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Bilik Air Hotel – 8 Things You Should Know About Bathroom Remodeling | Bathroom is the least time consuming room in our house. However, the importance of a bathroom with a practical layout and attractive design remains undeniable.

So, if you feel that the bathroom in your home is too small or the environment is unattractive, immediately seek the services of a renovation contractor to do the remodeling work.

Bilik Air Hotel

Bilik Air Hotel

But before you hire any contractor, you can first read 8 important things you need to know about bathroom design.

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Most bathroom designs for homes in Malaysia do not separate the shower and toilet spaces. Therefore, the bathroom floor is always wet due to water splashing from the shower. Because of this, the choice of material for the bathroom floor is very important. The most suitable material is a moisture-resistant tile with a non-slip surface, while wooden flooring in the bathroom is the least suitable option.

The best way to have a good ventilation system in the bathroom is to make a small window in the bathroom. However, there are some house plans that place the bathroom in the middle of the house. Therefore, unlike bathrooms in most hotel rooms, bathrooms do not have windows. If this is the case with your home, make sure your contractor installs a special fan for the bathroom ventilation system.

According to the views of the Muslim community, avoid placing the toilet bowl facing the Qibla, the direction of sunset. According to Chinese Fengshui, the toilet bowl should not be placed in front of the door. And most importantly, make sure that the position of the toilet bowl does not prevent you from opening the door and that you are comfortable while sitting.

In the article ’15 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas’, the author says that mirrors can make a room look bigger and give the illusion of reflecting light. So, in addition to placing a mirror on the wall near the sink, you can also place a large mirror on an empty wall. It is more interesting if the mirror has a unique frame and follows the theme of the bathroom decor.

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For a small house, every space should be practically used. So, add storage space in the bathroom to store clean towels, stock toiletries and laundry. Para or hanging shelves are the perfect storage space to install in the bathroom. This is because this type of storage space usually lasts longer as it is not susceptible to water splashes.

Some people like bright bathrooms, some people like romantic bathrooms. Whatever your favorite theme, choose a lamp that matches your preferred theme. Additionally, make sure the installed lamp is suitable for use in high humidity rooms.

Set the theme of your bathroom to make it more attractive. For example, if the bathroom is feminine, choose pink tiles and a glass door to separate the bathroom with a flower or dolphin pattern. In the master bedroom bathroom, use dark colored tiles and a rectangular sink to make it look more exclusive and luxurious.

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If you can decorate other areas of your home with various accessories, why not the bathroom? Plastic decorative trees in small pots and scented candles are inexpensive and easy to find decorations. Also, for larger bathrooms, add shelves to store toiletries and neatly folded towels. Apart from being considered as an additional accessory, the garment also has a practical function.

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Generally, bathroom remodeling projects include important things like plumbing, electrical and tiling. So, instead of taking this for granted, I advise you to ensure that the contractor hired for the renovation has the skills and experience to do the job.

If you don’t have the resources to find the details of a reliable renovation contractor near you, visit Share your remodeling project brief and get a free consultation and estimate.

The lifestyle of a live-in mom and her experience raising three kids as a single mom, reported by Mommy Sue. We are definitely excited to see the beauty of bathrooms in 5-star hotels with beautiful and exclusive decorations. There are so many beautiful bathroom styles and decorations that it can be difficult for a mama to choose the bathroom of her dreams.

If you are thinking of renovating a bathroom in your home, Mom is looking for ideas to create a bathroom that pleases the eye and satisfies everyone.

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In fact, it’s not impossible for a mama to have a dream bathroom that’s beautiful and simple without requiring a large capital outlay. Mama City wants to share some ideas and tips for mamas looking for inspiration to renovate their bathrooms.

Undoubtedly, choosing black and white is a safe color choice. This classic color does not fade with age and can last over time.

A splash of black and white on the wall and floor tiles is enough to liven up a mother’s bathroom. Paired with decorative accessories like flower vases and baskets in harmony with black and white, it will definitely give mom’s bathroom a unique look.

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Taking traditional and vintage inspiration and mixing it with a modern twist, the result is sure to please. Elegant style, suitable for all occasions, stylish and practical, allows mama to relax and calm down after a long day.

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Mama can use many ways to get this modern and vintage style. Try mosaics with bold traditional patterns and match them with a modern bathtub or shower. Decorate with wooden frames, chairs

A small bathroom and a narrow space is not a hindrance in decorating a mother’s bathroom. An essential tip for this concept is the use of white as the background. Add mirrors and a large mirror as a barrier to liven up mama’s bathroom.

If mom’s budget is tight, uncle can replace the iron pipes and frames with copper or golden yellow brass pipes and frames. It definitely gives a unique twist to the bathroom.

By playing with layers of patterns and textures, mama can express her creativity in a bathroom with a bohemian theme. A small bathroom looks more inviting and peaceful just by arranging rattan-framed mirrors, traditional handicrafts and furnishings such as Nairu.

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Woven baskets, small rattan shelves, and curtains with bohemian patterns add charm to Mama’s bathroom. Don’t forget to include some greenery that is essential to this theme.

Many people do not like to use bright colors like red, green or orange and bright yellow as theme colors. in fact,

Tiling is a great strategy for bathrooms in Malaysia which are usually wet all the time. Coordinate mom’s tiles with the bathroom color theme she already has in mind.

Bilik Air Hotel

A continental style bathroom design can look stylish and exclusive. However, if money is not an obstacle, the mother should make sure that the installer is the one who installs it.

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Decorate it with neon or LED lights and it will definitely make mom’s bathroom an interesting space that stands out from the rest.

Whatever theme a mama chooses, Mama Siddhi is confident that a mama doesn’t need to spend a lot of budget to create a unique and classy idea.

Patternless tiles, frameless round mirrors, small touches of decorative green plants are enough to liven up mama’s bathroom. Hopefully the current partnership will give Mama some ideas. Happy decorating.

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