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… bathroom. Breakfast options are excellent in the beautiful dining room, with room charges. Great place to live…

21 Hotel

21 Hotel

… offers different packages of four hours each depending on the size of the room. They have good rooms with a capacity of 10 people.

Hotel East 21 Tokyo 4* (japan)

… in ilo ilo. They helped us into the room at 13:30. I was surprised how spacious the room was for 1500+php.

Excellent modern hotel with spacious and clean rooms. Large bathroom. Breakfast options are excellent in the beautiful dining room, with room charges. Centrally located near a very large mall with great restaurants and select shops. Iloilo has very wide and well-planned streets without the traffic jams of Manila and Cebu.

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The 21st District Hotel recently opened an annex located just behind the old hotel. On the ground floor you will find an elegant, ultra-modern KTV lounge (as its motto) where style and comfort await you. They offer different packages of four hours depending on the size of the room. They have rooms with a capacity of 10 people and rooms with a capacity of 50 people. Prices range from £1,200 to £12,000 (for consumables) with an additional charge for each additional hour. The rooms are very clean and modern and suitable not only for video recording but also for other activities (birthdays, conferences, meetings, etc.). The sound selection is good, updated, and the sound system is great! The menu also has a large selection of food and drinks…desserts and soups. salads, vegetables, noodles, pasta, seafood, meat, desserts, etc. There is street parking in front of the hotel. Otherwise, there is a parking lot for hotel guests a few meters from the main entrance. District 21 Annex KTV Lounge is one place that I would personally recommend for its very clean and modern decor, as well as excellent service and very friendly staff. The location is not far from the city center and shopping centers and restaurants. You can also check into one of the hotel rooms upstairs after you’ve had your fill! 😀

Grande Centre Point Hotel Terminal 21 By L & H Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

For location. It is close to everything you could want and need. After checking in at Seda Atrium, we will spend our last night in Ilo-Ilo. They helped us into the room at 13:30. I was surprised how spacious the room was, for 1500+php I honestly wasn’t expecting much. The room is clean, but the blanket is quite thin. Although the shower is not heated. We had trouble adjusting the shower as it was always cold after a minute, so we decided to take a cold shower early in the morning. The staff is also friendly. Tips: Use a blanket instead of a thin blanket, repair the hot water system. Would I go back? Maybe so. I think I’ll stay here when I’m on a budget.

We were here last weekend and when we checked in we were greeted by the staff and the front desk, but the smile from the lady at the front desk only lasted a few seconds. We were so disappointed when we got to our room to see that we peed on the toilet bowl. Also, the toilet smells like urine. So we called housekeeping, but after a few hours the smell returned. The room is spacious and clean but lacks furniture such as side tables and chairs. The location is kind of good because it’s close to Atria and McDonalds. There are restaurants and bars nearby. But I think there are several other 21 hotels that are much better.

We stayed here for 2 nights and I think it’s ok. The location is in the heart of Iloilo City, away from bars and clubs, 1 jeep away from SM. the room is clean, as well as the bathroom and toilet. Only complaint: no slippers, they don’t charge to borrow an iron – I want to iron a shirt, I hope so, but 200 for a shirt? nothing. In other words, it’s a good value hotel: 1950 PHP/night if I’m not mistaken. 10/10 will come again

21 Hotel

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