunately, the vacation agency should settle their claim for the loss through this insurance.

Sometimes some hotels refuse to deal with claims, but the simple thing is to ask for insurance information or just go to the head office to get it.

“Whatever you do, when you’re injured, make sure you put your complaint in writing to the hotel owner and keep a copy. If you’re dealing with a small hotel and they don’t help you, you can always complain to the local council, which has a hotel license and maybe insurance.

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Remember that you can always take a hotelier in the EU to a local small claims court under EU rules and claim up to €2,000. If you take action and cannot resolve your loss through negotiations with their insurers, this will be the cheapest and simplest way to deal with it.

“Also remember that if you do run into legal trouble, you may find that your travel insurance can cover legal costs and help you resolve matters without having to take legal action yourself. Do it.”

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Can You Drop Off Luggage At Hotel Before Check In

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Can You Drop Off Luggage At Hotel Before Check In

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