Can I Leave My Luggage At Hotel Before Check In

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Since we all stayed in hotels while traveling, it was easy to figure out what to do with our luggage. If you arrive in town long before check-in or your flight is long after departure time, any reasonable hotel will offer luggage storage and have the porter store your bag for the price of a tip. When you’re staying at an Airbnb or similar, things can get a little more complicated.

Can I Leave My Luggage At Hotel Before Check In

Can I Leave My Luggage At Hotel Before Check In

Some Airbnb hosts can be flexible when it comes to storing your stuff, but if someone else is booked in the space before or right after you, you’re probably ALONE.

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Most large cities have bag storage areas, which can be useful but are often only located in one area. They are also expensive. Over the past few years, several apps and services have appeared that offer a different solution: storing your stuff in a store.

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Among all luggage storage options, Stasher currently supports most cities. The service is available in over 100 cities worldwide and offers storage at local hotels and shops while you explore the city. Pricing starts at $6 per day.

Bounce offers storage starting at $6 per day in places like hotels and coffee shops. Each location offers 24/7 secure storage, tamper-proof ID stamps (so you know no one’s going through your stuff), and some options even offer delivery, so you can drop off that suitcase at your Airbnb later on Bounce is available in most major cities.

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Luggage Hero is available exclusively online (not an app) and only in New York City, London and Copenhagen. The price is per bag and varies between cities. In New York, for example, the service costs $1/hour or $10/day. Storing your bags also incurs a one-time handling fee of $2 per bag.

If you’re traveling in Europe, NannyBag might be the best place to start. The service is available in 15 countries, including France, UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Finland and Luxembourg. Also available in New York City. Pricing starts at $6 per day. The service also offers insurance for bags left behind when using the service. Is it a good idea to leave your hotel luggage in the bathtub upon arrival? Online ads promise helpful travel advice.

Since at least August 2021, online ads have shown images of alleged hotel tricks involving items in bathtubs. The ads seem to promise to explain why the suitcases have to go to such a strange place. For example, this ad appeared next to an article on the website. It read: “Hotel tricks: luggage goes in the tub ASAP.”

Can I Leave My Luggage At Hotel Before Check In

We click on the ad. This led to a lengthy slideshow on the website about hotel room “hacks.” The headline read: “The ingenious hotel hacks you should keep in your bag.”

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The story doesn’t mention anything about putting things in a hotel room bathtub. We click through 30 pages of nonsense so our readers don’t have to. It was nothing more than clickbait, as we reported on another ad that featured an empty toilet paper roll.

While the 30-page article made no mention of luggage in hotel bathtubs, a little research revealed to us that it may serve a legitimate purpose.

Penn State University, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and The University of Maine recommend leaving your luggage in the bathtub when checking into a hotel room. Some suggest it’s even better to temporarily leave your bags in the hallway.

Bed bug experts, who appear in videos like these, do not recommend that all hotel guests leave their belongings in the bathtub all the time. Conversely, if guests are afraid of the bed, it is a safe place to store suitcases, bags and other belongings, while they search the room for bugs. An infection can be a very expensive situation.

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The chances of bed bugs in a hotel room are only as small as the size of the creatures. According to Jody Gangloff-Kaufman, an urban entomologist at Cornell University, “public awareness has risen” to a level far beyond the actual chances of experiencing a bed bug infestation. This appeared to be due to an increase in news reports, which made the problem appear as a bigger problem than it really is. Gangloff-Kaufmann was quoted in a 2013 story in National Geographic.

The unhygienic nature of putting suitcase wheels where people shower doesn’t seem like a good idea. However, intrepid hotel guests can take a large trash bag with them when they travel, so they can leave it in the bathtub for several minutes to keep the surface clean. Many brands of garbage bags can be torn at both ends to completely expose the plastic, leaving a longer plastic surface for the tub.

Once guests have checked for bed bugs, including around the bed, mattress, box spring and frame, as well as the straps under and around the luggage racks, it is recommended that suitcases be placed directly on the rack. It is not recommended to place suitcases on the floor or on the bed. Many pest control articles claim that placing items on the hotel room floor or directly on the bed can lead to a bed bug infestation in the home, although the likelihood of such a thing may be low.

Can I Leave My Luggage At Hotel Before Check In

It wasn’t the first time we saw the idea of ​​putting things in the bathtub, at first it seemed like a “gimmick” and a weird hotel “gimmick”. For example, one ad claimed there was a big reason hotel guests should “always” put coins in the bathroom sink. We also reported on an ad that allegedly revealed an important tip about why guests should “always” put a towel under the hotel door.

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For complete information on how to look for bedbugs upon arriving at a hotel room, check out’s complete guide.

It discredits a wide range of content, and online advertising is no exception. Deceptive ads often lead to shady websites that host long slide show articles with multiple pages. This is called an “arbitrage” notice. The advertiser’s goal is to make more money than it costs to show the initial ad that prompts them to appear on the slideshow pages. Feel free to submit ads to us and be sure to include a screenshot of the ad and the link it leads to. We’ve all been there. Either your flight lands early in the morning or leaves in the evening. In both scenarios, you’re faced with the dilemma of keeping your luggage safe all day or waiting for your hotel or Airbnb to store it for a few hours.

The availability of hotel luggage storage depends on the individual hotel’s luggage storage policy. If you’re lucky, you can leave your luggage at your hotel before check-in or after check-out time. Even if you’re not a guest, some hotel bellhops will gladly store your luggage for a big enough tip. This can be a win-win situation.

Most large hotels allow early luggage drop-off. Although some small establishments offer hotel luggage storage before check-in, it’s always a good idea to inquire about luggage storage when booking.

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Larger hotels may allow you to store your luggage at the hotel after check-out. But some hotels charge a fee to store your luggage after check-out. It might be better to book an extra night.

Travelers often ask, “Does the hotel store my luggage even if I’m not staying there?” The answer is usually “yes.” Hotel bellboys often agree to hold luggage for a tip. Please note that this arrangement is informal. Although the hotel staff may be able to find a somewhat secure place to store your bags, busy bellmen will not be able to keep a constant eye on them.

When planning an early arrival, you should find out as soon as possible if your Airbnb allows early luggage drop-off. If there is no one booked after you in your Airbnb, you may be able to store your luggage after you check out. Airbnb’s early baggage drop-off is rarely available for high-turnover rentals.

Can I Leave My Luggage At Hotel Before Check In

Most hotels operate a shop at your own risk policy. Hotels may require you to sign a waiver before storing your bags. And sometimes hotel bags look like they’ve been hit by a zombie apocalypse. A mountain of nearly identical bags are piled on top of each other in an unpredictable manner. The attendant is overworked and unable to keep a good eye on the hotel’s luggage room. This is not unusual

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