Can A Hotel Refuse A Guest

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Can A Hotel Refuse A Guest – More than 200 travelers fined for refusing hotel quarantine after landing in Canada | Announce the news.

As of March 30, 219 tickets had been issued to air travelers arriving in Canada who refused to stay at designated hotels. Some travelers said they defied the rules because they thought it was safer to quarantine at home.

Can A Hotel Refuse A Guest

Can A Hotel Refuse A Guest

Until March 30, the Public Health Agency of Canada said that it had issued 219 airline tickets to tourists. who entered Canada and refused to be detained at the hotel. This picture does not show the person who refused to go to the quarantine hotel. (Evan Mitsui/)

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Len Desharnais says Canada’s hotel quarantine requirement for foreign travelers during the pandemic is a fair idea.

However, shortly after arriving in Vancouver from Bangkok on March 18. He said based on his shuttle ride to the hotel and observations, he decided to check out his quarantined hotel because the proper COVID-19 safety precautions were not in place. arrived.

He is one of hundreds of foreign tourists who have taken issue with Canada’s hotel quarantine requirements, which are designed to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of March 30, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) said it had issued 219 tickets to travelers. The weather that enters Canada does not allow staying in designated hotels. PHAC said the penalty for violating the requirement is $3,000.

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The News interviewed two tourists, including Desharnais, who broke the rules for safety reasons and were not fined.

Traveler Len Desharnais said he decided not to let him into his quarantine hotel in Vancouver because he felt proper COVID-19 safety rules were not being followed. (Submitted by Len Desharnais)

On February 22, the federal government issued an order for air travelers entering Canada to be screened. Kovid-19 upon arrival and spent 3 days in quarantine at a hotel approved by the government. Passengers paid up to 2,000 dollars.

Can A Hotel Refuse A Guest

Travelers who test negative can return home to complete their 14-day quarantine. Those who test positive will be transferred to other places designated by the government.

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Desharnais, an Albertan who moved to Thailand 10 years ago, is from Alta. He returned to Canada to contract as a safety consultant in the oil industry in Fort McMurray.

He said he was worried about checking into his quarantine hotel after taking the hotel reservation bus from the airport.

“It’s only when I worry that it’s not a safe situation.”

Desharnais said he was concerned about checking into his quarantine hotel after taking a hotel shuttle from the airport. This photo does not depict the bus that Desharnais was on. (Evan Mitsui/)

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Mr. Desharnais said the driver of the shuttle handled the passengers’ bags without wearing gloves. The shuttle was packed, so he didn’t distance himself from the other passengers. There is no particle between the passenger and the driver.

Desharnais said an employee was also not careful when handling a passenger’s luggage after arriving at the quarantined hotel.

Current evidence suggests that the spread of COVID-19 is through close contact with an infected person; However, evidence suggests that it can also occur through contact with contaminated surfaces.

Can A Hotel Refuse A Guest

Desharnais said he decided to leave this point and did his isolation for 14 days at a friend’s house in Prince George, B.C.C.

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“If you feel insecure about a job, you not only have the right to do it, but you have to say no, so I take that into my own life.”

Fanny Lapointe also said she decided to skip hotel quarantine requirements for safety reasons and has yet to be fined for doing so.

“Which is safer, going directly to your place and not being seen, or going to the hotel and seeing a lot of people?” said Lapointe, who lives outside Montreal.

Tourist Fanny Lapointe said she opposed the hotel quarantine rules because she felt the cost of accommodation was too expensive and she felt she had to quarantine at home more safely. (Fanny Lapointe/Facebook)

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She flew to Las Vegas to attend a friend’s wedding, and when she returned to Montreal on March 11, she went home.

After a friend who stayed at the quarantined hotel earlier that month told Lapointe she was allowed to leave her room during the stay, Lapointe said she concluded she would be quarantined at a safer home.

“She can do what she wants to do,” said Lapointe, who opposes high hotel rates.

Can A Hotel Refuse A Guest

Many other travelers who have stayed in private hotels have also complained about lax COVID-19 safety measures, including overcrowded waiting areas and free isolation of guests from rooms.

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“There’s no security, there’s nothing stopping us from leaving the room,” said Snowbird Bob Ardern of Lunenburg, N.S. After returning from a winter vacation in Curaçao, I stayed at a private hotel. in Toronto in early April.

Tammy Jarbeau, spokeswoman for the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), told the news agency that by asking guests to self-quarantine and visit hotels periodically, the agency will ensure that the agency complies with the agency’s health and safety requirements.

“Hotels that do not meet the requirements set forth by PHAC will no longer be used as quarantine hotels,” Jarbeau said in an email.

Currently, the government allows international flights to land in only one city in Canada, Vancouver. Calgary, the government has approved 59 hotels to be quarantined near the international airports in Toronto and Montreal.

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Access to food in the Quarantine Hotel problem; 2 years ago Travelers said 2:08 Some Canadians who had to stay in mandatory quarantine hotels said they had a late Friday, they were said to have faced problems in overcrowded areas and the Access to basic needs such as food.

Jarbeau also said travelers are responsible for staying in their hotel rooms. According to the government website, guests can leave their rooms outside of the designated hours, but must be secured.

In January, before the hotel quarantine rules went into effect, PHAC said 0.5 percent of Canada’s COVID-19 cases were linked to international travel. The number fell to 0.4 percent in February and March.

Can A Hotel Refuse A Guest

Both Lapointe and Desharnais said they would fight if PHAC fined them for refusing to quarantine the hotel.

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The government’s separation clause is being legally fought by the Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF), a constitutional rights advocacy organization.

Last month, the CCF filed a lawsuit in Ontario court, alleging that it violated the constitutional rights of Canadians, including the right to enter Canada and the right to freedom.

On March 22, the judge rejected the CCF’s order, which would have suspended the hotel’s quarantine requirements while the case was before the court.

In his decision, Judge Frederick L. Myers wrote that denying the injunction is in the public interest by trying to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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However, Myers said the constitutionality of hotel quarantine requirements has yet to be decided in court.

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Can A Hotel Refuse A Guest

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