Can A Tornado Destroy A Hotel

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Can A Tornado Destroy A Hotel – EL RENO, Oklahoma β€” A suspected tornado destroyed a motel and moved through a mobile home park near the Oklahoma City area, killing two people, officials said.

“There are currently two deaths,” El Reno Mayor Matt White said at a news conference Sunday, saying officials were working to notify next of kin.

Can A Tornado Destroy A Hotel

Can A Tornado Destroy A Hotel

Several people were taken to hospitals in Oklahoma City, White said, but did not provide an exact number.

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A suspected tornado hit El Reno Saturday night as the powerful storm system moved through the state, Norman meteorologist Rick Smith said. Crews will assess the damage on Sunday to determine the extent of the damage, Smith said.

The American Budget Value Inn was destroyed in the storm. Photos from the scene showed emergency crews sifting through the rubble after part of the motel’s second floor collapsed into a pile of debris that spread across the ground floor and parking lot.

A trailer at the Skyview Estates RV park next to the motel and part of a nearby car dealership were also damaged.

Storms hit El Reno Saturday night after a week of tornadoes, heavy rain and flooding across the Southern Plains and Midwest, including one that hit Jefferson City, Missouri. A recent spate of severe weather and flooding in the region has killed at least nine people. Rare “mothership” clouds hover over Childress, Texas. Tornado chasers there spent 7 hours and 150 miles tracking down the supercell thunderstorm that produced the clouds. Supercell thunderstorms have been known to produce tornadoes with wind speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour.

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Tornado chasers practice as the storm looms in South Dakota. The state is part of “Tornado Alley,” an area of ​​the Midwestern United States where tornadoes are more severe than the rest of the country.

Stormy skies hung over the wreckage of a mobile home torn apart by the tornado. Tornadoes kill about 60 people and cause billions of dollars in property damage each year in the United States.

A photographer captured an extreme close-up of a tornado funnel in Manchester, South Dakota. The combination of strong winds, flying debris and loud noise from the tornado made this photographer very uncomfortable.

Can A Tornado Destroy A Hotel

Thick clouds hung low over a run-down Midwestern town, heralding a possible tornado. Tornadoes form when the updraft that supplies the storm with warm, moist air turns into a eddy, or high-speed tornado.

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An EF5 tornado swept a van into a hotel in Greensburg, Kansas. With winds in excess of 200 miles per hour (322 kilometers per hour), EF5 tornadoes can easily pick up and throw vehicles and destroy buildings.

A jet of water nearly touches a boat near Dubrovnik, Croatia, in August 2007. A water column is a weak tornado that occurs over warm water. They can move inland and become hurricanes.

A thin funnel cloud touches a field in northwest Iowa. Funnel clouds can turn into tornadoes when they hit the ground.

A man and woman clean up debris from their apartment damaged by the February 2008 tornado in Lafayette, Tennessee.

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A May 2008 tornado in Parkersburg, Iowa destroyed several row homes. Tornadoes can completely destroy some buildings while leaving others intact, depending on their construction. RVs have been known to not do well in tornadoes.

An F3 tornado hits the plains of South Dakota. The F (Fujita) rating is used to measure wind speed based on the damage caused by a tornado, with an F3 tornado having wind speeds between 158 and 206 miles per hour. The United States now uses the EF (Enhanced Fujita) scale, which takes into account more variables when assigning wind speeds to tornadoes. An EF3 tornado currently has winds between 136-165 mph, and the tornado pictured could be an EF3, EF4, or EF5.

A woman searches through the wreckage of her mother’s house in Arkansas after a tornado tore off the roof. Forecasters in the United States can issue an average of 13 minutes of warning time before a tornado strikes. The best place to stay during a tornado is in a basement or an interior room on the ground floor of a sturdy building.

Can A Tornado Destroy A Hotel

Kansas license plate EF5 A car is stuck in a tree after a tornado hit Greensburg, Kansas. Flying debris is the leading cause of tornado casualties.

