Are Car Dealerships Open On Thanksgiving

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Are Car Dealerships Open On Thanksgiving – In many states in the US, car dealerships are prohibited or prohibited from operating and maintaining dealerships on Sundays. While there have been many legal battles and disagreements over lifting the ban, let’s take a look at some common questions and how Sunday car sales bans in various countries have been outlawed and outlawed.

Auto dealerships will remain closed on Sundays as per the ‘Blue Law’. However some states in the US are allowed to stay open on Sundays when you can buy a new car.

Are Car Dealerships Open On Thanksgiving

Are Car Dealerships Open On Thanksgiving

The Blue Act, or Sunday Act, is a derivative of the Colonial Act. This law prohibits and prohibits certain commercial activities and services for a certain period of time as a religious belief that Sunday is for people to worship and attend services. Blue Law laws apply in the states.

Why Aren’t Some Car Dealerships Open On Sunday?

Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Jersey, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are the thirteen states where retailers are open on Sundays.

In seven states, Sunday car sales are prohibited in some states and counties. These states include Nevada, Utah, Texas, North Dakota, Michigan, Rhode Island, and Maryland.

Maryland is allowing Sunday car sales in the Charles, Prince George’s, Montgomery, and Howard counties. Michigan is limiting Sunday car sales to counties with a population under 130,000.

People can order cars online on Sundays through customer service car order forms on various dealer websites.

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You can’t finance your new car on Sundays because of blue laws. Most vendors are closed on Sundays except for special sale events.

Some car dealerships choose to close dealerships to give their sales staff a day off because they work long hours on weekdays for sales, finance, and service. They are also close to meeting and managing its operational costs.

Texas and Utah have dealerships that are open on Sundays but must have a break on Saturday or Sunday to prevent them from opening auto sales on both days to take a day off each week.

Are Car Dealerships Open On Thanksgiving

While some states see no need for federal law, other states support Blue Laws. Several years ago, Illinois, Texas, and New Jersey raised questions about lifting the ban because financial institutions were not functioning at the time.

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In addition, the countries where the ban was lifted argued that they would be forced to continue working on Sundays; be like a competitor.

On the other hand, many traders see the ban as government interference in their business.

So, some dealers said their sales would not be affected by the ban, while others said their sales would be affected because Sunday is a holiday, so many customers can buy cars, new customers may be lost to neighboring countries. agreed to buy a car for Sunday. Thanksgiving is a great time to shop for everything, including cars. Most of the year, retailers have Black Friday sales to clear inventory before the end of the year. However, 2022 is a different year. Today, many car dealers are paying well above the sticker price for new cars, and used car prices are steadily rising. So, is this year a good time to buy a new car?

Although the line of new cars is slowly filling up, said J.D. The power of almost half of the new cars still sells above the MSRP. It’s sad, but Light Down the Road are some of the best deals across the country this Thanksgiving weekend. publishes some of these:

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We drove the 2022 Chevrolet Equinox earlier this year, and we love its on-road characteristics. It’s also roomy and has plenty of room to fit a mountain bike, so we can recommend it as a handy little SUV. It’s also offering a $1,500 discount nationwide and a special 2.99% financing rate through GM.

The Jeep Compass is updated for the 2022 model year. Some of the new features include an updated interior with the new Uconnect infotainment system, a higher profile and additional storage. If you do so before November 30, you can get savings on the MSRP, plus a special 2.9% financing rate for 60 months.

The 2022 Jeep Gladiator is great for off-roading and hauling goods at the same time. It is also available at great prices across the country. However, there is no specific bank interest rate for that period.

Are Car Dealerships Open On Thanksgiving

Despite some practice, it should be noted that many dealers still mark the price of the car. As usual, it depends on the make and model of the car you want to buy. The more popular models will be less on the list and harder to find. And if you do, they will offer you a higher price because of the demand.

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In this case, you may want to negotiate the MSRP of the car if the dealer offers a discount on the car you want.

If you own a car but can’t find one at your local dealer, don’t be afraid to shop outside of your area. In some cases, you may need to trade out of state and have the car shipped to you.

Either way, Thanksgiving is still a great time to shop, but car buyers need to be more proactive when shopping. .

“No one comes to buy cars but we send them to work anyway,” said a customer from a Thornhill dealership.

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“The interests of the auto industry are greater than the health and well-being of its employees,” said one Mercedes employee.

Why is Toronto Public Health allowing the company I work for, a car dealership, to remain open when the owner/president of the company has just returned to Canada from a trip to the US is he going back to work instead of going into quarantine for 14 days? — bigaltoronto (@AllanBSportsFan) March 25, 2020

Despite the controversial order, most car dealerships in GTA remain open for business, which many workers find daunting as health and safety concerns are paramount.

Are Car Dealerships Open On Thanksgiving

“We’re in the car with people, people are in the show car, and we’re touching our pens … It’s a crazy show,” said a Thornhill sales associate.

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Although their dedicated agency provides masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and Lysol sanitizer for their workstations, along with a photo guide on proper mask use, it’s pretty much the same as before.

Another important factor is cost. Thornhill’s sales associate explained that most car dealers are paid a commission when the car is paid for.

If you don’t drive, you will be charged a fee called a “toll”. The reward is an interest-free personal loan that provides employees with a low salary until the vehicle is delivered.

“If they let us have EI, we will be safer,” they said.

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Yesterday, retailer Thornhill offered them the option to cancel, an option that sales partners preferred.

“A friend of mine works for a German luxury brand. The manager told them ‘if we’re going to sell a car in all this, we’d better open it’,” said a Thornhill sales associate.

Other merchants have offered ways to work from home but costs are still an issue due to the commission payment system.

Are Car Dealerships Open On Thanksgiving

“I hope consumers start to take this seriously and do something about it,” said one Burlington sales rep. Cherokee 2022 Price from $37,845.00 * Finance $238 /bi-weekly 96 Months 6.99% Rent Rate $259 /Bi-weekly 60 Months Interest Rate 9.99% Interest Rate Compass 2022 / Bi $1094 Monthly $30,795.90 $ 6.99% Interest Interest Interest $211 /bi-weekly 60 Months Installments 8.69% Interest Rate Grand Cherokee 2023 from $54,045.00 * Financing $340 /bi-weekly Installments 96 Months Interest Rate 6.99% of $391 / Month $391 % Interest Rate Interest 2023 Grand Cherokee 4xe Price from $71,995.00 * Cash $453 /Bi-Week 96 Months 6.99% Rental Rate $523 /Dwi-Week 60 Term 9.99% Payout 2023 $56, L Price 4 $56. $353 /Two weeks 96 Months WK 6.99% Rental Rate $392 /Two weeks 60 Term 9.99% Price 2022 Grand Cherokee WK Price from $50,945.00 * Finance $320 /Two weeks Term 96 Rates 90 Months /Two weeks 60 Months 8.49% Installments 2023 Grand Wagoneer Interest Rate From $103,995.00 * Finance $654 /Bi-Weekly 96 Months Installments Interest Rate 6.99% Rental Rate Please call for pricing information Grand Wagoneer L 2023 Rates from $107,995.00 * Cash $679 /biweekly 96 Months Rental Rental Rate 6.99% Please contact for price information. Price from $34,895.00 * Finance $219 /Two weeks 96 Months 96 Months 6.99% Interest Rate Rental Please Call for Pricing 2023 Wagoneer Price from $84,995.00 *Finance $535 /Biweekly Rental 96 Months 6.99 % Please call for pricing Detailed rates 2023 Prices Wagoneer L

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