Can Someone Else Book A Hotel Room For Me

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Can Someone Else Book A Hotel Room For Me – I am often asked about the limitations of “extending” hotel VIP status to friends and family. This question often comes in one of two forms:

I understand where the question is coming from, because many people see this as a win-win situation – their friends and family can get more benefits than they would directly, and the member can get help with elite eligibility.

Can Someone Else Book A Hotel Room For Me

Can Someone Else Book A Hotel Room For Me

So let me answer this question for anyone wondering something similar. I note that if you book multiple rooms and you are staying overnight, there are other ways to maximize the hotel’s VIP benefits. This is more for booking hotel accommodation for others when you are not staying.

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As you might expect, according to the terms and conditions of all hotel loyalty programs, the member must stay to earn points and receive VIP privileges. Program terms state that a member must stay in a reserved room and pay for the guest room to earn points and take advantage of VIP privileges.

In other words, you cannot order for someone else and then earn points and transfer your VIP benefits to them.

Above are the official rules that I always like to share because I think they are worth following. It’s not worth playing with a loyalty program and jeopardizing your membership. That said, there are some techniques that are often worth knowing for those who want to do things accidentally.

If you book a room for two guests, you can usually add another guest to the reservation. Some hotels allow you to add this online during the booking process, while others require you to call to add another name.

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The main thing about adding another guest to a booking is that they can check in without any problems. Ford and I sometimes come on separate flights, so sometimes he goes in before me. Here is my experience with it:

The above is undeniably a “legitimate” use of this feature, although this can get complicated if you’re trying to use your status for others and keep a lot of people waiting. In other words, let’s say Person A (the VIP member) makes a reservation and lists Person B as another guest, when in reality Person B and Person C are staying. In those cases, I recommend that the other guest staying doesn’t check out and “stay” outside to avoid further questions.

After all, if the room is reserved for two and two show up (not a VIP member), that raises a red flag.

Can Someone Else Book A Hotel Room For Me

There is another scenario that people often ask. Say you have family or friends visiting the area, but they’re not staying with you, but in a hotel. Can you book the hotel in your name, check in, give them the keys and enjoy your VIP privileges?

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Officially, the answer is still no, because the terms of the major hotel programs state that you have to stay in the room to use VIP privileges and earn points.

Actually, this is something most hotel groups can’t police, because you might be the one checking in.

I think this can be difficult if you have a personal relationship with the hotel and they know you and get confused when someone checks into the club with your room number, but it’s not you. But in most cases, hotels do not offer such personal service.

Alternatively, many hotel programs allow you to redeem your points for others. The downside is that you won’t get points or VIP credits for this stay, and the person who stays won’t usually get your VIP benefits.

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The only exception I would like to mention is that if you are a Hyatt Globalist member, you can order honorariums for others with your points. This allows you to extend your VIP benefits to them, but you will not receive points or VIP nights.

Hotel VIP status is generally non-transferable, meaning the member must be the primary guest on the reservation and stay in the room to earn points and take advantage of VIP privileges. Some strategies that some people try can work, but remember that they can also backfire. Can I pay for a hotel room for someone else? Looking for Can I pay for another hotel room? Calculator with payment updates. I can pay others for a hotel room.

You can reserve a hotel room for someone else with your credit card, as long as you list that person as a guest when booking. The man with the hotel room…

Can Someone Else Book A Hotel Room For Me

Sep 28, 2018 … In almost all hotels, you can choose to pay for someone else’s hotel room and/or book a hotel room for someone else. Paying for someone…

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Call the hotel, give them your credit card and tell them if you want to cover the room or the whole thing. Report inappropriate content.

Yes. Usually it’s a pre-authorization office that you fill out with photocopies of your ID and credit card if you need to do this.

Sep 5, 2019 … As long as the room is in her name and she has a credit card in her name she should be fine, they won’t ask for the credit card used to pay…

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Yes you can but you need proof that you have permission to use the room. For example, booking a room on behalf of a guest such as a travel agent/secretary and…

To book a hotel or vacation rental for someone else online · Enter the name of the guest checking into the hotel or vacation rental. · Enter Phone…

You can reserve a hotel room for someone else with your credit card, as long as you list that person as a guest when booking. You are the person with the hotel room…

Can Someone Else Book A Hotel Room For Me

Jun 16, 2022 … The absolute easiest way for someone to book a hotel is to: 1) Use their credit/debit card for the transaction (preferably a card they…

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Today’s reader question comes from Brooklyn on Facebook. Actually, Brooklyn is a friend of my wife and asked her on Facebook and I posted the question 🙂

[My husband] says that he and I cannot book a hotel room (using award points) unless he is physically present to check us in. Is it true? Can I book a hotel for someone else?

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That’s a great question and the good news is the short answer is yes. In general – yes, you can book a hotel for someone else and the person with the points does not need to be physically present to check in. As with most things, the exact details depend on the hotel chain, the check-in person’s mood, and other circumstances.

Another thing to consider is that if your name is on the reservation, you are responsible for any charges/damages guests incur while they are at the hotel. In this case it’s the couple so it’s not a problem, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re booking hotel nights for someone else.

How to book a hotel for someone else in every major chain Book an IHG hotel for someone else

Can Someone Else Book A Hotel Room For Me

IHG is the Intercontinental Hotel Group and includes hotels such as Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Staybridge Suites, Candlewood Suites, Crowne Plaza, Intercontinental, Even and Hotel Indigo.

Downtown Toronto Hotel

IHG does not allow you to change the name of a reservation, but allows you to specify additional guests in the reservation.

Note that you must specify at least 2 guests at the time of booking for the extra guests section to be seen. There is also a section for special requests, where you can optionally specify that the check-in is your guest.

Click here to book a hotel directly with IHG or compare the IHG hotel credit card with other hotel cards

Similar to Hilton IHG, you can designate an extra guest who can check in without you

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