5 Star Hotel In Perak

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5 Star Hotel In Perak – YB Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri bin Abdul Aziz, Minister of Tourism and Culture presided over the opening of the Haven Luxury Resort, which consists of 150 suites. Above the world, it is surrounded by a pristine, green forest. and quiet + limestone that calms my mind to perfection.

Haven Luxury Resort is currently the first and only five-star hotel in Ipoh, Perak. It has 150 units of hotel rooms, with sizes ranging from 868 sq ft to 2072 sq ft. The beauty of the famous limestone mountains of Ipoh.

5 Star Hotel In Perak

5 Star Hotel In Perak

It is managed by Best Western International, one of the largest hotel chains in the world under the first 5-star category. I have stayed at Best Western International Hotel mainly during my European vacation and I have enjoyed my stay at their hotel most of the time.

Star Hotel In Ipoh Perak

Haven’s mission is to provide the best 5-star holiday resort in the world with accommodation, food and service to match, which caters to guests of 3 generations, parents, children and grandparents.

The Haven is located on a site that has been confirmed by leading geologists to date back to the Palaeozoic era. When I googled The Haven last night and Saturday evening, I was already impressed by many beautiful pictures, but I never thought that after this pleasant holiday I would fall in love with the real paradise of Haven.

The center of the park is a famous 280-million-year-old 14-story rock formation called “Rockhaven,” near a 4-acre flowing lake. Such a wonderful place, I took a lot of time to enjoy the beauty the condition of this place for a long time.

Located in Tambun, the place is only 5 minutes after the exit of the North/South highway. Haven is a unique resort hotel, on the edge of a virgin forest, but only 15 minutes to the center of Ipoh.

De Hotel Ipoh , Malaysia

Kelxy gave me a warm welcome at the hostel lobby when I arrived at Haven before 1pm as I was traveling ‘Sun Sun Lei Lei’ easily all the way from KL to Ipoh. And it was easy to find this beautiful private resort and because they dropped me off at the place I was after so much.

Haven offers beautiful scenery and luxury, possibly second to none in the nation. They also have one of the most beautiful, sea horse-like parks that make me fall in love with the park the moment I witness it with my own eyes. I already wanted to go into the elegant, beautiful glass lobby but I had to go to lunch and a little briefing before I could enjoy my short break here.

Haha…early in the morning, I have a big pool of fun ‘Ba’ all by myself, I swim here and there all I want. Calm and soothing feeling esp. Swimming all around this lake, I took the opportunity to rest and relax to the fullest by enjoying the view of the lake around me, not to forget the view of the million-year-old rock and the cool air around this natural Green to breathe. around me.

5 Star Hotel In Perak

The original and unique design of the sea horse design was created for the 5-level swimming pool, which is divided into leisure, lap, leisure, children and wading pools. I swam every corner of this level 5 swim section and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

D1n Impiana Hotel Ipoh

Facilities in the building also include a 600-meter nature jogging track, meditation deck, barbecue facilities, fully equipped gyms, squash court, badminton court, tennis court, outdoor playground, indoor playground , shopping center, restaurants, bus service. , many covered parking, open parking and private helipad.

Meeting and event facilities include the Haven Ballroom, two seminar rooms, an outdoor amphitheater, a lakefront garden area and a rooftop clubhouse function. The views are breathtaking here in every corner of the Haven and from morning to noon, sunset time here to night view too. I took a short leisurely walk around this place and enjoyed the theaters which made me feel very relaxed and happy to be here during a short weekend break.

There are plenty of outdoor recreation and team building activities in a park environment. Lotus flowers are blooming beautifully around one corner of this lake and I never miss an opportunity to take more photos for beautiful memories with a throwback to nature. Love nature everywhere, full of various plants around this quiet park.

The Haven offers one of the most spectacular venues for events, and is ideal for weddings and private functions. How I want to be single again, so I planned my wedding to be held here, because Haven really wrote the symbol of ‘Fung Leong Shui Lang’, a part of heaven on earth for me. As you can see from the Evergreen Love Page, I always put my love for nature to have ‘High Mountain with Water Feng Shui’ to promote more happiness in my life.

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The Haven has two restaurants – CUISINES Poolside Bar & Restaurant and the exclusive in-house restaurant PREMIERE, which serves the best of local favorites along with other Asian, Western and Mediterranean cuisines. for variety.

Only fresh and healthy food is served, with the best quality and only natural ingredients and when possible, the ingredients are bought daily, with the majority from local farms. Artificial sweeteners or sweeteners are strictly controlled.

Haven is a multi-winner development. So far, she has received more than 30 valuable awards, both domestically and internationally. All the best of luck to them!

5 Star Hotel In Perak

This includes the Best Green Development, Best Asian Resorts, Cultural Return of the Year from the Malaysian national category to the Asian sub-region and finally the overall World Award winner.

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Haven is privately located at Jalan Haven (Persian Lembah Perpaduan), 31150 Tambun, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. Call them on +605 220 9000, hotline 1700-8-1700-0 or fax +605 220 9011 to them for booking or further enquiries. You can also email them at reservations@bestwesternhaven.com.my or check out their website at www.bestwesternhaven.com.myor www.thehavenresorts.com

In conjunction with the official opening of The Haven Luxury Resort, a tourism promotion in Ipoh, Perak organized by The Haven in partnership with Tourism Malaysia and Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM), the Malaysian Railways was at August 2015 for journalists to stay. and experience a variety of events and destinations throughout Perak.

This 2 day 1 night getaway from the hustle and bustle of KL last weekend was a total blessing sent to me from heaven. I would like to thank all the parties involved who invited me for a special review on this luxury stay at Haven Ipoh. I am thankful and grateful for this wonderful experience, I feel happy and happy about it esp. with my beloved and my life partner, free and easy personal plans.

Actually, I really like this place because I like ‘San Shui’ (rock, water) clean, green and quiet environment like a refuge. I believe that I will live a long, healthy and happy life if I can stay still for a long time. Haven is considered a paradise for me, a private land surrounded by beautiful feng shui elements that I really want to stay here for days or months.

Weil Hotel, Ipoh

Haha… Rambo also advised me to get a unit of this huge building so that I can come back here again and again for many vacations which tempted me a lot. I even shared this beautiful place with my friend in Ipoh if she is interested in investing here like Rambo. I even suggested this weekend company vacation, we could do a team building trip here at Haven when our company isn’t traveling overseas. In fact, I prefer to travel here at home, simply.

Ipoh has become one of the most visited places of interest and food, especially among the Chinese in China. It has become one of the most popular vacation spots in Malaysia, that’s for sure, because I was mistaken that Malaysia probably offers the best food in the whole world.

The good food spread by Haven was delicious and amazing. You name it, they have it. In addition, they also served us Nasi lemak at buffet, Mediterranean and Western lunch and local Malaysian for dinner which satisfied, every meal was very delicious. Even the soup is delicious with lots of vegetables in it. I am adventurous, a lover of delicious food, so drinking one soup, I know that it is made from fresh or not.

5 Star Hotel In Perak

The hospitality and services provided to us during our stay here

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