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A woman looks through the shattered window of a friend’s house after a tornado hit Atkins, Arkansas. Despite myths to the contrary, opening windows during a tornado to equalize the pressure between the inside and outside of your home doesn’t stop them from breaking. Flying debris is the leading cause of broken windows in tornadoes.

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El Reno – Arrived around 10:30 last night. Sidonna Jeans said her bed started bouncing when a tornado hit her mobile home in El Reno on Saturday.

“My window was right in front of me, and I was watching my friend’s trailer turn upside down,” said Jeans, 60, who lives in the Skyview Estates mobile home park near the intersection of Highways 81 and 66.

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Jeans said her trailer tipped over, forcing her to spend the night at a local Veterans of Foreign Wars base that is housing about 25 people who were made homeless by Saturday’s storms.

A night of severe weather in Oklahoma left parts of El Reno devastated by a tornado rated EF3 by the National Weather Service, indicating winds of up to 145 mph.

El Reno Mayor Matt White said two people died and at least 16 people were taken to area hospitals, some of whom underwent surgery Sunday morning. As of Sunday evening, doctors had not determined the cause of death for the pair.

Can A Tornado Destroy A Hotel

Emergency crews spent most of Sunday morning searching the Skyview Estates and American Budget Inn motels, where most of the second floor is missing.

April 28, 2011

“The roof was over, the tables were over, the room looked like it had been hit by a bomb,” said Lloyd Roberts, who was sleeping in the motel when the tornado struck.

“I took off my Sheetrock and started looking for people. All I saw were people with scrapes and bruises.”

The motel parking lot was littered with vehicles and debris, and there was a pile of green trash in one room on the second floor.

Many survivors were taken to the VFW station where the Red Cross took bedding and food.

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“We had several Hispanic families displaced by the storm, and I was here all night translating,” said Joel Mendes, pastor of Histon Church in El Reno.

White called his community’s response to Saturday’s tornado a “well-oiled machine,” in part because the rural town of about 17,000 people is all too familiar with such tragedies.

“About six years ago, we had the largest tornado ever recorded,” White said, referring to the May 31, 2013, tornado in El Reno that killed 18 people.

Can A Tornado Destroy A Hotel

At 2.6 miles wide, the 2013 tornado was the widest on record, according to the National Weather Service.

November: Tennessee Valley’s Secondary Severe Weather Season

The tornado’s 16.2-mile path crossed Interstate 81, less than a mile from where the tornado destroyed motels, mobile homes and businesses Saturday.

“We’ve been through this before,” White said. “Everyone knows what their job is; they know how to do it.”

Saturday’s tornado left a trail of visible debris about two miles long that nearly hit another mobile home park a half mile away.

“I saw all the debris flying, all the transformers exploding. I didn’t even think for a minute, and I shut the door and said, ‘It’s too late,'” James W. Cogburn (James Cogburn) said. “I thought we were dead, I thought we were spending our last seconds on Earth, and I started praying, ‘Dear Heavenly Father, please protect us with your protective hand and have mercy on us.'”

Tornadoes Reported In Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska

The storm system continued eastward and caused damage in parts of Oklahoma City, including along NW 23, where windows were broken at some businesses and power lines blocked some residential streets.

Visitors to the Oklahoma City Paseo Arts Festival also took shelter as the storm moved through the city, leaving some festival tents behind.

The storm was preceded by a week of severe weather that caused flooding across the state, including the El Reno area, where first responders were working on homes Tuesday.

Can A Tornado Destroy A Hotel

Officers continued to search parts of El Reno Sunday, including using dogs to walk through a mobile home park.

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As of last night, we had completed our investigation of the El Reno tornado. We have rated the Tornado an EF3 on the Enhanced Fujita scale. The tornado was about 75 meters wide at its widest point and 2.2 miles above the ground. it starts with

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