Can I Use Avios Points For Hotels

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Can I Use Avios Points For Hotels – Avios Points are the 2nd most important for Canadian travel rewards enthusiasts and can be used for multiple flights. This list of Avios partner airlines gives you an idea of ​​your options, especially since Avios’ rules are very specific.

Of course, you’ll have to read our ultimate guide to the British Airways Avios program to get a sense of this prize currency, which is slightly more expensive than Air Canada’s Aeroplan program, for example.

Can I Use Avios Points For Hotels

Can I Use Avios Points For Hotels

It is one of 3 growing airline alliances (recently added Alaska Airlines and Royal Air Maroc).

Video: How To Maximize British Airways Avios

Once you complete the process of joining Oman Air, it will give you more options to use your Avios points (not to mention that Qatar Airways has accepted Avios points as their reward currency).

Oman Air recently joined the Aeroplan program as a non-alliance partner, so that partnership could be under threat, unfortunately. But the process of joining the alliance is very long (we’re talking about 2024), so if there’s a change in the plane, it won’t happen right away.

First, as with all airline rewards programs, the main benefit for travelers is that they can use their points across all carriers in the rewards program owner’s alliance.

For British Airways, this is the Oneworld alliance (2nd largest of 3 global alliances). You can read details of global airline alliances. So you’re not really limited to flights with UK flagged airlines!

Can I Book American Airlines Flights With Avios Points?

Now, as mentioned in our ultimate guide to the Avios program, some Oneworld airlines aren’t the best because they charge high cover fees.

British Airways Executive Club (the official name for the Avios program) has partner airlines here, but they are not part of the Oneworld alliance.

Avios Points can be easily transferred between separate but linked programs at a 1 to 1 ratio, a feature unique to Avios.

Can I Use Avios Points For Hotels

These are the partner airlines in Qatar Airways’ Avios program (besides the oneworld alliance partners listed above, which I will not repeat).

List Of Avios Partner Airlines

The Iberia Plus program from Spanish flag carrier Iberia is very attractive, especially for connecting flights (prices are calculated based on the total distance, not by segment like British Airways’ Avios program).

These are the partner airlines in the Avios Iberia program (besides the oneworld alliance partners listed above, which I will not repeat).

Finally, the least attractive program using Avios points is Aer Lingus Air Club, an Irish airline.

These are the partner airlines in the Avios Air Club program (and Aer Lingus is the only program using Avios that is not part of the Oneworld alliance).

Ihg Rewards Club British Airways 200 Bonus Avios Per Night Through March 31, 2021

With its many airline partners, the Avios program – one of the most important programs for Canadian travelers – gives you many opportunities to use Avios points to travel around the world.

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Can I Use Avios Points For Hotels

I generally try to stay away from the eternal question of ‘how much is Avios worth?’ Because, at the end of the day,

Collect Avios With Barclays And Barclaycard

. Where you fly, which cabin, whether you regularly use your 241 voucher and (which is considered rare) what class you pay for if an Avios flight is not available depends on several factors.

However, what you can do is place an Avios rating base. One way to do this is to see the value of a hotel booking if you redeem it, as it’s an easy way to cash out your stack of Avios.

As an experiment, I randomly selected four hotels in four cities on Saturday October 17, 2020. This is what I found, a four-star hotel priced for two adults. In all cases I took the best ‘best seller’ option. Cash price includes all taxes.

10 seconds with the calculator shows that all of this gives you a value of around 0.50 – 0.51p per Avios.

How To Combine Avios Between British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus, And Qatar Airways

Is’s ‘cash price’ fair? I checked Avios prices and found that they are 0.50p per Avios. The results are impressive, especially since Expedia offers the most hotels booked through BA Hotels:

As you can see, there is often little difference between Avios prices and Expedia cash prices. This means you can get a better – or worse – deal using Avios, depending on the cash price ratio.

If the Avios price is adjusted to 0.5p per Avios value, you should take the option to reduce Avios usage when that is the best price you can find.

Can I Use Avios Points For Hotels

Take the example of London above. Your three options are £195 Expedia, £135 + 8,750 Avios via BA, or 34,900 Avios. The best deal here is £135 + 8,750 Avios. Taking the 34,900 Avios option means you ‘sell’ an additional 26,150 Avios to BA for just £135. It’s a bad deal, only 0.5p each.

You Can Now Convert Avios Into Accor Live Limitless Points

Based on hotel rates on you get 0.50p per Avios when you book a hotel with them.

It is noteworthy that the results have been very poor this year. Over the last 4-5 years, when I do the same analysis, it’s been 0.55p-0.56p per Avios. There is a clear 10% depreciation in what you get per point.

If you earned Avios points from credit card purchases, Tesco point transfers, etc., you will most likely not receive the 0.50p. Your Avios aren’t ‘free’ – you can use a cashback credit card or trade them in for another Tesco Clubcard offer – and you’ll want to be closer to 1p per Avios when spending them. My article ‘How much is Avios worth?’ (click here) shows how easy 1p can be achieved.

However, if you get all your Avios through business travel, you have no ‘opportunity cost’ for your Avios. If you know it’s not the best deal but have trouble finding a suitable flight, you can get a hotel exchange.

Good Uses Of Avios Points

There is one final point to consider here. Redeeming Avios to a hotel chain through or paying through Expedia will not earn you hotel points for your stay. You won’t get any status benefits until the hotel feels generous. You should keep this in mind when booking, especially if your status includes free breakfast or an upgrade.

As a reminder, there are various ways to get Avios points from a UK credit card. Many cards have huge sign-up bonuses!

In February 2022, Barclaycard launched two exciting new Barclaycard Avios MasterCard cards with bonuses of up to 25,000 Avios. You can apply here.

Can I Use Avios Points For Hotels

Even if you have a British Airways American Express card, you are eligible for bonuses on the following cards:

The Beginner’s Guide To Collecting Avios — Head For Points

You can earn a generous sign-up bonus by applying for an American Express card that earns Membership Rewards points.

Your Best Starter Pack – 20,000 Points, One Year Free & Four Airport Lounge Tickets Read our full review

We recommend Capital on Tap for limited companies. With a sign-up bonus of 10,500 Avios you get an impressive 1 Avios per £1 on a Visa card.

You should also consider the British Airways Business Acceleration Credit Card. It is open to sole traders and limited companies and has a sign up bonus of 30,000 Avios.

Can You Spend Avios On Flights For Someone Else?

Both American Express business cards have hefty bonuses, with points converting 1:1 to Avios. This card is open to sole traders and limited companies.

Click here to read a full summary of all UK credit cards that earn Avios. This includes personal and small business cards.

Used by the UK’s largest frequent flyer website

Can I Use Avios Points For Hotels

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