Can You Change The Name On A Hotel Reservation

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Can You Change The Name On A Hotel Reservation – Changing your surname after marriage is a lot of work and involves many steps.

Like most newlyweds, I was excited and excited to be getting married, but quickly fell into the nightmare of changing my name after marriage.

Can You Change The Name On A Hotel Reservation

Can You Change The Name On A Hotel Reservation

I didn’t know how or where to start with my name and ended up making a lot of mistakes.

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After we got married, we started changing your name easily because we want to prevent others from getting upset like I did.

We created this guide to help anyone who is changing their name after marriage on their own. As you can see, this is a comprehensive checklist, so embrace it.

The name change will take some time, so it is important to be patient. If you are diligent, the process can be completed in a few months, but we often see name changes take over a year!

If you want to learn more about changing your name due to a divorce or court order, you can learn more in our guide to changing your legal name.

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Our goal is to help you change your name correctly after marriage. It starts with following these ten steps!

WARNING: If you made a travel reservation under your last name, wait until you return home to change your name. Your photo ID must match your order. If you have already changed your name on your driver’s license or passport and your reservation is in your old name, please contact your travel provider to honor your reservation.

A marriage certificate is a legal document that confirms your marriage on a specific date and place. You will need to use it several times to change the name.

Can You Change The Name On A Hotel Reservation

Your wedding officiant should send the original two to three weeks after the wedding.

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You will probably want to use certified copies of all name change documents. So you can keep your mother safe at home.

A certified copy of your marriage certificate is an official copy of the original certificate issued directly by the county or courthouse where you received your marriage certificate. It has a special seal to verify its authenticity; you can’t just make a copy of yourself.

Fortunately, obtaining a copy of your marriage certificate is quite simple. Simply call the authority that issued the certificate and order one or more copies.

You will have to pay a small fee. Most offices can process your application and send you a certified copy within five to seven working days.

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Please note that a marriage certificate is not the same as a marriage certificate. A marriage certificate shows that you are legally eligible to marry. The marriage certificate serves as a document that proves the conclusion and registration of the marriage.

TIME SAVING TIP: If you must order certified copies, we recommend purchasing at least two copies. You may need to mail your marriage certificate during this process, so an extra copy will allow you to change your name without waiting for the certificate to be returned to you. This will save you money as you only need to pay the processing fee once!

Now is the time to change the name of the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSA is the agency that will issue your new Social Security card.

Can You Change The Name On A Hotel Reservation

All government agencies connect to the SSA database, so you should change your name here. If your name change is not registered with the SSA, other government agencies will not allow you to change your name.

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You can start by reviewing our comprehensive SSA Name Change Guide for a full list of accepted documents needed to make this change.

Alternatively, you can download Form SS-5, Application for a Social Security Card, and follow the instructions.

We recommend that you wait until you receive your new Social Security card before changing your name anywhere else. Your social security number will remain the same.

Required documents: Original or certified copy of marriage certificate, valid photo (driver’s license, state-issued ID or US passport)

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IMPORTANT: Do not file your taxes until the IRS knows your name has changed, as this could cause problems with your tax return. The SSA will notify the IRS of your name change, but it can take up to two weeks.

Once you’ve received your updated Social Security card, it’s time to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to renew your driver’s license or state-issued license.

If you do not already have one, we recommend that you obtain or renew a federally compliant REAL ID.

Can You Change The Name On A Hotel Reservation

REAL ID has added travel discounts and nominal costs – most of which cost the same as standard licenses.

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Beginning May 3, 2023, every airline passenger will be required to present a REAL-ID compliant domestic airline ID or other acceptable form of identification.

Each state has different application, document and payment requirements, so check what you need to fill out and bring with you before you travel.

Most states will need to see your new Social Security card or receipt from the Social Security Administration, a certified copy of your current driver’s license, marriage license, and proof of address (a letter containing your name and current address).

If you want to avoid the hassle of government websites, you’ve already done your research and know exactly what each state requires. Changing Your Name After Marriage Here are step-by-step instructions on how to change your name in your state.

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Updating your vehicle title and registration is another important thing that varies greatly from state to state. Some DMVs cover both driver’s license and vehicle title/registration, but most states have separate departments for driver’s license and vehicle.

We recommend visiting your state’s DMV website to review the steps to renew your vehicle title and registration. It usually takes a few weeks for your new name to arrive in the mail, but you should get your new account right away.

Before you go to the relevant office, spend more time researching what documents are needed. A lot of people are turned away when they arrive because they don’t have identification or vehicle information.

Can You Change The Name On A Hotel Reservation

If this sounds stressful, don’t worry! Your title and registration research has already been done. As with your driver’s license, we provide instructions to make the process quick and easy.

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NOTE: If you are currently leasing or financing your vehicle, contact your mortgage lender to inform them of the name change. They will give you the steps to renew your title in your state.

Your driver’s license or government-issued identification card is valid for travel within the United States. However, if you plan to travel abroad, you will need to renew your passport.

If your passport is less than a year old, you’re in luck – name renewal is free. However, if your passport is more than one year old, you will need to pay a new passport processing fee.

You will need to fill out one of three different forms: DS-82 if your passport was issued more than a year ago, DS-5504 if it was issued less than a year ago, or DS-11 if it has expired. more than five years.

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Submit the completed form along with your ID, color photograph and the applicable fee. For more information, see our guide to changing your passport name.

Standard application processing can take up to six weeks and expedited services up to three weeks.

In addition to receiving a new passport in the mail, you will also receive an old passport with a hole in the middle at the back.

Can You Change The Name On A Hotel Reservation

In addition, voter registration information needs to be updated. You can download and email the National Voter Registration Application or visit

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While you don’t have to tell USPS about your name change, you will be asked to update your name and address if you’ve moved after getting married. For more information, visit

To change the name of your bank account, most banks require you to visit a branch with an updated photo ID (driver’s license or passport) and marriage certificate.

If you want to add a spouse to your account or open a joint account, make sure your spouse is traveling with you.

If you don’t live near a branch, call the bank’s customer service number or the number on the back of your debit card.

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For all major credit cards, the best place to change your name after you get married is to call the number on the back of the card. Every card issuer is different, so don’t expect the same process for every card.

Most will ask you to mail, upload, or email a copy of your ID (driver’s license or passport) and a copy of your marriage certificate.

Unfortunately, few issuers like American Express allow you to change your name completely online. Most require you to speak to someone on the phone.

Can You Change The Name On A Hotel Reservation

Your name appears in more places than you think, so you might want to turn on a

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