Can I Get A Hotel Room At 17

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One of the best feelings is finally arriving in your hotel room after a long day of travel. Time to unpack, throw on a robe and relax. Grab your favorite drink, grab the TV remote, or put on your bathing suit and head to the pool, right? I GOT IT! Before you start enjoying your vacation, there are a few things you should note in your new accommodation.

Can I Get A Hotel Room At 17

Can I Get A Hotel Room At 17

These simple things will help you avoid getting sick and stay safe in your new hotel room.

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It seems like a no-brainer right? Many travelers believe that the door will close behind them when they leave. Hotel doors can malfunction, leaving the door unlocked while you leave your personal belongings close at hand. It can also leave you completely vulnerable if someone breaks into your room while you sleep.

To check your hotel room door locks, leave WITH your room key to avoid being locked out. Allow the door to close completely and then check the handle to see if the door can be opened without using a key. If it’s closed, great! You know your room is safe.

DO NOT unpack until this step is complete. Even 5 star hotels have had bed bug outbreaks.

Bed bugs travel with clothes and personal belongings so even the cleanest hotels can suffer an infestation.

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To be very proactive put your suitcase in the bathroom when you get to your hotel room. This will ensure that those pesky bugs have no way to get into your luggage as bed bugs also live in carpets.

Bed bugs are nasty little creatures that bite and leave large red bumps on the skin. They are very hard to keep out of clothes and bags and of course no way to start the holidays.

Take the time to look at the map behind your hotel room door. These maps are not just a legal requirement.

Can I Get A Hotel Room At 17

Recent disasters such as the earthquake in Lombok, Indonesia and hotel fires around the world remind us that it is more important than ever to have a plan in place before disaster strikes. If you are traveling with a family make sure you have a meeting place outside the hotel in case you are separated due to an emergency.

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Never use the provided hotel glasses without washing them FIRST. This one is scary. An ABC undercover operation reported that 73% of glasses were not properly cleaned and disinfected. Some glasses pose a serious health hazard to guests because they have been cleaned with Lysol mold remover or a dirty rag. seriously? juice

You don’t want to be exchanging germs with the previous host. Not only is it grim, but no one likes a cold or flu to start their vacation.

Plastic folding cups in hotel rooms will always be clean, but they are not the most environmentally friendly. Recycle if possible to reduce your travel footprint.

We’ve all been there. Exhausted after a long day of travel, we just want to get into bed and close our eyes. Before doing so it is important to take a moment to look at the sheets and towels.

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Now I’m very picky. If you look hard enough, you will always find something. Even a piece of fluff you’ve mistaken for a bug can set off alarms. If there is a small hair all over the bed, brush it off and get on with your vacation.

From our journey of staying in more than 200 hotels around the world we have learned that not all countries are equal when it comes to hotel standards. Throughout North America, expect clean white sheets in hotels rated 3 stars or higher. If they are not perfect, be sure to let the front desk know so they can fix it right away.

Unfortunately, there have been several occasions in South East Asia and the UK where 3 and even 4 star hotels have not had spotless sheets and towels. This does not mean that the sheets are necessarily dirty, but the standard of white sheets and perfect towels was not up to par. Many times we changed rooms or got new sheets and we would have the same result.

Can I Get A Hotel Room At 17

The TV remote control is one of the dirtiest things in a hotel room. In one study, 81 percent of hotel surfaces contained some type of fecal bacteria. The TV remote was up there with the toilet. Before you jump into bed with your bowl of popcorn or snack from the vending machine, clean your TV remote. Below are some tips.

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: Clean frequently touched surfaces in the hotel room, such as light switches and doorknobs. This will help you avoid catching a cold or flu from a previous host or guardian.

Another dirty secret has emerged. Hotel ice buckets are almost never cleaned or disinfected. Many hotels choose to bring plastic bags to line the buckets. That’s great, but if there’s even the tiniest hole, microscopic bacteria could get through the ice. Another horror story is how often ice cubes are used as barf buckets. My stomach literally turned.

Best Travel Tip: When traveling anywhere outside of North America, be sure to ask if they use filtered water for ice.

There is a worrying trend of hidden cameras being found more often in travel accommodation. This may be more common on AirBnb, but it can also happen in a hotel. This shameful act involves hidden cameras that look like everyday and common objects, such as wall chargers and even smoke detectors. There are still many things you can do to avoid becoming a victim of this heinous act.

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Be aware of your surroundings and check for anything that might be out of place. Things to consider include:

Unfortunately, hidden cameras can be very small and hard to notice. On the other hand, they are rarely sophisticated enough to prevent someone from seeing them.

Always keep your valuables locked in your hotel room safe. They are offered in hotel rooms for a reason. They may not be 100% safe, but they are much safer and leave everything out on the hotel bed. Passports, wallets, jewelry, and even electronics should be locked in the safe when you’re out of the room.

Can I Get A Hotel Room At 17

I personally lock everything in the safe when I go to bed too. Better than an all-too-common “must have” moment when you travel.

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I’m a total control freak. I used to spend my time worrying and complaining trying to make sure my hotel room was perfect. Somewhat deserved, but a lot, I had to learn to let go. Being nervous, angry, or waiting for something to work out doesn’t make your trip worthwhile. I learned that y

The sooner you learn not to sweat the small stuff and relax, the sooner your vacation starts.

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For your next family vacation, surprise the kids (and kids at heart) by staying at one of these fun kid-friendly hotels with kid-themed rooms that will delight everyone in the family.

When it comes to themed hotel rooms, there’s nothing quite like Adventure Suites in North Conway, New Hampshire, where each hotel room has a unique theme. Popular themed rooms include The Jungle, Haunted Castle, and the Treehouse, which has a large picnic table “tent” and a small three-way door that kids love.

After spending the day at Camp Snoopy and Knott’s Berry Farm, return to your Snoopy-themed room at the Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel, which is just steps from the theme park. Themed rooms include Snoopy plush dolls and Snoopy’s own bedtime.

Can I Get A Hotel Room At 17

To your family when you book a stay at the Pineapple Villa at Nickelodeon Hotels and Resorts Punta Cana, all inclusive. This themed villa can accommodate up to six guests (four adults and two children or two adults and four children) and features an infinity pool and SpongeBob-inspired furnishings and decor.

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-themed lair at Nickelodeon’s new Riviera Maya Hotels & Resorts is the perfect place to relax, swim (in the suite-wide infinity pool) and enjoy a pizza, of course. This rooftop penthouse suite will accommodate

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