Can I Pay Cash At A Hotel

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Can I Pay Cash At A Hotel – As I begin road trips for at least the next two years, I’m learning a lot about paying for hotels. We will actually be staying in a hotel room for most of our trip, there and in our car. To my dismay, I discovered that the cabins and tents at the Pacific Northwest campgrounds are already full.

Booked in April for summer which means we will have to stay in a hotel. I know AirBnB or VRBO you say, but no! We are obsessed with hotels, plus they now have kitchens, just like shared houses.

Can I Pay Cash At A Hotel

Can I Pay Cash At A Hotel

I prefer the security and privacy of a 100 room hotel to a single unit – and I have experience with AirBnbs. Here are some ways that I have found useful when paying for hotel rooms.

Understanding Cash Back Vs. Airline Miles

If I walked into a hotel and was offered cash like dollar bills and change like dimes and nickels, would they accept the money? In the age of digital money, cash is less common. Also, you obviously can’t use cash if you want to book a room online.

This method requires you to be on site at the hotel. Your best bet is to call ahead and ask, as most hotels will accept cash, but not all.

So call or email ahead and ask before you arrive to save time and face. Additionally, while most hotel chains such as Country Inns & Suites and Extended Stay America accept cash, they often require a credit card for incidentals.

If you don’t have a debit or credit card, you may not be able to rent a room, even though they accept cash, just for protection. Some hotel chains, such as Hyatt, list this information online. According to Hyatt, “Please note that this hotel only accepts credit cards, debit cards and, where applicable, other contactless payment methods. This is a cashless environment.

Use Hyatt Points At Mgm Resorts In Vegas

If you’re using a debit card to pay for your hotel room, you’re working with the best payment method: digital. You can contact the hotel directly by calling the hotel and providing your debit card number over the phone, or you can use their online booking form with your debit card number.

Otherwise, third-party hotel booking sites like and require you to use a debit or credit card, or even PayPal. This is very beneficial for most travelers who use debit cards to pay for fuel and other purchases directly from their checking account.

As a freelancer, I get paid digitally using PayPal for most of my writing. This means I can use PayPal to cover the cost of our hotel room if PayPal works. This is a good deal because I don’t need to transfer money to my debit card to pay for the hotel.

Can I Pay Cash At A Hotel

The only place I’ve been able to use PayPal to pay for hotel rooms is This website is a great asset for budget road trips. I get a free room after paying for 10 rooms, often at a discounted rate. The free room is the average of the 10 rooms I pay for, so it’s usually $150.

Reasons You Should Never Pay Cash For Travel!

Since we travel a lot now, my son and I pack rooms pretty quickly. The idea is that I can use to get at least two free nights per month, which is a savings of $300. This is a huge plus for those who travel a lot and use hotels.

Again, for me, I also collect PayPal debit card fees on my checking account. It cost up to $15 per transfer and I was spending $30 a month on fees.

This way I can use to pay for hotel rooms directly using PayPal. As a result, I don’t have to transfer money and use a debit card, which also frees me from fundraising. It’s easier to access my PayPal account, which makes it the right choice for me. The trick is to find hotels that accept PayPal on – not all of them do.

I have yet to discover the secret to this sauce; It looks like hotels should be ready to accept payment now or at your place before PayPal is available. Anyway, I was able to sign into my PayPal account twice using to successfully pay for the hotel rooms. will take you directly to PayPal when you are in the payment section of your room reservation.

Hyatt Makes Combining Points + Cash Really Easy, With

Have you ever used Venmo? This is an app that allows people to send you money. I received payment for web content work prior to using Venmo from a mental health therapist. However, I never had enough money in my Venmo account to pay for a hotel room.

Still, I don’t think you can use your Venmo to pay for a hotel. After checking Hyatt and, I suspect Venmo is accepted for online hotel payments. For example, the only payment methods on are:

You can use Venmo to purchase an e-gift card from, and then use that gift card to pay for a hotel room using However, you can use Venmo in person using your app, just like paying at hotels. Start by contacting the hotel individually to see if they accept Venmo online or in person.

Can I Pay Cash At A Hotel

Because Venmo is part of PayPal and tied to your debit card, you can use it at more modern, expensive hotels in big cities like Seattle.

How Does Agodacash Work? [agoda’s Rewards Program Explained]

When it comes to hotels, there are so many ways to pay these days, it’s not even funny. In addition to booking a hotel directly, you can use a third-party provider such as to book your hotel.

Personally, I like using a third-party site for hotel reservations because it keeps track of all my reservations—cancelled, made, and upcoming—in one place. This is a great record for my personal mind as a road traveler, but it’s also easy to rebook hotels I’ve stayed at in the past.

Another reason I like so much is that I can use PayPal, debit card, and Google Pay to make my reservations. They also let me book a hotel room and then cancel it – even though I’ve paid zero or full – depending on which hotel I’m booking.

There are so many different hotel chains and even owners that use this site, including condo owners, that it offers a lot of options. Also, every time I book 10 nights, there is a free room. After two weeks, it’s a free night for every penny. This article may contain affiliate links. TRAVEL GOOD FOR LESS partners with cards to cover our credit card product. Travel well for less and lockers can be obtained from a commission card issuer. The opinions, reviews, analysis and recommendations appear solely to the author and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any such entity. Read my disclosure and privacy policy.

Xceltrip: Book Hotels And Cheap Flights Using Crypto, Bitcoin

When should you use points and when should you pay cash for hotels? This is a common question when you are an award traveler and traveling.

Hi Debra, have you ever stayed at the Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort? The Hyatt in Phuket is only $90 a night or 12,000 points, not sure if it’s worth it or better to pay $90.

I stayed at the Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort for three nights in March while traveling through Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Can I Pay Cash At A Hotel

Some people like to assign an arbitrary value to the point. For example, Chase Ultimate Rewards points are worth 1.5 cents.

Hotel Digital Room Service System

And this value is not a fixed number. which may change depending on the point usage value.

Whether you have a pool of points or are looking to earn travel-specific points, you need to know how much you paid for each point.

Calculate how much it will cost you to use this item versus what it will cost you to pay cash.

You can even go so far as to determine how much it will cost you to earn those points.

Guide: How To Decide Whether To Buy Points Or Pay Cash For Hotel Stays

Everyone loves the Park Hyatt Maldives. who doesn’t The hotel is located on a private island with white sand beaches. It’s just heaven.

Depending on when you stay, you can pay upwards of $1,000 a night. Yes, $1000/night for a standard room.

If you don’t already have a reserve of Hyatt Points from a World of Hyatt credit card or transfer card, such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve ® Card, Chase Sapphire Preferred ® Card or Ink Business Preferred Credit Card ® , you can purchase Hyatt Points. for 2.4 cents each.

Can I Pay Cash At A Hotel

Pro tip: Check if the hotel offers points + cash exchange. You can save both points and money.

Why Pay Full Price For A Hotel Room? Utilize Lowest Rate Guarantees And Save Some Cash

Despite the fact that

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